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Chapter 113 – New Year's Wishes

Ling Xuefeng's gentle kiss lasted a long time, making Li Cangyu's brain a bit dizzy.

He didn't expect that the intimate contact with the person he liked would be so beautiful. Their tongues were intertwined and it was like their souls were blending with each other.

After the kiss, Ling Xuefeng let go of Li Cangyu and used his tongue to clean his lips.

This embarra.s.sing move made Li Cangyu's scalp number and his mind finally recovered.

Wasn't this wrong?

He saw Ling Xuefeng's deep eyes and Li Cangyu finally reacted.

Hadn't he gone to Ling Xuefeng's home to inquire about the att.i.tudes of Father Ling and Mother Ling? He hadn't probed clearly yet when Ling Xuefeng confessed first?

The order was completely reversed. Shouldn't Li Cangyu be the one confessing first?

Ling Xuefeng suddenly asked, "What did you want to say just now?"

'Of course, I wanted to say that I like you.'

Li Cangyu smiled frankly and said, "I wanted to confess to you. The result is that you acted first. I really didn't see it. Ling Xuefeng, when did you start liking me? How come I didn't know?"

Ling Xuefeng stretched out and gently pulled Li Cangyu into his arms, whispering, "It has been a long time."

Li Cangyu was shocked. "What?"

“I’ve liked you for a long time.” Ling Xuefeng's voice was low and s.e.xy. It slid through Li Cangyu's ears like mellow wine and was especially fascinating at night.

Ling Xuefeng slightly tightened his arms and placed his chin on Li Cangyu's shoulder. Then he continued, "I don't know when I started liking you but I liked you before you led your team away from Miracle."

"…" Li Cangyu's mind was a mess because of the shocking truth. "Isn't that three years?"

"Yes, it was the reason I came to New York to talk to you. I didn't just think of you as a friend." Ling Xuefeng whispered.

"…" Li Cangyu recalled the scene of that year which was still as clear as yesterday.

Three years ago, Ling Xuefeng came alone to New York. Li Cangyu thought it was just the loyalty of a friend and hadn't expected that Ling Xuefeng already liked him at that time.

Ling Xuefeng ran all the way abroad to find him but he firmly said he was leaving Miracle…

What did Ling Xuefeng feel as he returned to China alone? Li Cangyu didn't dare think about it.

Since Ling Xuefeng liked him, why didn't he say anything earlier?

Li Cangyu couldn't help asking, "Why did you never tell me?"

In the past few years after leaving Miracle, the two people hadn't broken off contact. The text messages that Ling Xuefeng sent only seemed like concern between good friends. Li Cangyu was completely unaware that something wasn't right.

Ling Xuefeng was silent for a moment before explaining, "I know that you are busy and the pressure on your shoulders is big. I didn't want to put any more burden on you."

"…" Li Cangyu's heart trembled slightly and he didn't know what to say.

In the past few years, he was in dire straits. He faced accusations every day from the media and fans, while having to wrack his brain for the tactical arrangements of every game. The result was that no matter his effort, the Canglan team kept losing. Li Cangyu was in a calm state but inwardly, he was very anxious.

If Ling Xuefeng had confessed to him at this time, it would've placed a greater psychological burden on him. Moreover, with his temper, perhaps the two of them wouldn't even be friends anymore.

Ling Xuefeng was undoubtedly very considerate. His beloved person was too busy so he chose to silently wait. He cared for the other person as a friend instead of exerting psychological pressure.

It wasn't until he realized that Li Cangyu held some liking for him that he voluntarily confessed. He acted in the same style that he used to play the game.

Li Cangyu wasn't stupid and quickly figured this out.

Li Cangyu looked into Ling Xuefeng's gentle eyes and warmth burst in his heart. The warm temperature flowed through his limbs, as if his body was bathed in the spring sun.

It turned out that for the past three years, Ling Xuefeng had been silently waiting for Li Cangyu to return?

