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Chapter 195: Isn't It Vexing Using Loyalty On A Woman? 

The man was staring at Song Wuyou, wide-eyed with shock. This little tramp knows martial arts? Being afraid and everything was just an act?

Once the man was being held hostage, the rest of his gang inside the cars all came out, each pointing the guns in their hands at Song Wuyou. Song Wuyou was very calm. s.h.i.+fting her body behind the man, one hand grasped at his throat and the other hand pointed the gun firmly against his temple, declaring coldly, 'If you don't want to die, tell them to drive away immediately!"'

But the man wasn't some greenhorn, and being held hostage by a woman made him extremely angry, cussing out loud: "Mother~f*cker! You think I'm afraid to die! Brothers, don't mind me, kill this wh.o.r.e!"

"Big bro!"


The man's brothers, of course, dared not open fire. If they did, Song Wuyou would kill that man. They were members of a unified Dango Gang ah!

Song Wuyou sneered, "Did you see that? They're afraid you will die."

"I'm already shamed at being used as a hostage by a woman, what's to be afraid of? Shoot her!"

"Puff….." Song Wuyou couldn't help laughing loudly, "Just because you're used as a hostage by a woman you want to die? It's not as if you were forcefully raped by a woman."


"Speak!" Song Wuyou converged her att.i.tude, exuding more pressure on the muzzle, "Speak, who sent you?"

"Take others' money to help others to resolve their troubles, there's nothing to say." The man's gaze held firm and cold.

"Still have a strand of loyalty left. How much the other side gave you, I will double the price to buy that information from you. Who sent you?" Was someone against her, or against Gu Yanhao?

Song Wuyou felt it was likely against Gu Yanhao, otherwise, they wouldn't plan this right after Gu Yanhao was out of the country.

The man gave a ridiculing sneer, "Don't dream of getting anything outta me!"

"Song Jiuyue?"


"Song Jiumei?"

"I don't know the other party's name!"

Even as they spoke, Song Wuyou was gradually making the man move with her closer to her car. Taking a quick look inside, she saw that Xu Jing was still out. The corners of her eyes couldn't resist twitching a little. Really a scaredy-cat.

"Peng…" In a very unladylike manner, Song Wuyou kicked the car door with her foot. Xu Jing, who'd fainted with her head on the steering wheel, was roused awake, the terror-stricken look still obvious in her eyes before it registered that Song Wuyou was holding a man at gunpoint.

Once again shocked, she cried out: "Miss!"

"Pick up my mobile!" Song Wuyou was still very calm.

"Yes, yes…" Xu Jing quickly bent down to pick the mobile up.

Worried about Song Wuyou, Gu Yanhao in England did not disconnect the long distance call the entire time. In fact, he and Ah De were on their way to the airport, reserving an entire plane for himself.

Vaguely catching Song Wuyou's voice through the mobile, he nearly shouted into the mobile, "Song Wuyou, are you alright?"

Xu Jing turned the speaker on, and Song Wuyou answered hearing his voice: "I'm fine."

Gu Yanhao's taut nerves finally relaxed slightly.

"Remove your cars, if not I will blow his brains out with one shot!" Song Wuyou shouted towards the several men that followed her from a distance.

"……….!!!" Gu Yanhao felt cold s.h.i.+vers down his back upon hearing her words. His eyes narrowed yet the dark waves within were undisguisable. Such a calm cold voice.., A woman who knew how to threaten the enemy, could this still be his Song Wuyou? Furthermore, does she carry a gun with her all the time?

The man's brothers looked at each other. In the end, one of them spoke: "Big bro is in her hands. Listen to her for the time being. Move the cars away."

"f.u.c.k!" Seeing his brothers retreat, the hostaged-man cursed under his breath.

"You all are really loyal. Isn't it vexing to use this loyalty on a woman?" Song Wuyou taunted as she forced the man into the Land Rover.

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