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"Grand Lord!"

Bai Yin's face immediately changed just as the man in red spoke. She threw Gu Ruoyun a particularly ugly look then turned back to the man in red.

"This woman's origins are unknown to us. Who knows which organization she had come from? Please, Grand Lord, I implore you to think carefully so that we won't invite a wolf into our den!"

"I've made my decision." The man in red waved his hand and said, "As long as the little girl is willing, she will be my G.o.ddaughter from now on and the Lady of the Red Lotus Territory! None shall be allowed to treat her with discourtesy!"

At this moment, Bai Yin looked as if she had just swallowed a fly. Her expression was a terrible sight to behold. She clenched her fist tightly and shot Gu Ruoyun a warning look.

Gu Ruoyun did not respond, no one could tell what lay behind her clear and cold gaze.

After a long pause, she lifted her head and turned towards the man's handsome visage before slowly replying, "I accept."


The man in red burst into laughter. His laughter was so abrupt that it destroyed the silence of the night.

"Wonderful, this is simply wonderful! Little girl, from now on, you are my daughter. If anyone dares to lay their hand on you, just mention my name. As long as I'm around, you can go anywhere you please!"

Yu'er, this little girl really looks a lot like you. Please forgive me for making her a G.o.ddaughter on my own accord but every time I look at her, I can't help but think of our own daughter...

Perhaps because our daughter is on a completely different mainland from us that the Heavens took pity on my yearning for her so they had placed this little girl before me.

Bai Yin clenched her fists tightly. Her eyes, which had been initially cautious, now reflected her anger. She looked as if Gu Ruoyun had just s.n.a.t.c.hed her personal possession from her...

All these years, his subordinates had taken note of the Great Lord's deep feelings for the Madam.

She herself knew that she would never be able to come between the Great Lord and the Madam nor did she harbor any hopes of becoming his wife. To her, as long as she could remain by his side, that would be enough.

However, even though she had accompanied the Great Lord for almost twenty years, she has never ever received a smile from him. 

How could this woman, whom he's only just met, able to make the Grim-Faced G.o.d of Death, the Great Lord Hong Lian, laugh so happily?

What does she have that I don't?

Was it simply because she looks a lot like the Madam? Even if she looks like her, they are not the same person!

Jealousy gnawed at Bai Yin's heart like a worm. She took a deep breath and slowly suppressed the spitting rage in her heart.

From the start of it all, Gu Ruoyun had never given Bai Yin a second glance.

She had previously agreed to leave not because she was afraid of Bai Yin, she simply had not wished to trouble others. Now, she has chosen to stay not for any other reason but the close and dear feelings that she had received from the man.

To Gu Ruoyun, who had never received a father's love since birth, this was a deadly feeling!

"Great Lord..." Bai Yin bit her lip, "The road ahead is too dangerous. If we bring her along, she might drag us down, so..."

The man in red stared at Bai Yin emotionlessly.

His look was like a sharp sword pulling everything that Bai Yin was about to say into an abrupt stop in her throat. Her face instantly turned pale.

She had forgotten that when the Great Lord has made a decision, he does not like anyone to b.u.t.t their way in!

"Bai Yin, you've overstepped yourself."

The man spoke calmly as a cold light flashed in his haughty and unruly eyes, "On account of the fact that you've followed me for over twenty years, I'll give you one chance. There will not be another! If you disobey my orders one more time, you will return to the Territory and accept your punishment!"

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