It was no wonder that the moment they reunited in the Moonlight Forest district, Ling Xuefeng would say, "I have been waiting for you to come home."

Li Cangyu couldn't help feeling moved. However, what if he was so disheartened that he wouldn't play compet.i.tively anymore. What would Ling Xuefeng do? Wouldn't it be empty to wait in vain for so many years?"

Li Cangyu asked, "Were you so certain I would return to Miracle? What if I didn't come back?"

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly and whispered, "With your nature, you won't be willing to miss out on a trophy. The thing you love the most is the Miracle elf summoner. One day you would come back. Wasn't I right?"

“…" He was right.

Li Cangyu's eyes suddenly felt a bit sore.

Ling Xuefeng was truly the person who knew him the best. Li Cangyu was so lucky that such a person silently liked him and waited for him to come back!

Li Cangyu couldn't help clinging to the other person and spoke earnestly, "It has been hard on you, waiting for me for so long."

The hugged Ling Xuefeng smiled and thought, 'As long as I could wait for you, the hard work is worth it.'

The two people stood by the window, hugging each other tightly. Fireworks dotted the beautiful sky, making the most beautiful celebration background in their minds.

Li Cangyu was hugging and being hugged when he recalled that fascinating kiss just now. He couldn't help looking up and saying, "You suddenly kissed me and I didn't react. This time, I will kiss you?"

Ling Xuefeng smiled at his s.h.i.+ning eyes and reached out to touch Li Cangyu's head. "Okay."

Strangely enough, touching his hair felt quite good. Ling Xuefeng couldn't help touching it a bit more.

Who dared to touch Cat G.o.d's head?

The small cats wors.h.i.+pped him as an idol while Uncle Zhang and A'Shu respected him. The person who was most familiar with him, Bai Xuan was short and couldn't touch his head even if Bai Xuan wanted to.

However, Ling Xuefeng's movements were incredibly natural.

After touching it, Ling Xuefeng moved his hand to the back of the head and narrowed the distance between them.

Li Cangyu didn't feel uncomfortable. Instead, his heart beat like a drum as he looked up at Ling Xuefeng's lips. He couldn't help pouncing, biting on those rosy lips and almost eating Ling Xuefeng's mouth.

Ling Xuefeng didn't comment on Li Cangyu's gnawing and biting kissing skills.

Such a pa.s.sionate big cat made Ling Xuefeng feel that this person was particularly straightforward and sincere. His heart softened as he was kissed. His fingers gently touched the back of Li Cangyu's head as he actively guided Li Cangyu to open his teeth.

"Oh… um…"

Ling Xuefeng's tongue plunged into his mouth and gently swept over his gums and teeth. Li Cangyu felt a bit itchy but there was a strange numbness that washed over his mind.

Li Cangyu closed his eyes comfortably. He had long forgotten about who was active and who was pa.s.sive.

"Ah… um…uhh."

The kiss was too deep that Li Cangyu couldn't help letting out ambiguous sounds.

The result was that he was kissed and became intoxicated again.

Once the kiss ended, Li Cangyu wiped and gasped as he looked at Ling Xuefeng. He asked with dissatisfaction, "Have you had a few boyfriends or girlfriends before?"

Ling Xuefeng immediately clarified. "No, you are the first."

Li Cangyu glanced at him suspiciously. How could his kissing skills be so good?

Ling Xuefeng seemed to guess his thoughts and whispered in his ears, "Do you feel comfortable when I kiss you?"

He actually asked such a straightforward question!

'Ling Xuefeng, your image of the 'icy abstinent male G.o.d' is going to collapse, do you know? If your fans hear you say something like this, they will definitely turn black!'

Li Cangyu felt his ears become hot and he replied cheekily, "It is okay, very comfortable." Then he added, "You have to teach me. I will learn and kiss you until you are out of breath."

Ling Xuefeng agreed. "Good."

Li Cangyu declared, "I will come back to PK again."

The look in Ling Xuefeng's eyes deepened. "Okay."

