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Chapter 1 – Purple Moon

A crescent moon hung in the sky, giving off a purple radiance as if it were curtaining the world in its mysterious hue.

Within this purple light, a precipitous stone castle stood tall. Its majestic white walls emanating a rugged atmosphere.

On this castle’s third floor was a dark-haired boy, showing a bitter smile to the moon.

A fifteen to sixteen year old youth with short black hair, a handsome face, and just a hint of kindness to his bearing. But looking at his blue eyes revealed he was different from others his age.

A chilly breeze blew onto the youth, who trembled slightly at the cold.


A rush of footsteps approached him as he looked to his back, and through the lights in the castle he saw a girl in a white bodice with a black skirt.

Tall and fair-skinned, with her brown hair fixed by a clip and a bow upon her head. A standard maid outfit.

She had a white feather cloak in her hand, and anxiousness showed on her face. When she spotted the black-haired boy out on the balcony, she sighed.

“Master Gray, your injury hasn’t healed, you can’t be out in the cold like this.”

As she admonished the youth, she stepped forward and thoughtfully placed the cloak upon him.

When the girl’s hand brushed against him, the boy’s body tightened for a moment. After relaxing himself, he turned to look back out at the purple moon again.

“We should go back.”

The girl immediately wanted to a.s.sist the youth, but the latter stopped her. He turned and began to walk into the white stone pa.s.sage of the brightly lit castle.

Gray Fergus was the child of this castle’s lord, Viscount Fergus. Well, that was his current ident.i.ty. Just a few days ago he’d been an ordinary office worker.

It had been an ordinary night after a busy day, just like any other.

But after waking up, he found himself not in his small rented house, but a s.p.a.cious bedroom covered in a velvety quilt. Not only that, but he found himself in another body with memories he knew weren’t his.

He had originally been excited once he got his bearings.

An aristocrat’s child, maids to serve him, fine clothes on a whim, rice whenever he wanted… It was like a dream come true.

However, once the exhilaration pa.s.sed, he quickly became brooding. His parents and friends were gone just like that, his mobile phone and internet lost as well… He quickly came to realize his “comfortable life” wasn’t truly comfortable.

First off, his status alongside other “children” of the Viscount.

This world was much like medieval Europe when it came to marriage, strict monogamy. Even the King wasn’t exempt from this, and at most could have a lot of lovers.

Gray’s current ident.i.ty was that of an illegitimate child, which meant he wasn’t born to the wife of Viscount Ferguson, but rather one of his lovers.

In this world managed by monogamy, an illegitimate child wouldn’t be as bad a slave, but their treatment and standing were not nearly as good as children born to the proper wife.

In fact, looking through Gray’s memories of the last sixteen years, Viscount Ferguson had rarely asked about his “son”. Gray had only received a summons to this castle two months ago.

Secondly, Gray was now facing a “crisis”.

The original owner of this body had been stabbed and killed. The had poisoned himself when he was captured, thus the hand behind the curtain that had been aiming for his life remained a mystery.

Faced with this revelation, even enjoying a beautiful maid wouldn’t ease his nerves. Well, unless he had nerves of steel, which Gray did not.

There was also an emergency inside of him.

In this world there was a mysterious force called “Big d.i.c.k Energy”. The original owner of the body was a pract.i.tioner of it and was rather gifted.

From the age of fifteen he cultivated his “Big d.i.c.k Energy” for one full year and became a Big d.i.c.k Warrior. His father, who had ignored him up to this point, took notice of him and brought him to this castle.

However… whether it had been due to the original body’s death or a side effect of crossing over, the Big d.i.c.k power had disappeared.

Yes, his power was gone. He was now a fake lower Big d.i.c.k Warrior.

If the Viscount knew about this, there was no doubt his att.i.tude would change and Gray would be driven out of the castle immediately. It was even possible he would be treated worse than he had been before coming to the castle.

Therefore, even though his current life seemed cushy on the surface, he was in a severe “crisis”. He could be driven out of the castle or lose his life at any time.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the door, Gray walked into his bedroom.

