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Chapter 1233: “To be Slayed (6)"

The little Emperor stood staring blankly in his spot, like a hollowed out sh.e.l.l of a body without a spirit. Jun Wu Xie's brows creased slightly, and carried the pitiful child within her arms. Although she was pet.i.te in size, she had no other choice but to lift the little Emperor in her arms. Carried in Jun Wu Xie's arms, the little Emperor was facing the young man who had just died, that pair of dull and lightless eyes staring unmoving and straight in front of him, unable to focus on a point.


Two streaks of blood slid down from his eyes as tears, silent and quiet.

Jun Wu Xie was carrying the little Emperor as her eyes swept over the large urns within the courtyard. Within the numerous urns, everyone single one of them had a man soaked in them, looking almost just the same as the young man who had just died.

The was a sin the All Dragons Palace had committed, and a sin of the Emperor of the Condor Country.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up, remembering this one more debt of blood in her heart.

With the little Emperor in her arms, Jun Wu Xie walked out from the courtyard. Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit standing guard outside were currently engaged in battle with the Condor Country's soldiers.

Sensing Jun Wu Xie's arrival, the three beasts exploded into a flurry of attack with renewed vigor, crus.h.i.+ng all the people before them completely into minced meat.

Those soldiers who had heavily surrounded the courtyard stared in terror at the three terrifying beasts before them, before their eyes were suddenly drawn to the figure of a pet.i.te youth walking out from within.

The figure of that youth looked to be thin and slender but he was carrying a red haired child in his arms, his eyes cold as ice, as they burned with a brewing glint of murder.

"Little Black." Jun Wu Xie called out suddenly.

The ma.s.sive black beast went to her side.

"Bring him back." Jun Wu Xie then gently put the little Emperor upon the ma.s.sive black beast's back.

Even though he had been turned to become a mindless puppet, Jun Wu Xie still did not want what was to happen next taint the little Emperor's eyes.


That those eyes saw nothing now.

The black beast glanced once at Jun Wu Xie with the little Emperor upon its back, and speedily leapt away from the place.

The Condor Country's soldiers had wanted to stop them from leaving but Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit stood in their way!

"Who is responsible?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes were narrowed to a slit as she looked at the group of soldiers and asked in a chillingly cold voice.

The soldiers stood looking puzzled as they stared at Jun Wu Xie. They were fearful of the overwhelming might of Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, but they did not think that the small sized youth before them was anything to fear. However, before they could even try to guess at Jun Wu Xie's ident.i.ty…..

Around Jun Wu Xie's body, a purple coloured spirit glow suddenly flared out!

Forcibly pus.h.i.+ng her spirit power level to the Purple Spirit, was to Jun Wu Xie, who now held the blue spirit, not that much of a strain anymore. But in a situation like this, where she had to use it twice in succession within the same hour, it brought about quite a significant drain upon her powers.


She really did not care about that at that moment, the only thought in her mind was just to tear the people who brought harm upon the little Emperor into a million pieces.

And that was all!

The soldiers of the Condor Country had never in their dreams thought that the thin and frail looking little youth before their eyes would turn out to hold the power of the Purple Spirit!

They wanted to escape, but they no longer had the opportunity!

At almost the very same moment they turned around, five brilliantly glowing Purple Spirits suddenly appeared!

The five teens looking to be about seventeen or eighteen years olds had purple coloured spirit glows encompa.s.sing their bodies and had already blocked them in!

The Condor Country's soldiers absolutely could not believe their own eyes!

The Purple Spirit that only appeared in legends had suddenly appeared before them and there were even six of them at the same time!

And every single one of them was still so young!

The curtains for the ma.s.sacre then rose up immediately in the next moment.

Qiao Chu and the others had coming chasing behind Jun Wu Xie's footsteps and they did not know what could have happened here to have caused the always calm Jun Wu Xie to decide to make an exception to attack them so openly!

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