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"Kill anyone who runs!"

Saldin said as he mercilessly cut down the retreating soldier before him without hesistation.

Like that fear gripped the heart of the soldiers and kept them from moving.

Saldin chose the wildest among the adventurers and made them into platoon commanders, then they fought back the incoming goblins as the retreated.

“Don’t get scared, alright!? In the battlefield, there’s only one end for cowards! Death!”

It was an irrational thought, but the way Saldin said it made it seem so amazing, causing the soldiers to agree with him.

“Don’t get scared! Thrust your spears!”

The spears lined up and struck out for 3 goblins that came out of that smoke, mercilessly skewering them.


As Saldin retreated in order, the platoon that retreated in advance came back with news. When Saldin found out that the platoons at the back have been wiped out, he clicked his tongue, but he didn’t seem to have cared much.

“Well, that’s war for you! Focus on what you’re doing and secure a path of retreat!!”

“A big one came out!”

When Saldin heard that, he stopped the retreat and stepped out with his soldiers again, forming a line of spears.

Saldin watched the black smokes in front carefully. When he thought he’d heard a faint sound, Saldin gave the orders and the soldiers struck out with their spears.

As their spears cut through the black smoke, the figure of a goblin appeared.

When he saw that the goblin had been skewered, his cheeks twisted and he smiled. But just as he was about to order a retreat, the words that came out of that goblin’s mouth stopped him.

“Not just once, but twice!”

“Is this that goblin from before!?”

Gi Ba Hagar swung his axe with all of his strength, but Saldin was able to rely on his instincts to parry the attack with his sword. Because of Gi Ba’s foolhardiness, his posture broke, leaving an opening for Saldin to use.

Gi Ba’s eyes opened wide as he watched the blade descend. With his posture broken, he wouldn’t be able to change anything even if he were to try react. For a moment, Gi Ba saw death. On his eyes reflected Saldin’s sneer, though it seemed to be twitching, and very quickly, Gi Ba realized that that expression wasn’t pointed at him but toward someone else.

In the next instant, sparks erupted.

Before the blade could reach Gi Ba, someone had jumped in between him and Saldin.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Aren’t you human!?” Saldin asked in confusion as he failed to wrap his head around why a human would fight alongside a goblin.

Unfortunately, he would receive no answer, for the human that had jumped in only quietly attacked him wish his spear that had had curved blades.

It was like a giant scythe was trying to reap Saldin’s life. The range difference between Saldin’s long sword and Zaurosh’s spear scythe was simply too big.

Saldin had a long history as a warrior, so he did have a way to fight against people with this big of a range. Unfortunately, his surroundings weren’t about to let him do as he pleased. The normal goblins that followed Gi Ba started popping out one after another from the smoke. There were even some humans.

Shocked, Saldin had no choice but to retreat.

He was calm enough to figure out that if they were to be captured, with how little morale they had left, they would be at a severe disadvantagee.

Saldin resolutely decided to retreat.

Neither Zaurosh nor Gi Ba pursued them because the king had instructed them to minimize casualties. With the Elrain Kingdom’s army retreating, the goblin army had successfully defended the brooder land. But they also had to prepare for the unknown movements of the Kushain Believers’ Army’s.

“…Sorry. Thanks,” Gi Ba said.

Zaurosh remained alert and continued to look toward Saldin’s direction.

“We’re comrades in arms, aren’t we?” Zaurosh said with a stern face.

Gi Ba nodded.

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