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Chapter 1863: "Stretch Your Face Over (4)"

Elder Yue detected that he still had s.p.a.ce to wiggle and he began to recount all the things that he had done for the Shadow Moon Palace in detail, and brought up the many chances he had to usurp authourity, to prove his loyalty.

Elder Ying stood on the side and remained silent without a word, but a sense of unease grew in his heart.

Elder Yue's contributions and standing in the Shadow Moon Palace was deep and profound and he had brought up the Palace Lord under his watch. If he was allowed to bring up more of these things of the past, there was no guarantee that the Palace Lord's heart would not soften.

At that moment, Elder Ying's gaze unconsciously turned to look towards the outside. He was waiting.

Waiting for Jun Wu Xie's next move.

Under Elder Yue's tear jerking persuasion, the expression on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face finally softened, his heart yielding to the scene after scene of memories elicited as he looked at the aged Elder Yue kneeling within the palace hall, his heart could not help but be moved.

Elder Yue saw that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was showing signs relent and he secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, but his face still looking highly sorrowful and emotional.

"Grandfather, aren't you afraid of Heaven's wrath by saying these words! ?" Suddenly, a clear and ringing female voice sounded within the palace hall.

The eyes of everyone within the hall were all drawn to the voice.

It was not known from when that Yue Ye, with her face pale, had appeared there just outside the doors of the Shadow Moon Palace Hall.

"Little Ye?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was taken aback in surprise a moment when he saw Yue Ye.

Elder Yue stared with his eyes wide, looking in disbelief at Yue Ye.

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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 1863 summary

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