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The last batch of people that arrived was the group with the strongest strengths, and they drew the greatest reaction as well. At the same time, the arrival of this group caused many people to feel that Bai Xiaofei had already succeeded.

Because the person that had arrived was Yun Jingshuang!

Moreover, he brought over 10 senior sisters from the Blossom Pavilion with him!

Of course, the strength of these 10 plus senior sisters was limited. But, the other seniors that willingly a.s.sumed the position of escorts possessed boundless potential!

Bai Xiaofei saw an enormous group of reinforcements behind the 10 plus senior sisters, and it was enormous to the point he couldn't help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

Sure enough, it's impossible for heroes to escape the clutches of beauties!

At the same time, at a place no one was paying attention to on the top of the new student dormitories, Lei Shan had arrived at the scene since an unknown period in time, and a beautiful woman that was around 30 plus in age was standing by his side.

"That kid below is the kid I mentioned to you in the past. This scene before us was absolutely caused by him. I never expected that he would really do as I wanted." Lei Shan's tone was exceptionally gentle and even carried a trace of flattery. But, the nearby beautiful woman didn't have the slightest intention of paying attention to time, and she just looked silently at everything that was occurring below.

"I intend to give that cat your grandmother left behind to him." Lei Shan spoke once more, and the expression of the beautiful woman couldn't help but change. However, she quickly adjusted her expression back to her expression of indifference towards Lei Shan.

"He might lose his mind if he forcefully forms a connection with an Animate Puppet." After a long time, the beautiful woman spoke with a flat tone that seemed as if she was talking with a stranger, but it was precisely such a tone that caused Lei Shan to reveal an expression of extreme pleasant surprise, and he seemed like a little child that had been given candy and was completely devoid of the appearance that the of an academy or a peerless expert ought to possess!

Sure enough, bringing her to see Bai Xiaofei was correct!

How many years has it been?!

How many years has she not spoke a word to me?!

"I fell that he'll surely be able to succeed. Trust me, I wouldn't judge wrongly this time!" As he carried the pleasant surprise in his heart, Lei Shan who was excited to the point of trembling slightly spoke in an extremely serious manner. However, the beautiful woman still remained unmoved.

"Then you can continue staying here and watching. This sort of person that swaggers about too much will suffer a loss sooner or later. Just like you!" As she finished speaking, the beautiful woman turned around to glare fiercely at Lei Shan, and her teeth that were gritted tightly together and the rage on her face displayed her att.i.tude towards Lei Shan.

Her feelings towards Lei Shan extended towards Bai Xiaofei, causing her first impression of him to be bad, but Bai Xiaofei was completely unaware of this, otherwise, he would surely seize this opportunity to extort Lei Shan….

As soon as she finished speaking, the beautiful woman's figure vanished gradually before slowly disappearing on the roof, and it seemed as if she'd never come here before because there wasn't a single trace of her left behind….

"Alas, will this old man be able to see you smile once at me while I'm still alive…?" After the beautiful woman left, Lei Shan let out a long sigh and spoke with a tone that was filled with loneliness….

On the other hand, at this moment, the situation below had just entered its climax!

When there was only five minutes left before nine, a formidable array of those that belonged to the group that took protection money rushed over under the leaders.h.i.+p of those seven third year students, and there were almost 1,000 people amongst them! The vast group was spread out far away, yet it was still too inferior when compared with the sea of people behind Bai Xiaofei!

It was also at this moment that those seniors understood Tan Qiusheng's words.

They'd thought of everything in a way that was too simple!

The two groups stood in confrontation, whereas, Bai Xiaofei who sat upright on the chair didn't have the slightest intention to stand up. He only slowly revealed a smile and looked at Tan Qiusheng who was over ten meters away from him after it was nine and Mo Ka lightly reminded him.

"Nice to meet you, Senior. Let me introduce myself first. I'm Bai Xiaofei, and I'm the person in charge of the New Student Mutual Aid Community. Please give me your advice." Bai Xiaofei spoke in neither arrogant nor humble manner, and Tan Qiusheng couldn't help but frown when he saw Bai Xiaofei's smile.

Originally, he thought that Bai Xiaofei's side only had bigger numbers, but after he observed carefully, Tan Qiusheng noticed that Bai Xiaofei didn't just have bigger numbers, there were at least a few tens of third year student on Bai Xiaofei's side, and it wasn't much lesser than the amount on his side.

Moreover, in terms of influence, then all the members on his side joined together weren't capable of comparing to Yun Jingshuang, let along the owners of the stores….

"Tan Qiusheng, a third year student from the Sword of a.s.sault." Even though a tempestuous storm had arisen in his heart, Tan Qiusheng still didn't display it in the slightest, and his calm tone carried a trace of coldness.

A simple reply from him tossed the ball back to Bai Xiaofei. At this moment, the person that was first to mention the protection fees would fall into a disadvantageous situation.

"Senior, I'm very curious about something. I wonder if you can explain something to me?" Since directly throwing the chance to speak at Tan Qiusheng didn't work, Bai Xiaofei changed his strategy, and he started to dig a hole for Tan Qiusheng, whereas, Tan Qiusheng had indeed sensed that Bai Xiaofei was up to something. But, unfortunately, he didn't know where Bai Xiaofei's trap was laid, and he didn't have too much time to ponder under the current circ.u.mstances.

"Of course." He continued to display his composed appearance, and Tan Qiusheng concentrated while carrying the intention to never jump into a trap.

But, he was unaware that Bai Xiaofei's traps always kicked others into them!

"There are so many methods to earn money in Starnet Academy, so why do all you seniors just have to bully new students that have just entered the academy? Could it be that all of you don't know what else you can do besides this?" As soon as he finished speaking, Tan Qiusheng's expression instant turned livid. At the same time, the faces of all the third year students by his side tensed up.

This trap is really too f*cking deep!

"Junior, you're joking! How could it be called bullying? We as seniors as giving juniors suitable a.s.sistance and protection, allowing them to avoid unnecessary trouble. Our original intentions were to do this for their sake, as for taking some fees, that's only an additional step." Tan Qiusheng grinned as he brought out his ability to turn even the dead into the living, and even though it was very forced and the new students standing before him really wanted to jump out and curse him, but they had to admit that his explanation was the best choice.

It wasn't just that, Tan Qiusheng's words had successfully put Bai Xiaofei on the spot!

"Is that so? Then it was I who misunderstood senior's good intentions?" Bai Xiaofei sneered as he turned around to look at the crowd behind him. Similarly, they were sneering in a variety of methods as well.

"Senior, look. It seems like no one believed what you said. Looks like your affection towards all your juniors is still insufficient!" As he stared coldly at Tan Qiusheng, Bai Xiaofei stood up slowly from his chair, and then he walked at an even pace to arrive before Tan Qiusheng.

At a close distance, Tan Qiusheng forcefully restrained his impulse to directly make a move and annihilate Bai Xiaofei, and he squeezed out a light smile with great difficulty.

"That's because Junior and the others haven't gotten to know the world well and don't have sufficient knowledge about many things. I believe that no matter what, all of you will properly understand the benefits of having the protection of seniors!"

His tone was very flat, but no one was an idiot.

Tan Qiusheng was threatening Bai Xiaofei, and he was threatening every single new student at the same time!

There's still plenty of time in the future, and there are numerous more chances to deal with all of you, so all of you better not make trouble for yourselves!

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