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Chapter 142: Song Jiumei Shamed

Song Jiuyue calculated the right time to make an appearance and strolled out from the rest lounge. Presented with the scene of a gathering crowd, she thought it was the drug in Song Wuyou coming into effect, thus she waltzed complacently into the onlookers, but before she could cut across the people in front of her Song Jiumei's cries rang in her ears. Her steps halted immediately, an ugly expression on her face.

What does Song Jiumei mean by saying this sentence?! She likes Gu Yanhao too?

Gu Yanhao was an outstanding man no matter where he went. Even  Song Jiumei's 'shocking love confession' display still failed to attract his attention in the slightest. Moreover, Song Jiumei actually uttered his name out in the open.

With the speed of light, the eyes of the a.s.sembled guests zoomed in on Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao had an arm around Song Wuyou's waist, and his eyes were sharp like swords as they fell on Song Jiumei. Song Wuyou turned down (T/N: Erm, not sure browns can turn down) her brows in an aggrieved expression, sparkling tears swimming around her bright eyes. Of course, this extreme grief was for the benefit of the people looking over, and it was only portrayed when they were looking in her direction.

In public, she was none other than Mrs. Gu. Song Jiumei calling her a s.l.u.t on such occasion was highly inappropriate. Furthermore, Song Wuyou hadn't worn heavy makeup that obscured her smooth fair skin, and she was dressed in a simple lavender frock that was the very image of simple elegance, simply the different end of the spectrum as far as what the rumors had said about her. The crystal tears swimming in her eyes especially made the guests side with her even more, abhorring Song Jiumei's actions.

"Young Master Gu,… Master Gu…." All Song Jiumei desired at this moment was to roll between the sheets with Young Master Gu. Her hands kneaded her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her legs s.h.i.+fted restlessly.

"I love you very much, Young Master Gu. I love you…"

"A~~a~~~ah~~~, en~a~~ahh~~~~" The 'show' was a bit too much, making some turn their faces away. There was no color on Song Jiuyue's face; she was bursting out in cold sweat, beads of sweat glistening on her forehead.  This d.a.m.n Song Jiumei, does she know what's she doing at this moment?! In a flash, her eyes fell on Song Wuyou. When she saw Song Wuyou's aggrieved look, Song Jiuyue's face twisted until it was unrecognizable. Wasn't the drug meant for Wuyou? How did it go to Song Jiumei instead?

Watching Song Jiumei in the throes of pa.s.sion, Song Wuyou was gloating inside. Unnoticed by anyone, the corners of her lips curved up minusculely into a mocking sneer. Noticing her smile, Song Jiuyue was so irked that her neck seemed puffed up, desperately holding herself back from walking over to Song Wuyou and tearing her face apart.

Gu Yanhao's head turned and his sight caught a glimpse of the mocking tilt on Song Wuyou's face that had yet to disappear. Gu Yanhao's brow arched up pensively yet, at the same time, something tugged at his heart.  Sensing his gaze, Song Wuyou looked up to meet his eyes. Two pairs of deep eyes met. Not knowing why, a melancholy bitterness sank Song Wuyou's heart.

Swiftly averting her eyes, she stated impatiently, "I'm very tired so I'm going back to the room to rest. Help yourself if you want to continue watching Song Jiumei strip naked." Her hand went up, wanting to push his hand that was around her waist away but Gu Yanhao tightened his grip, sweeping her closer to his chest.

"What's nice to see on a cow?" Gu Yanhao snickered, full of sarcasm.


He looked at Song Wuyou, "I'll send you back to the room."

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