In any case, he would unconditionally agree to anything Cat G.o.d said.

Li Cangyu looked at the handsome man in front of him and made a serious expression. He reached out to hold Ling Xuefeng and declared, "Xuefeng, I really like you."

Ling Xuefeng, "…"

The always calm man couldn't help being moved when he heard this. Tenderness overflowed from his eyes.

There were more and more fireworks outside the window as many people celebrated the arrival of the new year.

When Li Cangyu was young, his sister told him that on every big night, a wish could be realized when fireworks rose into the sky. After growing up, he hadn't set off fireworks for a long time.

Li Cangyu looked at the remaining fireworks on the ground and smiled. "Let's keep lighting them until we finish this."

Ling Xuefeng nodded. "Yes."

He picked up a fireworks stick, handed it to Li Cangyu and lit it with the lighter.

There was a whoos.h.i.+ng sound as the fireworks emerged. Li Cangyu immediately made a silent New Year's wish in his heart. 'I wish that I can stay with Ling Xuefeng for a long time. I hope that the Canglan team can get great results in the upcoming seventh season and I hope that the Chinese team will win the World Compet.i.tion.'

These wishes would all require great effort to reach.

In the new year, there were many important things waiting. This rare leisurely Spring Festival holiday, it was the best time for him to confirm his relations.h.i.+p with Ling Xuefeng.

Once all the fireworks were released, Li Cangyu raised his head and demanded, "Kiss me again. Being together with you, I still feel that it isn't real."

Ling Xuefeng, "…"

This big cat was really active and straightforward.

Still, Ling Xuefeng liked his initiative and directness. Li Cangyu wanted a kiss and didn't hesitate.

Ling Xuefeng smiled, reached out and kissed him.

This kiss was much longer than the previous two times, as if to make up for three years of waiting. Ling Xuefeng's kiss became fierce as his tongue swept through Li Cangyu's mouth. It was like he wanted to directly swallow up Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu's learning ability was strong and he quickly learned, enthusiastically kissing back.

The two people shared a hot kiss. The cold wind blowing through the window couldn't dampen their enthusiasm for each other.

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Chapter 114 – Photo of Lovers

That night, the mahjong table set up downstairs by Ling Xuefeng's parents, uncle and cousin played until dawn. Upstairs, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng hugged each other until three in the morning before reluctantly going to sleep.

Li Cangyu was placed in the guest room and it would be bad if he was suddenly seen in Ling Xuefeng's room the next morning by the elders. So even if they couldn't bear to be separated, Li Cangyu went to sleep in the next room.

Once they got up in the morning, Yuan Shaozhe's eyes were swollen while Li Cangyu's mouth was swollen.

Yuan Shaozhe was surprised. "What happened to your mouth?"

Li Cangyu replied with a straight expression, "Last night, I ate too many peppers and it was on fire."

He didn't dare tell Yuan Shaozhe that it was due to Ling Xuefeng's kisses. Don't look at Ling Xuefeng's usual indifference and seriousness and how he was called the 'abstinent G.o.d' by fans. In the face of the person he liked, this man's enthusiasm wasn't reduced.

Li Cangyu washed up and turned on his phone. He found that there were countless unread text messages that were almost all New Year's greetings.

Cheng Wei: [Your brainless fan coming to report at exactly 12 o'clock. I wish Cat G.o.d a happy new year, good luck! I am the first, I am definitely the first. If I'm not first, please delete all previous New Year's greetings. Thank you!]

Bai Xuan: [Old Cat, be happy on the Spring Festival. I plan to return on the 2nd.]

Zhang Jueming: [I wish all team members of Canglan a happy new year. All the best and I hope your dreams come true. This is a ma.s.s thank you message!]

Xie Shurong: [Cat G.o.d, I hope you have a happy Spring Festival. I haven't spent the holiday in China for a long time. It is so lively!]

Zhuo Hang: [Cat G.o.d, happy Spring Festival. I have been practicing the arena on my own and have become more powerful. Please give me a test when we come back!]

