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Chapter 1245: “I Am the Fire Country's Emperor (2)"

When had the Condor Country's Emperor ever needed to suffer such cowardice? He noted this instance against Jun Xie silently in his heart and would wait till his grand army of Poison Men was formed up and he would tear the this Fire Country's Emperor up into shreds!

The Fire Country's Emperor was still young and the Condor Country's Emperor naturally knew that. Faced against such a young and ignorant new ruler, the Condor Country's Emperor thought that it would be a piece of cake for him. For one so young, even after having ascended into the throne, his confidence and demeanor would still be lacking. Hadn't the two Emperors from the Buckwheat Kingdom been just like that? With a little bit of manipulation from him, they had both been easily deceived.

Assuming that the Fire Country's Emperor was cut from the same cloth, he had not thought that the moment Jun Xie opened his mouth, he had delivered a slap right across his face, a slap that stunned the Condor Country's Emperor for a good moment. He had always prided himself as being highly arrogant and domineering and had never thought that this youth from the Fire Country was even more overbearing and tyrannical than he was!

They were here standing right inside the Condor Country's Imperial Palace and he could still be so impetuous!

"How could I not know that? A guest coming from afar, I was just jesting with the Fire Country's His Majesty that's all! Bring in the seats!" The Condor Country's Emperor was forced to swallow the shameful humiliation as he put on a smile without meaning to and said.

The eunuchs quickly brought in the seats and without a word, Jun Wu Xie did not bother with any formalities and sat herself down immediately. She crossed her slender legs, and rested her chin upon her palm, her posture regal and dominating.

"A guest from afar? Are you telling me you have really gone dotty? When had my Fire Country ever had that kind of relations with your Condor Country? Do I need to remind you here, that your Condor Country's army of a million strong had just been whipped and were completely annihilated by my Fire Country's army? The winner reigns and losers get robbed, and you have the cheek to start joking with me? You're not worthy of it!" Jun Wu Xie's venomous tongue went on unchecked, her words piercing and she did not hold herself back in the slightest!

No matter how good natured the Condor Country's Emperor could be, against Jun Wu Xie's unbridled tongue lashing, he was really about to explode.

His face turned from green to white. He had seen arrogance and impunity, but never had he seen one arrogant and impetuous to such an extent!

[What has this young Emperor of the Fire Country come to his Condor Country for? Has he come here purely just to humiliate him! ?]

A corner of the Condor Country's Emperor's mouth began to twitch, his hands gripping very tightly upon the arms of his throne. If not for the might of the Fire Country's army behind Jun Xie, he would have immediately pounced on the youth, and skinned that sharp tongued brat alive before swallowing him whole!

Watchin the Condor Country's Emperor's face turning an uglier and uglier shade, Qiao Chu who was standing behind Jun Wu Xie almost wanted to cheer and clap for Jun Wu Xie!

The little lass was usually quiet and rarely spoke much at all. It had never been thought that when she went full throttle, the effects would be so invigorating! Seeing that face on the Condor Country's Emperor, it was thought that he would surely be driven to fall into a dead faint by Jun Wu Xie!

"For what reason does the Fire Country's His Majesty make his words sound so bad? The Condor Country and the Fire Country has always shared cordial relations and the prior incident had only just been a misunderstanding. Since you have come to our Condor Country today, you are then deemed to be a guest of the Condor Country. For the two countries to share friendly relations, it will be the good fortune of the citizens and I would think that the Fire Country's His Majesty will definitely spare a thought for his people, isn't that right?" With pent up rage within that almost made him want to vomit out blood, the Condor Country's Emperor instead could not allow himself to explode but to suppress the rage within his heart, and plaster a smile upon his face and use the safety of their citizens, in an attempt to tug at the youth's heart and move him with reason.


Jun Wu Xie was not having any of that at all.

"Cordial? What qualifies the Condor Country to want to be cordial with my Fire Country? Would the defeated even have a place to speak at all? The citizens of my Fire Country had never feared nor backed off from battle and if somebody does not have the eyes to see that and come antagonize us, they will surely be more than glad to ship them all off to Hell."   

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