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When they heard Lin Li's voice, the first to react wasn't Bai Xiaofei, nor was it Fei Gou and Chu Gan who were already very sensitive to this name, it was Huskie that hid behind Bai Xiaofei.

After jumping around for a little while, Huskie leaped up directly onto Lin Li's bed, and he wagged his tail while barking happily.

On the other hand, the stunned Fei Gou and Chu Gan looked at Huskie who was on the bed before looking at Bai Xiaofei who was similarly stunned, and then they gulped down a mouthful of saliva.


"Bai Xiaofei?"

Both of them asked with a voice that carried slight disbelief, and just when Bai Xiaofei intended to make excuses, a nursing staff in the infirmary pushed open the door while holding some medicine.

"Senior Sister, I'll do it myself. Sorry for troubling you." Bai Xiaofei carried a kind grin as he hurriedly moved forward to receive the medicine before walking over swiftly to Lin Li's side, and he seemed as if he'd forgotten Fei Gou and Chu Gan's questions.

"One of the Senior Sisters from before said that you'll be fine after eating some medicine, so don't complain about it being bitter." After he helped Lin Li up, Bai Xiaofei held up the bowl of medicine and blew extremely gently on the spoon that was filled with red colored medicinal soup before sending it towards Lin Li's mouth.

However, Lin Li didn't open her mouth at the first possible moment but just stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei with an expressionless face while her large eyes that hid two deep pools of clear springs seemed to be about to overflow at any moment.

"What's wrong? Eat your medicine, it's already cold." Bai Xiaofei was slightly stunned because Lin Li's reaction had entirely exceeded the limits of his understanding.

"Thank you…." A slight smile was squeezed out onto her stiff face with great difficulty, but even then, Bai Xiaofei still had the misconception of seeing a hundred flowers blooming in unison from such a stiff expression….

"What's there to thank me for? If you like it, then I'll feed you anytime in the future." As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei slapped himself.

"Ptooey! Ptooey! You'll be healthy and well in the future and won't have to eat medicine for no reason. Don't worry." Lin Li couldn't help but smile once again as she looked at Bai Xiaofei's silly actions, and this time, it was even slightly livelier than before.

Just like this, Bai Xiaofei fed and Lin Li ate, and not only did she not say it was bitter a single time, she even carried a smile that Bai Xiaofei was unable to understand all throughout the process.

On the other hand, Fei Gou and Chu Gan originally intended to question Bai Xiaofei's ident.i.ty yet they didn't know how to open their mouths when faced with such a scene.

In the end, they were truly unable to endure this torturous scene, and they simply walked out directly.

"Fat Dog, that Junior Sister called him Bai Xiaofei earlier, right?" After they arrived outside, Chu Gan couldn't help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva while excitement was already inscribed all over his face.

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