Xiao Han: [Master, have a happy new year. I heard from Qin Mo that masters will give their apprentices a red envelope for the new year. Will I get one?]

Gu Siming: [Cat G.o.d, happy new year. Our Canglan team must win the champions.h.i.+p in the new season. Sweep the league, come on!]

Li Xiaojiang: [Captain, happy Spring Festival.]

He looked at the different styles of text messages and couldn't help smiling.

The new year was a new beginning for him, whether it was feelings or his career.

This was the happiest Spring Festival from childhood to the present.

G.o.d gave him a lover who understood him the best and many lovely and excellent teammates.  This was his greatest blessing in the new year. He would certain grasp and cherish it.


After breakfast, Ling Xuefeng's parents and relatives packed their bags to go to their grandmother's house to celebrate the new year. Mother Ling considerately said, "Xuefeng, you don't have to go this year. Stay home with Xiao Li."

Li Cangyu was a bit embarra.s.sed. "Is this okay? Won't Grandmother be angry?"

Ling Xuefeng replied, "It's fine. In previous years, I have been busy and haven't gone to celebrate."

Li Cangyu put down his worries.

Ling Xuefeng sent away his parents and turned to Li Cangyu. "Staying home is boring. Do you want to go for a walk?"

"Yes, this is the first time I've been to Suzhou so you should take me around."

The two men went out in thick clothes. Li Cangyu was afraid of the cold and wore a hat.

Suzhou's tourist attractions were very famous in China, especially Suzhou Gardens. However, there were too many people during the Spring Festival. Ling Xuefeng didn't recommend looking at the scenery in such a crowded place. Instead he took Li Cangyu to a place he often played at when he was a child.

The surrounding villages weren't as famous but there were beautiful mountains and scenery. There weren't many people, making it like a rare quiet paradise.

The two men were walking next to each other when Ling Xuefeng suddenly extended his right hand, gently holding Li Cangyu's left hand.

Li Cangyu was startled and actively held his hand.

They had hugged each other a long time last night but now that they were holding hands in the daytime, Li Cangyu was particularly excited. His heartbeat was faster than when they kissed last night.

"Hey, what if a paparazzi takes photos of us?" Li Cangyu asked as he looked around.

"It won't happen." Ling Xuefeng's mouth lifted slightly. "Paparazzi also have to celebrate the New Year. Besides, there is no e-sports club in Suzhou. There won't be as many e-sports reporters as there are in Shanghai."

Li Cangyu let go of his worries and held Ling Xuefeng's hands, their 10 fingers interlocking. His mood was great.

Wasn't this a date?

Walking hand in hand, it was very simple but warm.

It felt more romantic than a TV show.

Of course, unlike the TV dramas… the wife wasn't a beautiful woman but a handsome man.

Li Cangyu couldn't help smiling at this thought and looked over at Ling Xuefeng. "If your fans know that I am holding hands with you, will they collectively drown me with saliva?"

Ling Xuefeng came close to him and asked, "Are you afraid?"

Li Cangyu waved his hand in a chic manner. "What am I afraid of? I will tell them that the first male G.o.d in the league belongs to Old Cat alone. After watching the live broadcasts, they can't lick the screen. Captain Ling can only be licked by me. Let them be jealous."

As he spoke, he moved up and kiss Ling Xuefeng on the side of the face, like a seal of confirmation. His eyes were full of pride.

Ling Xuefeng was amused by him and couldn't help pulling Li Cangyu into his arms.

"Yes, I will be yours alone in the future." Ling Xuefeng declared.

“That’s right!” Li Cangyu smiled in a particularly pleased manner.

The two people hugged for a moment on the scenic street. The winter sun shone on their bodies. They listened to the other person's heartbeat and felt warm.

After a while, Ling Xuefeng opened his arms and asked softly, "Do you want to stay at my house for a few days?"

Li Cangyu said, "I booked a flight back to Changsha tonight."

