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Chapter 140: There's Reaction!

Song Jiumei had been watching Song Wuyou very closely the entire time. When she saw her asking for the chrysanthemum tea, she revealed a proud smile.

The waiter had just walked out of the refreshments room carrying a tray when he spotted Song Jiumei and smiled at her. Song Jiumei was straight to the point as she handed the waiter a check, “I need your help with something.” The waiter's eyes swept over the figures on the check, his eyes revealing the colour of greed.

The waiter smiled, “What do I need to do?”

Song Jiumei retrieved her gaze, “Come with me.”

The waiter came out of Song Jiuyue's rest lounge and walked towards the party with a few drinks on his tray. Among them was the chrysanthemum tea Song Wuyou had requested. As the waiter turned at the corner, a person in a hurry accidentally rushed into him. The waiter jumped in fright as he clasped the tray tightly in his hands, but some of each drink on the tray had already spilled out. The waiter turned his head to look at the man who had just hit him, finding that the silhouette of the person's back was unfamiliar to him. The waiter frowned and wondered to himself; who was it ah, walking without using their eyes?

The waiter sped up his pace and served the chrysanthemum tea to Song Wuyou. Song Wuyou had been standing in high heels for too long, so carrying the cup of chrysanthemum tea in one hand, she found a place to sit down.  Just as she sat down, Gu Yan Hao came and sat opposite of her.

“What did you say to Mrs. Jier?” Asked Gu Yanhao.

“Mrs. Jier is very smart.”

Gu Yanhao raised his eyebrows, “She knows 'Carefree Without Worries' is you?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “En, she even commissioned me to design her a qipao.”

Gu Yanhao's eyes were as deep as an ancient lake, “Aside from this, did she say anything else to you?”

Song Wuyou sipped her cup of tea, “Nothing.”

Gu Yanhao lowered his gaze and looked at the tea cup in her hand, “You like to drink tea?”

Although Song Wuyou usually drinks a large variety of beverages, the Song Wuyou he knew hated scented tea with a pa.s.sion.

“Drinking tea is good for the body.” Song Wuyou continued to sip her tea. Chrysanthemum tea had a wonderful fragrance and was also very delicious. It was made by soaking wild chrysanthemums in boiling water.

Song Jiumei watched as she stood not far away from them.

Seeing Gu Yanhao continuing his chat with Song Wuyou, her heart was filled with jealousy. However, when she saw Song Wuyou continuing to sip her chrysanthemum tea, her eyes revealed a successful sneer.

The same waiter pa.s.sed her as she laughed, “Give me a gla.s.s of red wine.

The waiter stopped and Song Jiumei reached out and picked up a gla.s.s of wine from his tray. She slowly sipped her wine as she waited for time to pa.s.s.

About half an hour.

Song Wuyou was still sitting there as she ate the dessert Gu Yanhao was holding up for her.

Song Jiumei looked at her with dissatisfaction, her expression was somewhat anxious.

“Has it started?” Song Jiuyue softly asked, having finally come out of her lounge room. Ignoring everyone stares, she walked to Song Jiumei's side.

“It should be soon,” said Song Jiumei.

Song Jiuyue looked at Song Wuyou, frowning slightly, “Isn't the effect supposed to be very strong? Why isn't anything happening?”

Song Jiumei replied, “Every person is different, so maybe the reaction time for each person is different.”

Song Jiuyue said to her, “This is strange. More than half an hour has pa.s.sed and there's still no reaction.” Song Jiuyue's eyes coldly swept Song Jiumei and found that her face was strangely red. Looking at the half cup of unfinished red wine in Song Jiumei's hand, she said coldly: “Why are you drinking so much wine?

“… …” Song Jiumei did not answer Song Jiuyue's words. She felt the air in here seemed to be a bit too hot. How could this be? They were on the yacht sailing on the vast sea. The sea breeze was whistling as it blew around them. How could it be hot?

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