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Chapter 361: ” I Did It. So? (3)”

The youth was already too weakened to even make any noise and the other youths were too shocked by the sight to even move.

Even Qiao Chu and the others were in shock.

That sudden attack was….. simply brutal!

Rong Ruo snapped back to reality suddenly and whispered urgently to Qiao Chu: “We cannot allow Jun Xie to pummel at him anymore, or the consequences will be really dire.”

Qiao Chu realised what Rong Ruo was saying and rushed up to put his hand between Jun Wu Xie and the heavily pummeled youth. “Little Xie, that’s enough.” Qiao Chu looked at Jun Xie, his eyes gentle. Jun Xie was protecting the four of them.

They could not fight back and Jun Xie had done it for them.

He could not find the right words to say at that moment and his emotions just surged wildly within him.

Jun Wu Xie’s fist was still held up and the orange glow still swirled around it. Her whole fist was already covered in blood as she raised her head to look at Qiao Chu. She held the unconscious youth a moment longer before she dropped him to let him fall to the ground in a heap. She turned to the terrified youths around her and simply said: “Scram.”

The youths immediately picked up their unconscious companion and ran away with their tails between their legs.

None of them had expected that the spineless cowards in the East Wing who had always not dared to put up any retaliation no matter how much they were bullied would suddenly house such an unreasonable and obnoxious little tyrant. That puny sized brat had charged straight into them and thrashed all of them up, not giving them any opportunity to even speak up.

After those youths had left, the air in the courtyard hung with a faint smell of blood and the place was suddenly quiet.

Qiao Chu sniffled his nose and suppressed his emotions. Without a word, his held up Jun Wu Xie’s bloodied hand and wiped off the blood carefully with the corner of his tattered s.h.i.+rt.

“Why would you hit them? They have now dirtied your hands.”

“Felt like it.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly, as the murder in her eyes diminished.

Qiao Chu sniffled again and did not say anything else. Only after wiping Jun Wu Xie’s hand clean, Qiao Chu looked up again at Jun Wu Xie, but did not say anything but only scratched at his own head.

Jun Wu Xie turned and walked towards Rong Ruo and handed him a hanky.

Rong Ruo was surprised a moment before he accepted it and muttered his thanks softly as he wiped the spit from his face.

“That felt great.” Hua Yao carried the little black cat and came before Jun Wu Xie, returning the unconscious cat back into her arms.

Jun Wu Xie carried the black cat in her arms and lowered her eyes. Those eyes were now calm and tranquil, completely unlike what they saw just moments ago, brutal and murderous.

“I swear, if Qiao Chu had not stopped Jun Xie earlier, Liu Chan would surely be dead now.” Fei Yan whispered softly into Rong Ruo’s ears.

Jun Xie’s body was small and skinny, and he did not speak much. But her temperament was something else. She spoke with her fists, simple and straightforward.

Rong Ruo stared at Jun Xie thoughtfully, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

She’s rather….. nice.

“Whoa! What mischief have you brats been up to again!?” Yan Bu Gui who had just left them just moments ago was led to come back after hearing the ruckus. When he saw Jun Wu Xie standing in the middle of his four disciples, he stopped in his tracks. But the faint smell of blood in the air did not escape him and he scanned his eyes around, seeing the splatters of blood just outside the entrance to the courtyard.

“Teacher, Liu Chan brought people from the South Wing here again.” Qiao Chu stiffened up when he saw Yan Bu Gui and he replied honestly to the query.

Yan Bu Gui frowned slightly, but his bushy beard covered much of his face and they could not read his expression.

“You retaliated?” Yan Bu Gui’s voice suddenly turned chilled.

Qiao Chu opened his mouth slightly and stopped. He then lowered his head and muttered in a low voice: “They were extremely rude to Rong Ruo and I could not hold myself back.”

Qiao Chu heaped all responsibility for it upon himself.

Yan Bu Gui’s eyes steeled and a flash of light burst from his hand, hitting Qiao Chu on his chest, the blast throwing him across the courtyard.

“I warned you guys so many times! You are not to lay a finger on the other disciples of the Phoenix Academy! Did my words not get into your head!?”

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