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Chapter 281: SWY, Bitten By A Snake

Gu Yanhao turned around to watch her, his deep eyes filled with an all-encompa.s.sing indulgence.  At this time, a melodious tone rang in the air. This tone drew a frown on Gu Yanhao's brows as he retrieved his gaze from Song Wuyou's figure with an irritation as he took out his mobile.

It was a call from Secretary Zhang.

The dripping oil made a noisy sizzling sound as the meat grilled, therefore Gu Yanhao walked some distance away to connect the call. As it was related to some important matters, Gu Yanhao was fully focused on listening to Secretary Zhang's words.

Song Wuyou had just finished was.h.i.+ng her hands by the brookside when she turned around and saw a cobra, its head raised like it was about to attack her at any moment. Unguarded, she was taken by surprise. Frightened by such a scene, even before she managed to balance herself she fell backward into a sitting position. Her sudden movements instantly aggravated the cobra. Its head was like an egg on a bouncing spring as it shot forth towards her. Its two sharp poisonous fangs sank into her flesh below her knee.

"Ahh——!" The sharp pain coming from below her knee made Song Wuyou cry out before she could stop herself.

After the cobra bit her, it did not let go immediately. Angered, Song Wuyou's hand grabbed the cobra's head and jerked, fixing such a deadly pinch around its head that it became misshapen.

The sudden cry alerted everyone around.

Realizing she'd been bitten by a poisonous snake, without another word Mu Gu dashed to her side and rolled up her pants, and his head lowered to suck the venom out of her bloodstream. Sucking as hard as he could…

"……………" Song Wuyou blanked, staring dumbly at Mu Gu. Unconsciously, she tried to move her calf away from Mu Gu.

"Miss." Xu Jing saw the snake in Song Wuyou's hand. She was gripping on the snake's head so hard that it wound its body around her hand in pain, scaring Xu Jing 'til her complexion turned ashen.

Ah De and Mu Xin were at a loss.

Gu Yanhao was just about to turn around from his call when he heard Song Wuyou's 'ah'. When he had fully turned, he saw Mu Gu making a mad dash towards Song Wuyou until he was right in front of her…

His pupils darkened. Rus.h.i.+ng up himself and pus.h.i.+ng Mu Gu away, he thundered: "What are you doing?!"

Mu Gu was holding his breath, and the sudden force from Gu Yanhao caused him to swallow the liquid in mouth down…

"Puu…" Mu Gu swiftly spat out whatever he could. A big splotch of black blood fell on the gra.s.s.

"Wuyou!" Only now did Gu Yanhao notice that Song Wuyou's hand was gripping a snake, and the place Mu Gu sucked on earlier had two puncture marks on her skin. Without needing to ask, he already surmised what happened.

He quickly squatted down, using the same method as Mu Gu did to suck the venom from her bloodstream. Mu Gu moved away, giving way to Gu Yanhao, his hand reaching up to wipe the blood away from the corner of his mouth.

"Brother," Mu Xin finally came over, worry and concern on her face, "Are you okay?"

Mu Gu looked at Song Wuyou, while Song Wuyou was looking at Gu Yanhao who was using his mouth to suck venom from her calf.

"I'm okay." Mu Gu looked at Mu Xin, his voice low and somber, "Run back quickly and bring the first aid kit over!"

"Oh…" Mu Xin nodded, running to her horse as fast as she could to go back to the villa.

Seeing Song Wuyou was still holding onto the snake in her hand, Mu Gu walked up, wanting to take it from her, but after barely taking two steps, he felt dizzy and his vision spun.  Scared, he quickly sat down.

As if noticing his discomfort, Song Wuyou looked at him. Shocked by his purple lips, she asked "Mu Gu, you swallowed snake venom?"

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao's back stiffened, but he needed to continue sucking the remaining venom from Song Wuyou's leg.

"Mu Xin… will bring the antidote over in a bit." He tried his best to put up a smile.

Gu Yanhao had sucked several mouthfuls of blood out before stopping. He looked at Song Wuyou anxiously as he asked, "Do you feel any discomfort in your chest?"

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