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Chapter 1221: “Big Brother (1)"

In a residential courtyard within the Condor Country, having just informed the Condor Country's officials, the delegation from the Buckwheat Kingdom were settling themselves down within.

The little Emperor was accompanied by Grand Tutor He as he stepped off the horse carriage, looking around at the s.p.a.cious courtyard. But in those eyes, there wasn't the slightest bit of admiration but he was instead tugging at Grand Tutor He's sleeve as he asked with his head looking up at the elderly man: "Grand Tutor, when will we be able to see the Condor Country's Emperor?"

Grand Tutor He said: "They have already relayed the news back to the Condor Country's Imperial Palace and the Condor Country's Emperor will come out from the palace tomorrow, to hold a banquet for the rulers of the various countries. Your Majesty will then be able to see the Condor Country's Emperor at that time."

The little Emperor bit on his lip and nodded his head, but he did not smile.

"Is Your Majesty worried about something?" Grand Tutor He asked.

The little Emperor mulled on it a long moment before his gaze turned to look at the doorway. The Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers were moving the things down from the horse carriages into the courtyard. Several soldiers were at the last carriage removing the heavy chains from it and the little Emperor's gaze staring right at that carriage singly.

After the chains were removed, two soldiers went into the carriage and carried out a young man from within.

The expression on that young man's face was rather strange. His features were highly outstanding looking but his skin was showing a strange dark purplish hue. His eyes were lifeless as he allowed himself to be carried off the carriage, his face not showing the slightest expression.

The little Emperor's heart felt like it had been stabbed. He said in a choked voice to Grand Tutor He: "Will the Condor Country's Emperor really agree to it?"

Grand Tutor He sighed slightly, his heart unsure as well. But as he did not want to further burden the child who should have been able to remain an innocent and happy boy, he forced himself to put on a smile and said: "He will. The Buckwheat Kingdom has always been highly respectful to the Condor Country. He will surely agree."

The little Emperor then lowered his head and bit upon his lips again.

Suddenly, the young man carried by the two soldiers let out a b.e.s.t.i.a.l roar, the deep purple hue skin bloating up in an instant, to turn a dark red shade. The seemingly frail body quickly swelled up with huge muscles and with a roar, he flung the two soldiers, sending them flying!

The two soldiers were tall and brawny figures themselves but they found themselves sailing through the air from being flung away, to crash heavily into a stone pillar at the side, to vomit out a mouthful of blood!

Grand Tutor He's face changed drastically. The other soldiers of the Buckwheat Kingdom immediately grabbed the chains from the horse carriages, over twenty men in total, throwing the lengths of chains around that young man, the soldiers spread out in a circle around him. The oppressive pressure from the twenty over men caused the young man to pause slightly, but the roars continued to explode from his mouth. He was just like a cornered beast, his mouth opened in a snarl, and roaring incessantly, thick veins bulging under that dark red skin one by one.

The little Emperor stared blankly, completely stunned, at the young man who was roaring in rage. Two tiny streams of clear tears fell from his eyes, completely shrugging off Grand Tutor He's tugs as the little Emperor opened his legs in a wide stride to rush to the young man’s side, grabbing at the young man’s constantly struggling hip.

"Royal Brother…… Royal Brother please don't….. They are all the soldiers of our Buckwheat Kingdom….. They are all Royal Guards personally selected by you….. Please stop Royal Brother….. Do not hurt people anymore….." The little Emperor's desperate cries sounded within the courtyard outside, the faces of the soldiers pulling back tightly onto the chains filled with pain and sadness.

Who would have thought, that the young man who seemed to have completely lost his mind would be the previous reigning Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom, the elder brother of the current little Emperor…..

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