Ling Xuefeng was a bit surprised. "You are going back so early?"

"Yes." Li Cangyu asked curiously, "When will the Wind Colour team gather?"

"We will gather after the Lantern Festival. The first division starts in May so we have a lot of time."

Li Cangyu nodded with understanding. "I have juniors so I have to go back and prepare in advance."

He felt very reluctant because he wanted to stay with Ling Xuefeng a few more days. But as the captain, Li Cangyu had a responsibility to bear. He couldn't set aside his teammates and dreams because he fell in love.

Fortunately, Ling Xuefeng understood him and didn't ask much. Instead, he said thoughtfully, "You should go back early to prepare. The second division will start on March 1st. The Canglan team only has 30 days of training time left."

Li Cangyu was moved and held him tighter. "You truly understand."

Ling Xuefeng who was once again actively hugged, "…"

Sure enough, after the confession he needed to be prepared to be caught by the big cat at any time!

Ling Xuefeng smiled and said, "The opening ceremony of the seventh season in May, will you attend with Bai Xuan?"

Li Cangyu asked, "Are you so sure that the Canglan team can make it there?"

“I have complete confidence in you.” Ling Xuefeng declared. "What is the second division? Aren't you aiming for the World Compet.i.tion?"

Li Cangyu nodded. "You truly know me the best. It is great that I have you."

Ling Xuefeng found that Li Cangyu wasn't embarra.s.sed when speaking such loving words. The strong and courageous person turned soft in front of his lover.

Just then, there was a sudden 'click' sound. It was obviously the sound of a camera's shutter being pressed. The two of them immediately separated and looked back, seeing an approximately 20 year old girl who was panicking.

"Ah, sorry, I'm sorry. I originally wanted to shoot the house and accidentally photographed you."

She was alone and carrying a travel bag with a SLR around her neck. Apparently she had come out to play.

Li Cangyu was relieved that it wasn't a paparazzi and smiled. "It's okay. Can you delete this photo?"

The girl immediately replied, "I will delete it right now."

She turned the camera around because she wanted to delete it in front of them. However, Li Cangyu looked at it and found that the scene was too beautiful—suns.h.i.+ne, green trees, long streets and two people hugging together. The whole photo was like a soft watercolor painting, soaked in a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Li Cangyu suddenly felt reluctant to delete it. He saw that the girl's finger was about to press the delete b.u.t.ton and cried out, "Wait, don't delete this photo. Can you send it to me after you go back? I will leave you my email address."

The girl was stunned and promised to send it as she carefully wrote down the email address.


Not long after the two of them arrived home, Li Cangyu received an email with the photo from the girl, along with a message: [Sir, I sent you the photo. Rest a.s.sured, the negatives on the camera have been deleted and it won't be used for other purposes.  I wish you happiness.]

She was just a pa.s.sing stranger but she was clearly kind and didn't make a fuss when she saw two men hugging. She left them alone and didn't pry into their private matters.

This goodwill placed Li Cangyu in a pleased mood. He saved the photo and directly set it as his phone background.

Ling Xuefeng copied the photo and also set it as his phone background.

Li Cangyu told him, "You should take care of your phone. Don't let it be seen by people in your team!"

Ling Xuefeng nodded. "Yes, you too."

The two of them smiled at each other, as if they shared a secret only they knew.


In the evening, Ling Xuefeng took the initiative to drive Li Cangyu to the airport.

They arrived at the airport together. Once the security checks were pa.s.sed, Li Cangyu took a few steps with his luggage. Then he suddenly turned back and gave Ling Xuefeng a hard hug. "I will miss you."

Ling Xuefeng's heart was really warm when he heard this.

Once Li Cangyu made up his mind, he would express himself directly. He wasn't shy like many girls or introverted like some boys.

He had a frank and straightforward character, treating his loved ones with the greatest sincerity.

'I will miss you.'

This was what he most wanted to say to Ling Xuefeng when saying goodbye and he didn't hesitate.

