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Chapter 1482: "Spirit Jade Palace Lord (1)"

A deep low grinding sound then sounded and the huge rock before them slowly began to s.h.i.+ft. A melodious tune played from a zither suddenly floated out from the crevice that had opened up, the sound sweet and enjoyable as fresh fruits.

Light spilled out from behind the opening and Zi Jin curled up a finger towards Jun Wu Xie as she slipped herself through the crevice that hag opened up.

Behind that rock, was a scene of a hidden paradise.

Even Jun Wu Xie could not help but be moved by the highly breathtaking beauty. The elegant pavilions before her eyes, the pristine lotus ponds, sheer gauze wrapped around stone pillars constructed out of white jade. Everything in here did not look like it was constructed here underground, being in there made one feel more like one was within a palace.

Laughter pealed like silver bells accompanied by the sounds of zither music resounding within. Zi Jin weaved through the walkways and corridors with great familiarity, her face filled with a wide and brilliant smile.

Jun Wu Xie looked at everything before her eyes. Who would have thought that the Spirit Jade Palace that the Twelve Palaces had so aggressively persecuted would actually be hidden here right within Mount Fu Yao!

Inside the Spirit Jade Palace, the air was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers, a sweet tantalizing scent that was not overpowering, not the least bit repulsive. One point that Jun Wu Xie felt was enchanting was that most of the decorations and fittings were done mostly in pink, where even the white jade stone pillars had carvings of pink lotus blooms and its petals.

When the little black cat saw that highly pink scene, it immediately covered its face with its paw.

Its Mistress here, besides having a high weakness against soft furry things, had another eccentric habit….. a mad penchant for pink.

Who would have thought. With a cold and unfeeling heart, standing bedside the chilling operating table as she dissected dead bodies without any expression on her face. And when she got home, she was forever clothed in a fluffy soft pink set of pyjamas. A truly unique and different young woman!

But that point, was something Jun Wu Xie herself had not realized. It was only when she was closeted within her most private and secret little s.p.a.ce that this peculiar habit of hers would manifest.

When the sight of that cringingly pink filled palace appeared before its eyes, the little black cat immediately knew that as long as the Lord of the Spirit Jade Palace wasn't too unreasonable, this matter was already almost a done deal!

Zi Jin was completely unaware of how disconcerted the little black cat behind her really was and she had already gone into the hall in the palace.

Within the palace hall, behind the swirls of light gauze, the figure of a person could faintly be seen. And on both sides of the hall, a good number of rather pretty young girls were happily playing around.

Suddenly spotting Zi Jin who had returned covered in a cloak, someone immediately went forward to show her concern.

"Senior! What happened to you? Who gave you all these injuries?" A little young lady with almond shaped eyes immediately cried out with tears flowing down her cheeks when she saw the wounds upon Zi Jin's body.

That one cry quickly caused all the laughter in the hall to cease as all the girls surged forward to check on Zi Jin's injuries.

Zi Jin was trying to rea.s.sure all the girls that she was all right as she continued to walk towards the curtain of gauze in the main hall.

"My Lord! Zi Jin is back!"

A low and languid voice then came floating out from behind the sheer gauze.

"Oh? Back already?"

"Yes! My Lord, from this trip, I brought back an esteemed guest for my Lord!" As she spoke, Zi Jin waved her hand towards the outside of the hall.

Jun Wu Xie who had been hidden outside the hall then showed herself as she stepped into the main hall of the Spirit Jade Palace!

Dressed as a youthful boy, her body slender and her countenance delicate, but standing there among the entire field of flowers, Jun Wu Xie stood out highly conspicuously.

"Argh! A man! ! !" The little young lady who had clung onto Zi Jin and cried earlier actually fainted away immediately as her eyes rolled back when she saw Jun Wu Xie suddenly appear inside the palace hall while the other girls were all screaming in fright with some of them already holding their palms up in a defensive posture.

Zi Jin hurried herself forward and said: "Everyone, do not misunderstand. This is the benefactor who saved my life. My benefactor came here because my benefactor has something important to discuss with our Lord."

All the ladies were still muttering in worried whispers as that low and lazy voice sounded from the back of the hall once again.

"Having a friend come from afar, is always a great joy here. But what I do not understand, is why this guest of ours would want to use such underhanded tricks upon a disciple of my Spirit Jade Palace!"

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