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Chapter 1781: "Taking What Each Needs (2)"

"I need you to help me go into Elder Yue's library, to look into something." Elder Ying's eyes darkened slightly.

At the same moment Elder Ying's voice fell, he took out a broken and fragmented piece of jade from the Cosmos Sack he carried with him. He then put the jade pendant gently onto the table and pushed it across with his finger before Jun Wu Xie.

That was an almost perfectly carved piece of white jade but most regretfully, that piece of white jade was not whole with only one half, its missing portion seemingly cut off by a sharp object, its surface smooth and clean.

"I want you to go to Elder Yue's library to find this jade piece's other half." Elder Yue's voice was slightly suppressed.

"I had initially intended to give this job to Chang Huan. Although he is mostly just useless trash, but he is nimble and quick with his fingers and is able to find things that normal people are unable to find, or retrieve things that regular people find irretrievable. Now you can take Chang Huan's place, and I leave this task to you to complete."

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow.

[So, that Chang Huan was a petty thief as well?]

Without knowing why, at that moment, Jun Wu Xie was feeling that it was all rather laughable. A person that was so easily killed was actually a quick and nimble little thief, which just truly tainted the very word for "thief".  

"How do you know that the other half of the jade is in Elder Yue's hands?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she toyed with the jade pendant in her hand, her eyes narrowing as she looked at Elder Ying's face.

Elder Ying replied: "I do not know. I am just guessing. But if you can find it, I will guarantee your safety here in the Shadow Moon Palace. And if you cannot….." Elder Ying's gaze glinted sharply.

"The crime of impersonating a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace, is enough for you to die in here eight hundred times, even if you are a Purple Spirit."

Jun Wu Xie was not frightened by Elder Ying's threat at all. She then placed the jade pendant back onto the table.


"Then now, in order to not let Elder Yue have a handle against you, I will now have you locked in the dungeon. Rest a.s.sured, I will have everything arranged, to not let you have to worry that your life would be at risk. With your skills, I believe that the dungeon would not be able to stop you all that much." Elder Ying said meaningfully.

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders, as a sign that she accepted Elder Ying's suggestion.

Very soon, Elder Ying personally sent Jun Wu Xie into the Shadow Moon Palace's dungeon. The Shadow Moon Palace's dungeon was dank and dark and in one of the cells that was standing solitary from the others, several curled up figures could be faintly seen that were shaking slightly.

"These are all disciples who have committed wrongs and they would not be able to leave from here for the rest of their lives. If you do not wish to become one of them, then remember what you need to do." Elder Ying said under the dim firelight, as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie instead asked: "You're not worried at all with letting me remain in the Shadow Moon Palace like this? Aren't you afraid that I will stir up chaos within the Shadow Moon Palace?"

Elder Ying laughed lightly and answered: "So what if you create trouble? What does it matter to me? Moreover….. Since you are able to come to a consensus with Yue Yi, I do not feel that you would be a stupid person. Whatever you seek to do, do it after you carry out your task and I will not stop you in the slightest."

Upon saying that, Elder Ying pointed to a jail cell that had its door open, indicating that Jun Wu Xie was to go in.

Jun Wu Xie walked into the cell, her mind reverberating with the exceptionally deep words Elder Ying had just said.

This Elder Ying, was definitely not as simple as he looked, his mind much more intelligent than that Elder Yue with his powerful spirit power. To think that he could actually see that she had had some links with Yue Yi, which just gave her much food for thought.

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