Ling Xuefeng held this person in his arms and his mood was great. He particularly liked Li Cangyu's sincerity and honesty. It was very relaxing and warm to fall in love with such a person.

Ling Xuefeng couldn't help tightening his arms as he whispered, "I will also miss you. Contact me often."

"Yes, then I'm going!" Li Cangyu let go and waved. Then he turned around and left.


There were too many parting scenes between them but this time was different.

The two of then weren't in the same city but their hearts were closely connected.

Ling Xuefeng opened his phone and looked at the beautiful photo of the two people hugging, lips slightly raising.

'In the new year, we must continue to work hard. Li Cangyu, my strongest opponent, my favourite lover, I will wait for you on the stage of the World Compet.i.tion.'

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Chapter 115 – Pre-Compet.i.tion Training

Li Cangyu returned to the Dragon Warriors Club at approximately 10 o'clock that night.

Today was Chinese New Year and there was no one present. Li Cangyu headed back to the dormitory alone. Uncle Zhang, Xiao Gu and Xiao Han hadn't returned, making the dormitory seem empty.

Li Cangyu tidied up his luggage and had a bath. After returning to his bed, he found that his phone was on and the screen showed an unread text message: [Are you there yet?] It was sent by Ling Xuefeng.

They were simple words but they made Li Cangyu's heart warm.

It was good to have a boyfriend! He was still cared for when returning to the dormitory.

Li Cangyu immediately typed back: [I just arrived. I'm alone in the dormitory.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Be careful and go to sleep early.]

Li Cangyu said with a smile: [Yes, I'm going to sleep now. Good night.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Good night.]

The text message exchange before bedtime made Li Cangyu's heart feel very solid. He soon became sleepy and peacefully fell asleep.

He slept until dawn. Li Cangyu finished was.h.i.+ng up and planned to go downstairs to buy some breakfast. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Bai Xuan carrying a suitcase at the door. He was preparing to open the door with a key.

Li Cangyu was surprised. "Are you back already?"

Bai Xuan heard his voice and turned around with a smile. "I sent you a text message about coming back on the 2nd. Didn't you see it?"

"I saw it. I thought you would arrive in the evening. Why are you back so early?"

“My parents have gone to visit relatives to celebrate the new year. I was bored being at home alone. I decided to come back to help you." Bai Xuan laughed. "Why does it seem like I'm not welcome?"

Li Cangyu saw the gentle smile of the man in front of him and was moved.

Bai Xuan was his most trusted right arm. Without Bai Xuan, he would've had to work a lot harder over the years. They had known each other for many years and struggled together since childhood. Bai Xuan looked gentle with a good temper, but he was actually as tough as him. That's why he could continue all the way to the present, staying despite his stomach problems.

Li Cangyu reached out to pat Bai Xuan's shoulder and sighed. "How can I not welcome you? It's great that you came back." At this moment, a laughing voice was heard from the side. "Cat G.o.d, Vice-Captain Bai, you're both here?"

It seemed to be A'Shu's voice.

Bai Xuan looked back and saw Xie Shurong's bright smile.

He was wearing a large grey coat with skinny jeans underneath and a colourful scarf around his neck. He looked taller and more upright. He had always been handsome and such a style of dressing suited his superior temperament.

This person was younger than Bai Xuan but was taller and more handsome. It was simply killing a person.

Xie Shurong saw Bai Xuan look up up and down and couldn't help grinning. "Do you think I have become handsomer?"

Bai Xuan was speechless. "Have you learned to boast as well?'

Xie Shurong came over and stretched out his arms for a big bear hug. "Happy New Year!"

The captain's aura was too strong and Xie Shurong didn't dare to hug him. He had to hug the gentle and good-tempered vice-captain.

Strangely, the vice-captain was particularly soft in his arms. Xie Shurong hugged him tightly and didn't want to let go.

Bai Xuan rolled his eyes and asked, "Why did you come back so early?"