It was a rather s.p.a.cious room, larger than 20 square meters. Within it was a row of cabinets and wardrobes; one was for dress clothes, one for ordinary clothes, and one for shoes.

The dress clothes included two outfits with feathers on the shoulders, while the ordinary wardrobe contained five sets of clothes. Three new pairs of leather boots rested in the shoe cabinet.

These had all been purchased once he came to the castle. Before this, although he had never gone hungry, he could never afford to wear such good clothes. In fact, even his beautiful personal maid had been a.s.signed to him once he entered this castle two months ago.

A white velvet feather quilt sat on the bed, and the bed itself was wide enough to accommodate three people without being crowded. Next to the window there was also a desk and a chair.

An open-top oil lamp sat on the desk, emitting a soft light that was able to light up the entire room.

There seemed to be some incense added to the oil, as there was a faint fragrance in the air.

“Brother, where have you been?”

Seeing Gray opening the door, a girl in a white dress jumped up from the chair next to the desk. She looked about 14 years old. Taking only three steps to get next to Gray, she hugged his arm tightly.

With exquisite facial features, white skin, and much like Gray she had black hair and blue eyes. She let out a relieved sigh as she hugged him.

Sarah Fergus, an illegitimate daughter of the Viscount. Her eyes inherited from the Viscount, and her glossy hair from her mother.

Much like the original Gray, this girl had been brought to the castle two months ago. Though unlike Gray, she was here because her father and brother were valuable to the Viscount.

Hesitating slightly, Gray reached out his free hand to touch the girl’s head. As his hand landed on her, she opened her mouth.

“Going out to the balcony is dangerous.”

Being so close to an unknown girl left Gray feeling a little uncomfortable with how she treated him like a brother.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, but how can you not be worried about another coming after you!”

Sarah looked at Gray.

“Don’t worry, won’t try again so soon.”

Gray smiled and said in a comforting tone.

“But they-”

Even listening to his rea.s.surance didn’t wash away the worry on Sarah’s face.

“Ok, relax, nothing else will happen.”

Gray interrupted her before she could speak, as there were some words that couldn’t be said. Especially in this castle.

His chest was still wrapped in gauze, faintly stinging from the aftermath of the’s attack.

If the Viscount’s guards hadn’t shown up in a timely manner, Gray may have died before he could do anything. After all, even if he took over this body, a fatal wound would’ve ended his new life short.

Regarding the hand behind the “”, Gray and Sarah had their speculations.

In the past 15 years, the original Gray had lived outside the castle without guards and hadn’t experienced a single Once he had moved in to the castle, he was quickly attacked. There was obviously a connection.

The most likely culprits were his two brothers, or possibly his sister, all born from the Viscountess. It could also be the Viscountess herself.

Gray was most likely living with the person who ordered his Although the other side was planning to put him to death, he wasn’t about to let it affect him.

Gray couldn’t think of a way of returning to his original world, and even if there was away, the chance of his current body reaching it was nigh impossible. His position as an illegitimate son hindered him greatly.

The only option left to him was to survive in this world, and whoever hired the obviously had other intentions in mind.

He wasn’t sure if he would end up in another body if he died again, but he didn’t want to risk it.

I must heal as soon as possible. I need to confirm if my Big d.i.c.k Energy is truly gone or if it’s just due to this injury.

Gray decided this was the best course of action in his heart.

In the face of this hidden threat, relying on the protection of the guards in the castle wasn’t guaranteed to save his life. For Gray, improving his own strength and relying on self-protection was the best choice.

To add to things, if it really was the worst case and his Big d.i.c.k Energy had truly disappeared, Gray had to find a way to re-cultivate it before the Viscount found out.

Gray’s value to the Viscount is purely in his Big d.i.c.k Energy. It was his only “s.h.i.+eld”, and to lose that would be even more dangerous than the

Being driven out of the castle now would allow another to easily claim his life. Until Gray could defend himself or get his Big d.i.c.k Energy back, his could not lose his “s.h.i.+eld”.

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