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Chapter 0221    Ancient Martial Art Appeared!

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

“Mountain Cras.h.!.+” Cha Ting’s eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with surging battle intent. Saying these few words from his gritting mouth, origin ability energy surged within his body, stimulating several parts of his body as if an electric current pa.s.sed through them. The whole figure of Cha Ting increased in speed, causing a huge momentum to s.h.i.+ft his body.

“Die!” With such intimidating momentum, Cha Ting directly hit the surprised Su Hao with full force.


An immense loud bang could be heard. After Cha Ting hit Su Hao, he could hear a crispy crack sound. As he was feeling proud, his face changed midway. This sound… seemed to be...


Cha Ting looked up to see the big tree in front of him that he hit, where was the figure of Su Hao?

“Not good!” Cha Ting’s face had a huge change. When he was ready to turn around and counterattack, he suddenly felt pain in his neck. When he tried to turn back, he saw Su Hao standing behind him, holding an arrow that was now protruding from his shoulder.

“You...” Without even finis.h.i.+ng a single word, Cha Ting already felt his body weaken and he suddenly lost consciousness.


Su Hao kicked Cha Ting with both feet, not feeling relieved. Only after determining that Cha Ting was unconscious, was he relieved. This time, it was simply too thrilling and dangerous. If he hadn’t felt something was wrong, perhaps right now he would be in a sorry state from that hit.

Su Hao had always been looking forward to learning the so-called legendary ancient martial arts! But he couldn’t even get a single clue on them, which made him regretful. However, this time, he saw a real ancient martial art from this guy named Cha Ting. The legends said that this was a technique which didn’t require origin ability talent to use, Mountain Cras.h.!.+

Because this technique was hidden from the ability index, Su Hao almost missed it, and unimaginable consequences could’ve occurred. The moment he saw this card from Cha Ting, Su Hao already felt something was not right. Especially on top of the card, the name sounding so ancient made him feel uneasy.

Thus, he paid attention to every action of Cha Ting.

When Cha Ting took the initiative to come closer, he already felt it wouldn’t be good. Especially those words shouted by Cha Ting, they made Su Hao instantly react. Letting Cha Ting use this technique, only to evade at the most critical moment and immediately counter!

Without any hesitation, he stabbed in the arrow from behind.

One hit KO!

A sneak attack from behind, with an arrow or something else, Su Hao didn’t hesitate for a moment to use it. It was simply too handy!


As Su Hao killed Cha Ting, the surrounding light flashed and returned to darkness. It was now back to the scene outside the hotel. From the sweaty face of the blue dream b.u.t.terfly, it seemed that such a large-scale illusion world was a huge burden for her.

Su Hao looked at her gratefully as she flew onto his shoulder to rest.

Su Hao smiled and then changed his focus to Cha Ting.

“Ancient martial art?” Su Hao coldly glanced.

Model a.n.a.lysis, start!

Ability detection!

Lock on, Mountain Cras.h.!.+


The Mountain Crash card appeared in Su Hao’s mind. As Su Hao felt excited, he didn’t hesitate to read it.


“Card selection complete… Mountain Crash card selected… card model a.n.a.lyzing… card model establis.h.i.+ng… card model establis.h.i.+ng...”

Light flashed and soon, the card was completed.

When the card made its debut, a new term appeared within Su Hao’s eyes!

Name: Mountain Crash

Rating: 2 stars

Description: Universal origin ability technique, can only be trained after achieving max points in physical fitness and fighting techniques. Under the stimulation effect of origin ability energy within the body, an instant powerful force will be generated, instantly destroying the opponent!

“Universal origin ability technique!” Su Hao was moved. Without a doubt, this was the first time he came across such a term. But looking at the name, he could already guess its meaning. The so-called universal origin ability techniques were the ones which didn’t care about origin ability talent. An origin ability technique which could be used by anyone was called a universal origin ability technique.

He had touched upon the piano origin ability technique, the music piece called ‘I love you so much’, which had such a unique charm. He had also seen those origin ability techniques for other talents. For example, the iron armor used by Sun Yaotian was an exclusive technique for metal type talents.

And now, this legendary ancient martial art unexpectedly belonged to the universal origin ability techniques!

And the minimum requirement for this universal origin ability technique was none other than maxed out physical fitness and fighting techniques. Just this condition alone had already eliminated countless people.

