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Chapter 1814: "Phenomenal Poison (2)"

"MEEOOW! ! ! !" The little black cat jumped up in the air, its front paws immediately raised up to furiously swipe all the tea leaves out from its mouth.

[You trying to kill me! ! ?]

"What are you afraid of? Spirit bodies can't absorb poison." Jun Wu Xie propped up her head and looked at the little black cat, and seeing its intense reaction, a smile rose up in her heart.

The little black cat looked mournfully at Jun Wu Xie, as it dug out a piece of the tea leaves from between its teeth and spat it onto the stone table.

Spirit bodies are completely immune to any kind of poison except for those that affected one's spirit, but up till now, it had never encountered that before.


[Even if there's no effect on me doesn't mean I should be eating it right! ? I'm not a trash bin you know! ?"

The little black cat was feeling like its cat rights was being diminished.

"What are its contents?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

The little black cat harrumphed indignantly and although it was feeling highly aggrieved in its heart, it still went on to truthfully name them. "Blaze Chrysanthemum, White Sh.e.l.l, Seven Lotus Seed….." The little black cat smoothly said the names of more than ten types of herbs and when it came to the last one, it even paused a moment to lick its fangs that had been in contact with the tea leaves with the tip of its tongue before it added it to the list.

More than ten types of herbs and most of them non toxic and harmless. Bring out anyone of them singularly and no one would find any wrong with them. Even if they were fed raw to anyone, it would not bring any harm to people, but would even give them some moderating effects to their bodies.

But Jun Wu Xie's eyes had slightly shone exactly because of that.

All these herbs would seem like nothing in the eyes of others, but to a person like her who knew Medicine like the back of her hand, she immediately detected the subtle oddity within.

More than ten kinds of herbs that looked to be for gentle nourishment, but every single type of herb would have properties that clashed with others. The poison in the teapot from a certain perspective might not really be considered to be poison, but with the clash of properties among the various herbs used, it would bring great harm to the human body.

Taking a whole bunch of nouris.h.i.+ng herbs, to concoct them together into poison. Such a method, would require a high familiarity of the various properties and effects among the different herbs, and also understand the kind of corresponding herb whose effects would clash.

In most cases, when the effects of herbs clashed, it would bring great discomfort to people, and it would almost be impossible to take a person's life within a short period of time with it. But the poison in that teapot had done just that perfectly.

Putting more than ten kinds of nouris.h.i.+ng herbs together with each herb possessing a conflicting effect to another kind, while ensuring that the compounded effect would be highly intense.

And what was most terrifying about it was if someone had died from taking such a kind of poison, no matter how sharp a physician was, he would not be able to identify the real cause of death, but just declare that the person had died suddenly, and had not died from poison.

Even for a person like Jun Wu Xie who was so skilled in concocting poisons, was stunned by such a phenomenal kind of poison.

"I really had not thought that in this world, there would be such a maverick talent." Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed a bright glint. She who once felt nothing for the outside world, but only loved to sink herself into the quiet world of Medicine, where she was fascinated by all and everything that had to do only with Medicine.

But she had not felt that same feeling of fascination for a long while.


[What a pity this maverick talent's intention is to kill you.]

The little black cat licked its paws. Having stayed with Jun Wu Xie for so long, its understanding of Medicine had surpa.s.sed most regular people. Although the poison had no effect on a spirit body like it, but to human being, it was highly lethal.

If Jun Wu Xie had accidently consumed it, it was thought that her fate would not be any different from those koi in the pool.

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