Xie Shurong rubbed his chin against Vice-Captain Bai's shoulder and complained with a wronged expression. "My parents are killers in the kitchen and can only make dark dishes. If I stay at home for a weak, it is too much for my stomach. The team's food is too good and I have been thinking about it for the past few days. Make something delicious for me!"

Bai Xuan was amused by his reasons. "You are such a big person yet you still care so much about food?"

Xie Shurong responded in a reasonable manner. "Appet.i.te is human nature. Besides, Vice-Captain Bai's cooking is too good. I can't resist it!"

"Okay, stop talking." Bai Xuan smiled. "Put your luggage away and then we will have breakfast."


Bai Xuan opened the door and the two of them entered their dormitory to put down their luggage. Then they headed downstairs to have breakfast with Li Cangyu.


The location of the Dragon Warriors Club was convenient for transportation and lifestyle. The food court hadn't opened because it was the first day of the new year but there were many small stores around. The three people went to a roadside stall and casually ate some soy milk buns.

They ate breakfast and returned to the dormitory together. Li Cangyu came to Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong's room, bringing his USB and laptop.

He came back early to study the rules of the new system as well as the situation of the second division teams. The three people had a detailed discussion in the dorms and finally organized the key contents.

In the evening, Uncle Zhang also came back from his studio. The four old players met in the dormitory and Li Cangyu asked about the youngsters.

Zhang Jueming explained, "Xiao Gu's current level means there won't be any big problems on the field. However, this child is a typical radical player. Once he appeared on the field, he will definitely go forward. It is okay when dealing with weak teams but he will easily be caught by a strong team. He needs to be tempered."

“Well, Xiao Gu has the best foundation among the four people. I believe that he will calm down with more experience in the future. Being too impulsive isn't a good thing." Li Cangyu paused and then asked, "What about Xiao Jiang?"

Bai Xuan was responsible for the one-on-one training with Li Xiaojiang. The advantages and disadvantages of this boy were very obvious. The advantage was that he was calm and stable. No matter how fierce the opponent, he would still play slowly and he was never in a hurry.  The disadvantage was that his style of play didn't vary. It was always a slow style and could be easily targeted.

Bai Xuan thought of this and smiled. "Xiao Jiang is using this time to learn seriously but his hand speed is slow. The room for progress is limited. I have been making him stabilize his original style of play to maximize it to the extreme. Then we will have to use a lineup that cooperates with him."

Li Cangyu nodded. Li Xiaojiang had the worst foundation among these teenagers but he was particularly hardworking. He might be a slow snail but he always tried to climb forward and never fall behind, which wasn't easy.

Xie Shurong took the initiative to say, "Zhuo Hang has made rapid progress. He knows a lot about e-sports. I think he previously had the guidance of a master, and he particularly knows the Miracle League. I am curious about his origins."

Li Cangyu was also very curious about this. Zhuo Hang had recommended himself confidently and he was calm when dealing with professional G.o.ds. This wasn't something that ordinary masters could do.

"We will talk about it when he comes back." Li Cangyu smiled and continued, "Xiao Han's progress is also very fast. Once they arrive, I will give them an arena a.s.sessment. If everyone is qualified then we will try the arena team battles."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

After all, training was a gradual process. The four youngsters had to first practice their personal standards to a relatively stable state. Then they would cooperate in the team battle, so that they didn't drag down the team.


On the third day of the new year, the four youngsters returned to the team.

Li Xiaojiang carried a large bag of duck neck and stuttered, "My, my brother told me to bring back some Wuhan duck, duck…"

Zhuo Hang saw him speaking with a red face and couldn't help taking the initiative to help him finish, "Is it Wuhan duck neck? I know it, it is quite famous. Give it to everyone to taste."

Li Xiaojiang looked at him gratefully and immediately gave him a share of the duck neck.

Xiao Gu rushed to grab it. "Me, I also want it."

Li Xiaojiang gave everyone a share. Li Cangyu asked the youngsters to sit around a table and said, "Everyone, open your phones and log into the team's Q group."

