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Chapter 280: Song Wuyou, I'm Not Happy With You Like This

Gu Yanhao spared a quick glance at the mirror. Noticing the woman was staring fixedly at his reflected image, his lips tilted in a devilish smile, "Song Wuyou, I know I'm very good looking, but you need not look at me sneakily. "

Song Wuyou's cheeks burned red being caught. Shooting a stern glare at him, she said defensively "I didn't look at you sneakily." She was looking openly, alright?

"Your hair's too long, do you want to cut it shorter?" Gu Yanhao asked.

"Not cutting." She liked having long hair, "Ah——!"

Song Wuyuo felt a sudden sharp pain from her scalp. Her hand flew up, rubbing the spot to ease it. She twirled around, glaring at Gu Yanhao, "Even if I'm not willing to cut it, you didn't have to pull my hair so hard. So painful!"

Guilt flickered in Gu Yanhao's eyes, but it merely lasted a few seconds before he took half a step back with a minuscule frown on his face, "Your hair's too long, too difficult to brush."

Song Wuyou' reached out to grab the brush from his hand, fuming, "You're the one that doesn't know how to brush. I'll do it myself!"

He retreated to the edge of the bed and sat down while watching her.  Song Wuyou's movements were fluid with familiar ease, gathering her long hair into a high ponytail. This look added a youthful liveliness to her appearance.

Something flitted in Gu Yanhao's eyes as his voice rang out again asking, "Why aren't you wearing the Bounding Pa.s.sion hairpin?"

Her actions paused, looking at him through the mirror, "Don't feel like it."

"I would like to see you wearing it, I'm sure you'll look beautiful."

A sour feeling rose in Song Wuyou's heart, "I've given it to Mu Xin."

Gu Yanhao's elongated phoenix eyes narrowed, his gaze turning unfathomable, "The hairpin I gave you, you gave to Mu Xin? Song Wuyou, I'm not happy with you like this."

Song Wuyou pursed her lips and turned around to face him, "That hairpin compliments Mu Xin's dress, moreover, wearing that dress without any suitable accessories is a big no-no."

His gaze s.h.i.+fted to her fair, slender fingers and his face darkened even more, "You're also not wearing the diamond ring I gave you."

Song Wuyou blanked. Her eyes lowered, looking at her own fingers, mustering an awkward smile, "I don't like to wear it."

He understood it was because she still hasn't opened her heart to him like she used to——

He stood up, icy and arrogant: "Let's head downstairs."

"En." She looked deeply at him when he wasn't looking.

By the time they reached downstairs, Mu Xin and Xu Jing had all the barbecue ingredients prepared. Mu Gu and Ah De were moving things out to the barbecue spot.  Entering the hall, Mu Gu was a little fl.u.s.tered seeing Song Wuyou, and when their eyes met accidentally, he quickly dodged her gaze in a panic.

Making an effort to revert to his usual street thug rogue in front of Gu Yanhao, he raised his chin high in a rakish smile, "Ah Hao, you came at the right time. Help us move the meat out, so heavy!"

Song Wuyou subconsciously frowned even as she calmly scrutinized Mu Gu. Recalling her in his paintings, her heart trembled.

Who is Mu Gu….?

The barbecue spot was set up next to a small brook with nature's lush green background. One could even hear the soft water gurgling from the brook.  When the barbecue pit was set, everyone gathered round and began to take action. There were k.u.mis, fragrant rice wine, fresh fruits… everything one could think of.

Song Wuyou was 'battling' with a whole piece of grilled fish courtesy of Gu Yanhao; it tasted good.

They talked as they waited for the meat to cook, even playing matching rhyming words and holding a singing compet.i.tion.

After finis.h.i.+ng her grilled fish, Song Wuyou felt her fingers were too oily. Even tissues didn't help, so she squirted some liquid soap into her hand and walked over to the brookside.


k.u.mis is horse milk wine mentioned in previous chapters.

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