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Chapter 1854: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (3)"

Jun Wu Xie nodded. She acknowledged the Night Regime's power, but no matter how powerful one's subordinate was, if they were not willing to obey her orders, then she would be better off without them.

Even when they were people that Jun Wu Yao had left behind, it would be the same.

Jun Wu Xie had her own set of standards.

"Now, bring me to Elder Yue's study." Jun Wu Xie said, narrowing her eyes. She needed to go take a look for herself.

At that moment, Elder Yue was dealing with some affairs of the Shadow Moon Palace and Ye Sha was secretly watching his every move while Ye Gu was keeping guard outside Elder Yue's study.

Jun Wu Xie went into Elder Yue's study on her own. According to what Ye Gu had told her about the hidden switch, Jun Wu Xie opened the secret chamber in Elder Yue's study.

It was a room that was about twenty square meters in size and tall wooden shelves stood against three sides of the walls. A variety of brocade boxes were placed on every level of the shelves, boxes of different sizes arranged neatly upon them, with some smaller brocade boxes stacked up together. The secret chamber was kept very clean but Jun Wu Xie who was very sensitive towards the smell of blood could still detect a faint scent of it.

Right in the middle of the secret chamber, a white jade bed carved out of nephrite lay across and on the bed's surface, some uneven depressions making long and thin marks could be seen. Within those depressions, she saw stains that had turned black and Jun Wu Xie used her silver needle to dig a little out to inspect. She then discovered that the black stuff with the thin crevices was actually blood that had dried for Heavens knew how long!

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