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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 3: Glory on the Other Side

Chapter 30

The car was parked a bit further than she’d like.

Dt dragged her luggage and kept his other hand inside his pocket.  He looked at her hand, dangling by her side, but he did nothing as he noticed the other pedestrians pa.s.sing them by……

At the front of the stairs, a tall man jumped down from the steps and walked straight towards them.

Ai Qing looked at his face and stopped to ask,  “Why are you here?”

They didn’t know how long All had been watching them in the dark.  All didn’t show any surprise on his face.  He nodded to Dt slightly as a greeting, then turned to look at Ai Qing.  “I’m not in a good mood and want to chat with you.”

Before Ai Qing could response, Dt put her luggage besides her.  “I’m going now.”

Ai Qing looked at him gratefully and whispered,  “I’ll call you later.”

Dt nodded silently.

After the short conversation, he turned around and left immediately without saying anything extra.  Ai Qing took All back to her home.  She dropped the luggage in the living room and went to the kitchen to find juice for All.  “What do you want to drink?”  All stood at the doorway to the kitchen.  “Are you with Gun’s cousin now?”

Ai Qing paused with her hand holding the juice:  “Uhm.”

“When did that happen?”

“Before we went to Guangzhou.”  She took out orange juice and filled two  She gave one gla.s.s to him,  “We just started.”

Among these old friends, All was more inclined to Solo and had never stopped the idea of having the two reconcile again.  She could almost guess what All was going to say, but surprisingly All said nothing.  He was silent for about one minute and said, “There was one thing which has been dug out on the internet.  I think you will know it sooner or later, so I want to chat with you first.”

Ai Qing looked at him, puzzled.

All was a very straightforward person, but he behaved very differently tonight.  He was always hesitant, finally he touched his bald head habitually and sighed,  “Never mind.  Let me be straight.  Several days ago someone broke the news that Su Cheng is the biological mother of Solo’s daughter, then the grievance match round of ‘08 was also dug out afterwards.”

Ai Qing was shocked, then she got ahold of herself.

She held the gla.s.s and walked out of kitchen. All followed her, “This was the beginning, then I came back to Shanghai and talked to Solo about this.  He’s under a lot of pressure…...the reason why Su Cheng came back this time was to take his daughter away.”

Ai Qing stopped and asked,  “What did Solo say?”

She understood more than anybody else the weight of Solo’s daughter in his heart.

During those days in ‘08, the picture of how Solo patiently talked to his little daughter using sign language was so deeply carved in her head.  It was a Solo, as a father, she had never seen before, and that was the time she fully understood that she and him could never be together……

“She already took the daughter away.”  All said,  “Su Cheng also resigned as the K&K’s Chinese region manager of Secret Room today.”

All left shortly after he briefly told her what had happened, without drinking the orange juice at all.

Ai Qing thought it was a waste, so she drank both  But her stomach was displeased with two of icy juice so late in the night and so she turned on her computer to pa.s.s the time.  She hadn’t paid much attention to Weibo since Xiaomi’s incident a couple days ago.

It was simply just a mess.  It still was.

In annoyance, she closed Weibo and went to her streaming channel.

Because she didn’t give any prior notice in advance, the fans who were always online were surprised to find her online.  They kept posting questions asking her whether she was going to stream?

Should she stream?  As the manager of a Secret Room team, it seemed a little strange to play any other game.

However, Secret Room was a group battle game and she was alone here.  How could she stream?  She could only think of Dt, but she thought it would be inappropriate.  After all, they belonged to two different clubs and shouldn’t interact too much.  Her own team was like All, just arriving at Shanghai and needed rest.

But if she didn’t stream, she would feel sorry that there were so many pa.s.sionate fans waiting for her.

As Ai Qing was at loss about what to do, there was someone online who took the initiative to send an invitation to a match.

She moved her mouse to see the name-- --


Translated by Team DHH at

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