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Chapter 1250: “Compensation (1)"

As his eyes watched on helplessly as his intended saviour abandoned him and escaped in a hurry, the Condor Country's Emperor's heart was almost crumbled to pieces. He had never once thought that the group of people that stood behind the Fire Country's Emperor would possess such immense power. The Condor Country's Emperor had initially intended to use the overwhelming strength of Elder Huang to be able to finally be able to strut and bl.u.s.ter before the Fire Country's Emperor whom he had had to bow and capitulate to for so many years.

But now, it was no longer possible for him to gloat and trumpet but instead it was time to settle some scores after the autumn…..

The Condor Country's Emperor sat s.h.i.+vering within his throne, thinking to take the chance to slip away from the main hall, but Jun Xie's cold clear eyes had already turned to stare fixedly at him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Jun Wu Xie's chilling voice was so icy cold that it would make people's blood freeze.

The All Dragons Palace, she was incapable of confronting at this time and she had to allow Elder Huang to escape calamity. But as for the Condor Country's Emperor, she did not intend to let him off so easily. Break the Condor Country and destroy the All Dragons Palace's plans. Even if that would not cause any severe damage to the All Dragons Palace, it would still wreck the plot they had introduced into the Lower Realm and viciously cut off a piece of flesh from them!

The Condor Country's Emperor felt a chill run through him and he fell back heavily into his throne.

"I….. I….. I've realized my mistake and I implore for Your Majesty from the Fire Country to be forgiving….." At that moment, the Condor Country's Emperor really wanted to cry but found that he had no tears. [Elder Huang had left with a slap on his behind and what was he to do now?]

[Jun Xie had already been blunt and churlish from the beginning and with the words he had uttered earlier added to the situation, he could not help but feel that he did not have much longer to live.]

"Sit back down." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

The Condor Country's Emperor's legs shook as he struggled to scramble back onto his throne, his fearful eyes no longer showing the usual arrogant and domineering gaze.

"To mobilize the army and invade the Qi Kingdom was your idea?" Jun Wu Xie asked through narrowed eyes, as Qiao Chu and the others all retracted their glowing Purple Spirits from their bodies.

The Condor Country's Emperor said hurriedly: "No….. Not me….. It was that Elder Huang! He was the one who asked me to mobilize the troops! I have nothing against the Qi Kingdom at all and they are also so far away, why would I move the army against the Qi Kingdom for no reason at all?" In a state of panic, the Condor Country's Emperor's words tumbled out at a high speed.

The Qi Kingdom is an ally of my Fire Country and it does not matter who instigated you to do it, you were the one who carried out the action." Jun Wu Xie continued on in a cold tone.

The Condor Country's Emperor was so terrified his face went immediately pale. [When did the Qi Kingdom become an ally of the Fire Country? If those words were not spoken from Jun Xie's mouth personally, who would believe that the mightiest country under these Heavens, the Fire Country would deem such a pitifully small Qi Kingdom to be a valuable ally?]

"I was really unaware of the fact that the Qi Kingdom was your ally and if I had known….. I wouldn't never have the guts to dare to invade the Qi Kingdom….. I….. I can compensate the Qi Kingdom for all their losses! Whatever they want! I will pay the compensation now!" As he spoke, the Condor Country's Emperor immediately searched for a brush, paper, and an ink slab with highly trembling hands and he began writing down whatever kind of compensation that came to mind onto the paper and got an eunuch to deliver the doc.u.ment right into Jun Xie's hands.

Jun Wu Xie glanced perfunctorily at the doc.u.ment and a purple coloured spirit flame burst into life within Jun Wu Xie's hand, turning the piece of paper that was filled with the terms of compensation into ash in an instant!

The Condor Country's Emperor stared with wide disbelieving eyes. He had thought Jun Xie had relied solely upon the several unbelievably powerful Purple Spirits standing behind him but he would never have dreamt that Jun Xie himself could possibly possess powers of the Purple Spirit as well!

That moment, the Condor Country's Emperor really cried tearlessly at that realization.

[Does the Fire Country's Emperor need to really be so s.a.d.i.s.tically powerful! ?

"Inadequate." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed, as she stared piercingly at the fully terrified Condor Country's Emperor.

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