Everyone thought that the captain had something important to announce and immediately took out their phones.

Li Cangyu filled the group with New Year's red envelopes.

[Happy New Year, Canglan must win!]

The red envelopes popped out and everyone rushed to grab them.

Xiao Gu was the most active and his hand speed was extremely fast. He grabbed the red envelope and the result was… 1 yuan.

Zhuo Hang followed closely and grabbed 19 yuan.

Xiao Han received 25 yuan.

The slow Li Xiaojiang was the last to move but he grabbed the biggest amount—55 yuan.

The 100 red envelopes were randomly divided into four. Gu Siming was very dissatisfied with only grabbing 1 yuan. "Why is it so little?"

Li Xiaojiang was very happy. "I, I grabbed such a big, big, big red envelope."

He was obviously excited as he repeated 'big' several times.

Li Cangyu smiled and rubbed  Li Xiaojiang's head. "Being slow isn't necessarily poor, being fast isn't necessarily good. I will send you a few more to let you grab it."

The four of them immediately replied in unison, "Yes!"

It was good to have such a captain. Every round of red envelopes was 100 yuan!

At this time, Bai Xuan was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Xie Shurong actively helped him out with was.h.i.+ng the dishes while Uncle Zhang sat on the sofa and watched an anti-war movie. From time to time, the sound of machine guns was heard.

Li Cangyu and the four small cats played the game of grabbing red envelopes in the dining room. Li Cangyu looked up and saw that Bai Xuan had started cooking. A'Shu was following behind him while Uncle Zhang watched TV in the living room. The youngsters sat next to each other at the table, looking up at Li Cangyu like they were saying, "Cat G.o.d, send us more."

There were so many good teammates gathered together that Li Cangyu couldn't help being in a good mood. He generously sent another 100 red envelopes in the Q group. The young teenagers became more excited.

He saw Xiao Han look up at him, saying with his eyes, 'Master, I want a separate big red envelope.'

Li Cangyu patted Xiao Han's shoulder and said, "Giving a red envelope to the apprentice is just Qin Mo lying to you. Ling Xuefeng also gives red envelopes to the Wind Colour team."

Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully. "Oh."

Li Cangyu said, "Come on, grab it."

He sent another 100 yuan and the four people immediately jumped up to grab it.

It was the new year, the red envelopes were a common sight and this much money wasn't much. It was great that the children were happy.


Soon, Bai Xuan served a table full of dishes, including Li Cangyu's favourite fish.

Everyone gathered at the table and ate a reunion dinner.

At dinner, everyone showed the true nature of the Food Squad. Chopsticks were weapons, the table was the battlefield and the amount they ate depended on what they grabbed. Be too slow and the food would be gone.

The ribs and chicken wings were quickly snapped up. The fish was naturally taken by Li Cangyu. The slow-moving Li Xiaojiang made an expression of 'How can this be?' By the time he recovered, a lot of the food was gone!

Bai Xuan smiled and secretly gave a bowl to the slow-moving youth. "I left you some food or else you wouldn't eat enough with this group."

Li Xiaojiang looked gratefully at the vice-captain and silently ate over the small bowl. This appearance was really like a poor stray cat who couldn't insert himself into the cat war.

Bai Xuan looked at the chopsticks flying across the table and helplessly pressed a hand to his temple.

The style of the team had become crooked because of Cat G.o.d…

Strangely enough, looking at this scene made his heart feel particularly warm.

The eight people eating together was like a happy family.

Starting tomorrow, everyone would enter an intense training period and the things waiting for them in the future were unpredictable. Still, Bai Xuan believed that under the leaders.h.i.+p of the powerful Cat G.o.d, as long as everyone joined hands, the Canglan team would be able to ride the wind and waves, smash the thorns and establish themselves in the Miracle League of masters.

He was looking forward to when these four teenagers grew up and became the most eye-catching stars of the seventh season!

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