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The usual chosen method of combat of these gigantic beasts was melee. It was simple, violent, no need for flair, nor skill, only their innate ability to kill.

The Type 5 Sea Snake continued to coil around Mount Tai, its body constricting tightly. The pressure was starting to show, as Mount Tai's bones started to make some cracking noises.

As they were caught in this cruel exchange, a shadow charged over from the northern and southern side each.

The shadow from the north was precisely that absolutely beautiful Mermaid Queen with her voluptuous body. She rode the waves and came in front of the 2 entangled beasts.

She frowned, as a blue beam of light shot out from her forehead and landed on the head of Mount Tai.

Struck by the beam, Mount Tai's eyes glazed over, and it relaxed slightly, allowing the Type 5 Sea Snake to coil even tighter. It resulted in more bones of Mount Tai being fractured, as it spat out a mouth of blood, its body trembling and its life in danger.

At this critical juncture, Yue Zhong wielded his Electromagnetic Cannon to fire out at the head of the Mutant Sea Snake without stop.

The shots blasted through the scales of the Mutant Sea Snake accurately, drawing blood and causing it agony.

However, it was not enough to pierce through the brain to kill it.

At the same time, Yue Zhong adjusted his aim to fire at the head of the Mermaid Queen.

The electromagnetic blasts shot towards the head of the Mermaid Queen without mercy.

Her gaze turned cold as she waved her jade-like hands, causing the wave beneath her to soar up, forming a powerful shield.

The electromagnetic beams that could pierce even the scales of the Type 5 Sea Snake were negated in front of the water shield, preventing any damage to the Mermaid Queen.

At the same time, there was a cold look on the face of the Mermaid Queen, as the waves beneath her surged up and after it disappeared, there were 9 bodies identical to her.

"I have to deal with her fast!"

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed coolly and he activated his Shadow Steps, enhanced with the Dark Dou Qi. His speed instantly reached Mach-2, and with a wave of his hands, he sent out a blast of Devil Flames towards the Mermaid Queen.

The 9 mermaids waved their hands simultaneously, as a huge wave surged forth at the Devil Flames.

As the 2 abilities clashed, there was a strong surge of steam. The Devil Flames was actually smothered by the waves.

With the cover of the steam, Yue Zhong charged through the crowd, quickly slashing out 9 times at the Mermaid Queen.

As the 9 blade beams flashed by, all 9 bodies were cleaved in half.

"All fakes?"

A sudden sense of danger welled up, as a small hand burst out from beneath his feet, grabbing his right leg, and a sharp water arrow threatened to pierce his right foot.

When the sharp water arrow struck his foot, it was deflected and shattered immediately, blocked by the Type 5 Mutant Beast hide on him.

There was a sound of surprise, "Ah, your body defense is so strong. It doesn't seem human-like. I admire your talents. Be my slave. As long as you're willing, I can make you a king of men. Humans have gone on unbridled for far too long, polluting the environment and air. You people have angered the gods, and will definitely be suppressed and wiped out. As long as you're my slave, you will be able to survive this."

If it had been any other human, even when protected by a Type 5 Beast Hide, the resulting force would be enough to shatter the leg. However, in Yue Zhong's case, it did not happen at all.

"Hmph! You want me to be your slave? I think it should be the other way round! Break for me!!"

Yue Zhong snorted coldly, and Devil Flames erupted from his right foot, burning the entire area into gas before he kicked out at the patch of seawater.

The patch of seawater churned suddenly, revealing the shape of the Mermaid Queen. The blue light between her brows shot out once more, hitting Yue Zhong's foot.

His entire foot seemed to have been enveloped in an incredible weight, and he could not finish his kick. Instead, it was dragged down, causing a deep foot imprint.

With a thought from Yue Zhong, a strong gravitational force enveloped the Mermaid Queen.

Her body sunk immediately, and she twisted, trying to flee towards the back. She had numerous subordinates, and an endless horde of Mutant Beasts, there was no need for her to engage Yue Zhong in a life-and-death combat.

After Yue Zhong forced her back, he did not chase after all. He was also wary of her methods.

At the same time, there were many Mutant Beasts and Sea Clan members making their way over. He had no confidence in taking her out while she was fleeing.

With a tap of his foot, he turned into a flash that made for the 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts still engaged in combat.

In merely 2 breaths, Yue Zhong had run along Mount Tai's body and charged up to the head of the Type 5 Mutant Sea Snake.

He wielded his Flame Blade, pushing his Dark Dou Qi, and slashed down viciously on its head, directly penetrating its scales and tore a huge gash.

Yue Zhong then leaped into the wound and began to burrow in.

When the Type 5 Mutant Sea Snake took this blow, it felt the danger Yue Zhong posed to it. It was forced to let go of Mount Tai before it quickly trashed about against the surrounding buildings.

The recoil of the damage rippled through its flesh and muscles, squeezing Yue Zhong, and he felt his blood churn.

As he activated his Dark Dou Qi once more, the pressure was alleviated somewhat. If he only had the strength of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, he would have been half-dead, if not killed.

After regaining some breathing space, Yue Zhong started to use his Flame Blade to tear the insides up, shredding the Type 5 Mutant Sea Snake from within.

The Type 5 Sea Snake struggled frantically, trying to find another structure to smash itself against.

Mount Tai seized the opportunity to stomp on the Sea Snake while using its tail to slam into its body continuously. It also opened up its mouth to tear off chunks of flesh from the Sea Snake.

After swinging his blade for a long time, the head of the Sea Snake suddenly burst open, and Yue Zhong appeared, in his hands was a Type 5 Nucleus.

As he burrowed out, the Type 5 Sea Snake writhed for a while more before slumping to the ground lifelessly.

A huge amount of life force was absorbed into his God and Devil Imprint, nourishing and enhancing his body.

"Congratulations on reaching Level 91…"


"Congratulations on reaching Level 94, you have gained 2 attribute points to be allocated."

Back on Earth, with the system, Yue Zhong gained another 8 attribute points for him to allocate.

He thought for a while, before pouring it all into his Agility. He still had to raise his reaction speed. The faster it was, the quicker he could make a right decision in any situation.

Yue Zhong swept a pleased glance across the body of the Type 5 Sea Snake, "Type 5 Mutant Beast! It used to be something out of my reach, and now, I can actually take one down! I've truly become stronger."

Initially, when Yue Zhong saw any Type 5 Mutant Beast, any one of them could easily crush him to death Even if it allowed him to hack and slash, it would be hard to accomplish anything. Yet not, he could kill one without fear, it was proof of his increase in strength.

When the horde of Sea Clan saw the Type 5 Sea Snake's death, their eyes flashed with disbelief.

A Type 5 Mutant Beast was usually an undefeatable existence within the sea. On land, other than nuclear weapons, most other military weapons would only be able to injure it. With its terrifying regenerative ability, even if it was heavily injured from cannons and heavy artillery, it would be fine after 2 minutes.

However, such an entity was actually slaughtered by Yue Zhong; this caused them to feel a tinge of fear and shock.

Yue Zhong saw how the Sea Clan soldiers had separated from the Mutant Beast horde in order to assist the Mermaid Queen, and ordered out, "Good! It's our chance!! Mount Tai!! Let's go!!"

The heavily injured Mount Tai turned to face the Sea Clan, disregarding its heavy injuries.

While Mount Tai's speed was not much among the Type 5 Mutant Beasts, it was still faster than those ordinary Sea Clan soldiers. In barely a moment, it had already rushed through the ranks of the army, stomping and rampaging around, while swinging its tail, causing hundreds and thousands of them to be flattened into meat paste.

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