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Chapter 5 A Hostage From Ling Kingdom

"Who are you?" asked Yun Canglan.

He sat on the wall and looked down into the neighbor's courtyard, where a boy squatted under a tree playing in the mud.

The boy raised his head, shook the mud off his hands, looked at Yun Canglan and asked in curiosity, "Who are you?"

The boy's little face and expensive clothes were covered in mud. Yun Canglan hated the mud and turned away in disgust.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you sitting on my wall?" he asked impatiently. The important thing was how had Yun Canglan managed to get there.

"None of your business and by the way, this is my wall, not yours." said Yun Canglan. He didn't know when such an impolite boy moved to the next door.

The boy shook the remaining mud from his hands and walked to the wall. He looked up to see Yun Canglan.

"How did you get there anyway, with a ladder?"

Of course he had a ladder, he kept that to himself, to the boy he simply said, "Why should I tell you? When did you move in?"

"Yesterday. Are you playing by yourself?" The boy asked Yun Canglan hopefully. Yun Canlang accurately captured the loneliness in his eyes.

"No, I'm not" Yun Canglan replied. It was he who chose to not play with the others.

"Could you please come down and play with me?" The boy asked Yun Canglan innocently, believing him to be lonely too.

"I'm not playing with you. My mom asked me not to play with the stranger" Yun Canglan replied.

The boy suddenly looked sad and said: "My name is Yang Gezhi. What's yours? We can be friends from now on."

"You are Yang Gezhi?" Yun Canglan's echoe was more of a question. Yun Canglan knew this name. He was the tenth Prince of Ling Kingdom and was sent to Can Kingdom as a hostage.

Yun Canglan felt sorry for him.

"Yes. What's your name?" he asked again. Yang Gezhi craned his head with an innocent look on his face.

'How innocent he is!' thought Yun Canglan. But he forgot Yang Gezhi was only seven years old and he should be innocent. Yun Canglan was only five, and if it wasn't for the soul in the body, he would also be an innocent kid.

"My name is Yun Canglan." Yun Canglan couldn't help but answering his question while noticing his expectant and innocent look.

"OK. We are friends now. Could you come and play with me?"

Yun Canglan jumped down without hesitation. It was difficult to climb up the wall, but easy to get down.

Yun Canglan walked towards Yang Gezhi, but stopped in a distance away because he was covered in mud.

"Look. I made this mud figurine. Isn't it beautiful?" asked him as he held it up.

Yang Gezhi held Yun Canglan a mud figurine as if it was a priceless treasure. Yun Canglan looked at the mud figurine over in disgust, and couldn't recognize it as more than mud.

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