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Chapter 1823: "Secretly Conspiring (3)"

Still holding a shred of conscience, truly rare and hard to come by.

Despite the fact that she was still so young, and was growing up in such a harsh environment, Yue Ye was still keeping strictly to her own bottomline, which was a point that Jun Wu Xie greatly admired.

"Even if you praise me, but certain things that have to be made clear must still be clearly spelt out. I can accomodate my actions to your plans but that has to be after I am made aware of the entire process. And regardless whether you are seeking to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace or to kill someone, you must not drag my elder brother into it, or there is no need to even start any form of cooperation between us." Yue Ye said as she drew in a deep breath. Jun Wu Xie's demeanor was highly indifferent and that made it difficult for Yue Ye to grasp what Jun Wu Xie was thinking. Even when Jun Wu Xie had already clearly stated her personal agenda, but from what Yue Ye could see, where Jun Wu Xie had originated from and what she was going to do was unclear to everyone.

She could give it her all, but no harm must come to Yue Yi.

"Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Yue Ye then breathed out in relief.

"Then, what do you need me to do?" Yue Ye breathed in deeply to ask as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. In truth, this face she was showing, was only seen by Jun Wu Xie alone. Before everyone else, she had always been that timid and shy Yue Ye.

"Elder Yue wanted to use you against me?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow lifted up. If she recalled it correctly, in Elder Yue's mind, Yue Ye was merely a cowardly and bashful little girl.

Yue Ye nodded.

"How?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

Yue Ye continued to look at Jun Wu Xie and her gaze then slowly fell to the floor, her little face tinged with a slight paleness. She was silent for quite awhile before she slowly opened her tiny mouth, but her gaze did not s.h.i.+ft from the ground before her.

"I am the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's plaything."

Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback.

"Mm, it can be put in this way. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord has the same kind of urges like  Elder Yue. The only difference is that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord only likes young little girls while Elder Yue is a little less inhibited. After Elder Yue came to know of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's preferences, he put my elder brother behind closed door cultivation and he brought me to go see the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. But as the Shadow Moon Palace Lord encountered some problems while practising cultivation at that time, he was feeling rather unwell, and hence he could only let his hands roam a little….."

Yue Ye voice was soft, and rather monotonous. There was no hatred no aggrievement, so calm that it sounded like she was describing something that had happened to someone else.

Elder Yue's intentions were clear, and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord liked Yue Ye very well. The little courtyard that Yue Ye was living in now had been privately arranged for by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and it could be said that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord treated Yue Ye like he was grooming her to become a girl that he wished for her to become, and was just waiting for himself to recover before he would enjoy this highly delicious fruit.

In the Shadow Moon Palace, absolutely no one dared to go provoke Yue Ye, especially all the male disciples.

As the one that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had his eye set upon, her chast.i.ty must be ensured.

And Elder Yue had wanted to make use of Yue Ye, to accuse Jun Wu Xie of taking liberties of her. Yue Ye would only need to speak out, and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord would definitely fly into a rage, and even if Jun Wu Xie had won credit for presenting up the Melted Snow Elixir, it would not be enough to negate such a grave mistake.

Even if the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not take Jun Wu Xie's life, he would no longer look upon Jun Wu Xie with favour.

With that, Elder Yue would have achieved his aim of suppressing Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie listened quietly till the end, and Yue Ye did not once lift her head throughout. It was only after she finished speaking that she raised her little face up, the clean and clear face emotionless, showing a steadiness that completely did not match her age at all.

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