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Chapter 1703: "Your Great Lord's (3)"

Yue Yi was already almost breathing his last and the flesh on him a gory mess before Zhuge Yin squatted down in satisfaction to pull on Yue Yi's hair, picking him up.

"Young Master Yue, someone said earlier that our match is holding him up. Tell me if you would like to admit defeat and end this here?" Zhuge Yin asked sinisterly.

A corner of Yue Yi's eye had split and both his eyes swollen shut, unable to even open at all. He was not able to move in the slightest so how could he possibly answer Zhuge Yin at all?

Zhuge Yin's eyes were highly malevolent as he suddenly stood up, pulling Yue Yi up together with him. Zhuge Yin then lifted his head to look at Qiao Chu who had spoken up earlier and said with a laugh: "Young Master Yue is truly a real obstinate one here. Looks like he has no intentions of admitting defeat at all."

As Zhuge Yin spoke, his gaze was fixed upon Qiao Chu, taunting and filled with provocation.

"Your great Lord's! !" Qiao Chu completely lost his cool, a resplendent purple coloured spirit light flaring out from his body suddenly, it's brilliance and lustre overshadowing that of Zhuge Yin's!

The blinding spirit glow startled all the youths on all sides.

[The Purple Spirit third stage!]

At that moment, even Zhuge Yin's face changed. He had heard that the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet saw quite a few youths with highly prodigious powers and had heard the Elders talking about it back in the palace, but he did not know what level their powers were exactly. All he knew was that Qiao Chu had been one of those youths!

Even the haughty and self absorbed Zhuge Yin felt his heart jump when he saw Qiao Chu's level of power!

[This youth who's just in his teens, actually possesses power of the Purple Spirit's third stage! ? How could that be! ?]

[If he is allowed to continue to develop any further, who know how terrifying he would become in just a few years' time?]

Qiao Chu could no longer quell the fire raging within him. Zhuge Yin's brutal ways was not something anyone could tolerate. Killing someone would only mean having a person's head touch the ground, but he had gone out of his way just to further inflict torture upon Yue Yi. That was just vile and abominable!

However, just as Qiao Chu was about to charge right onto the arena platform to lay waste to Zhuge Yin, a cold and chilling voice suddenly rang out from within the crowd.

"So this is all that the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace really amounts to. Besides bullying people who are unable to fight back, it seems that he really isn't capable of anything else."

That voice was absolutely dripping with sarcasm and everyone turned at that same moment to seek out the voice.

To see a delicate faced youth, slowly walking forward from the back of the crowd, with that young girl from the Shadow Moon Palace behind him, and another man dressed in the Shadow Moon Palace's uniform.

In the instant that Zhuge Yin saw the youth's face, his face immediately flushed a steely green shade!

If it was said that the insidious hand he had laid upon Yue Yi was completely due to a moment of spontaneity, then the one person he wanted dead the most would not be anyone else, but this youth right before his eyes!

This youth whom had at last night's banquet, attracted the gaze of Gu Xin Yan's countless times!

"Kid, what do you mean with those words?" In the instant Zhuge Yin saw Jun Wu, the rage he had just vented out upon Yue Yi, immediately burned to a roaring blaze once more.

Jun Wu Xie came walking over from within the crowd, her cold and clear eyes not even glancing at Zhuge Yin a single time, but had swept over the figure of Yue Yi without a trace.

Seeing Yue Yi having been turned into a bloody and gory mess, Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed briefly with ice.

She had been sitting down in her room earlier and discussing with Jun Wu Yao about the results of her cultivation over the this period but she had unexpectedly receive the hint upon the jade token. Only the few of them among her companions possessed those jade tokens and unless they were caught in a highly critical moment, the jade tokens would not be used carelessly. And on her jade token, she had seen the character that read "arena" very clearly!

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