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Chapter 1476: "From Past Sin (3)"

When night fell, the mountaintop at Mount Fu Yao was aglow with the light from lanterns put up. Not just the youths who had come to partic.i.p.ate in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet wandered around, even the Cloud Brook Academy allowed their disciples a temporary rest at that time and so within the crowded sea of people, it was not hard to spot youths dressed in their white uniforms trimmed with blue at the edges chattering happily away.

To be able to be admitted into the Cloud Brook Academy, it can be said that they were the most elite bunch of prodigies among the Middle Realm's rookies. They had stood out tops in previous meets of the Battle of Deities and have received the invitation from the Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces in order for them to gain entry into the Cloud Brook Academy. The Battle of Deities Grand Meet was held once every ten years and every time the Battle of Deities Grand Meet commenced, it was time for the Cloud Brook Academy to accept new disciples. But as the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet was held just four shorts years before, these youths wearing the uniforms of the Cloud Brook Academy were all people who had gained the top spots in the last meet and had been picked by the Twelve Palaces and Nine Temples.

It it was said that the Zephyr Academy represented one of the top three most elite academies of the Lower Realm, then the Cloud Brook Academy's position in the Middle Realm had surpa.s.sed all other academies and not a single academy could hope to compare with it.

Within the Cloud Brook Academy, there wasn't a single commoner in there. From the moment they were admitted into the Cloud Brook Academy, upon their back would be branded with the brand of the Twelve Palaces or the Nine Temples.

That had allowed the disciples of the Cloud Brook Academy to see themselves as greater and more privileged than others.

Jun Wu Xie watched the bunch of youths dressed in the uniform of the Cloud Brook Academy from within the crowd. If things went according to plan, then Qiao Chu and her other companions would soon attract the attention of the people from Twelve Palaces in the upcoming Battle of Deities Grand Meet and she did not have to worry about them being unable to infiltrate inside.

But as to the arrangements to be made for herself, Jun Wu Xie still had not fully decided.

Naturally, she could do it just like Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang, to use their spirit powers to attract their attention. But once she used her spirit powers, she would be discovered by others that her ring spirit was a plant spirit.

Jun Wu Xie wanted to be the hunter this time and not to be hunted. Hence, she would have to come up with another way out.

She had come to the Battle of Deities Grand Meet this time with two purposes. One was to scout out more about the Twelve Palaces and secondly, she was rather interested in the segment where people competed in healing. Based purely on healing, she would not have any problems without having to summon up a single bit of spirit power.

But, Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of being subservient to the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces.

Without a concrete decision made in her head, Jun Wu Xie walked around in a weapons shops at the side, checking to see if they were any any different from those in the Lower Realm.

As she stared at the various lumps of steel, Jun Wu Xie could not help but feel a headache coming on. She could faintly ascertain that the spirit energy within these swords were denser than those in the Lower Realm but she was however not that sharp in the aspect of detecting spirit energy. If she had brought Little Jue along, it would have made things like this a whole lot easier.

When that thought came to mind, Jun Wu Xie could not help it as her eyes lowered a little, the scene when she was leaving the Fire Country's Imperial Capital coming back to her mind. The image of that tiny figure wailing incessantly as he ran after the horse carriages rolling away.

Little Jue's spirit had just been beginning to recover and Jun Wu Xie did not want him to wade into these dangers and moreover, she had also discovered a way that could revive Jun Gu back in the Dark Emperor's tomb. Coming here to the Middle Realm, she firstly wanted to crush the might the Twelve Palaces held, and secondly….. It was to go to the Spirit World to seek for Jun Gu's spirit.

The Soul Calming Jade had protected Jun Gu flesh body by preventing it from rot and decay, allowing his corpse to maintain its condition as it was the moment just before he died. Once she was able to find Jun Gu's spirit, she would then be able to let Jun Gu be revived!

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