Although Su Hao had never touched a universal origin ability technique before, based on the requirements of other origin ability techniques, he quickly figured it out. A very low probability of appearance and the harsh condition was what made these universal origin ability techniques rare.

“Read!” Su Hao didn’t hesitate to use the energy within his body to break through this card!

The three star card he obtained was still halfway in progress, but completing it seemed to still be quite a distance. At this time, it was better to complete this two star card. After all, he was desperate to increase his strength right now.

The energy within his body flew toward the card like a landslide.

Su Hao took out a few bottles of the advanced origin ability recovery potion and consumed them all without hesitation. These were all obtained from his master’s place in preparation for the task. He never thought that before the task had even begun, he was already forced to use them. Still, Su Hao didn’t feel regretful of this.



These precious advanced origin ability recovery potions were all poured down his throat.

The energy within his body rushed toward the card without holding back. After all, this Mountain Crash card was only a two star card. Under the effect of this continuous flow of energy, the progress kept increasing! Soon, this card illuminated completely!

Mountain Crash, reading complete!


A great deal of information appeared within his brain. Su Hao quickly engraved the information into his mind. However, a moment later, his figure moved and disappeared into darkness after evaporating Cha Ting’s body.

Time was precious. He absolutely couldn't waste it!



Su Hao was like a ghost, lurking around in the darkness outside the hotel. n.o.body could even notice him. In just a moment, all those men from the Sun family surrounding the hotel were all cleared up.

All dead!

Just as he expected, this Cha Ting was the strongest among them, excluding that specialized variant esper. As for the rest, they simply couldn’t respond fast enough to his sneak attack. Even if there were some who managed to react, they didn’t have a strong ability like Cha Ting. A single strike was enough to render them unconscious.

From start to finish, not even 10 minutes had pa.s.sed.

The Sun family’s men were all annihilated.

In front of the Jianghe Hotel, within a car, a middle aged man was carefully staring at the situation at the main entrance. In the car, the scanner was still doing its job continuously scanning each person pa.s.sing the entrance. Since Su Hao hadn’t come out yet, this middle aged man set his mental state to optimal.

Just that, inexplicably, this middle aged man suddenly felt his heart beating irregularly.

“What happened?”

The middle aged man opened his eyes while his facial expression turned a bit ugly. A light flashed within his eyes. Since he had become a specialized variant esper, his sixth sense became much more sensitive! Sometimes, he could feel a crisis approaching. Just that, such a feeling hadn’t appeared for quite some time...


His electronic watch suddenly notified him.

“Dada~ dada~”

After half an hour pa.s.sed, the middle aged man glanced away for a second. His pupils suddenly shrunk. The members of team A would send a report every half hour. Just now, half an hour had pa.s.sed, but n.o.body had contacted him for their report. This meant that everyone in team A must have been eliminated.

Perhaps even...

The middle aged man was somewhat pale. The others dying weren’t something he cared about, but Cha Ting...


The middle aged man quickly called Cha Ting, yet there wasn’t any response.

“Not good!”

The middle aged man’s face changed drastically. Out of nowhere, he burst out from the car, and headed away at rapid speed like a phantom. Two minutes later, he had reached the other side of the hotel. However, nothing could be seen. There were only some water stains on the ground which hadn’t finished evaporating yet.

As the middle aged man glanced at this, his heart turned cold as he stood there stiffly.

“Cha Ting...”


Blue veins could be seen on the middle aged man’s hands. His face was so distorted that it was terrifying. He then said a few domineering words, “Since I’m here, come out now.”

Behind him, Su Hao’s figure quietly appeared from behind a huge tree.

It was impossible for him to hide. When he was killing the Sun family’s members, he suddenly noticed this middle aged man was rus.h.i.+ng here. Just that, never did he expect the man to rush toward the spot where he and Cha Ting had dueled. It seemed like he didn’t care about the deaths of the others.

Noticing Cha Ting was dead, a killing aura instantly surged from the middle aged man’s body, which locked on to Su Hao. Under this aura, Su Hao simply couldn’t hide. This was the first time he would face a specialized variant esper at their optimal state!

“Sure enough, it’s you, Su Hao,” the hoa.r.s.e voice of the middle aged man echoed in the quiet road. There was quite a distance from here to the hotel. That was why n.o.body else was at this spot.

“Who are you?” Su Hao asked.

“Me? Hehe.” The middle aged man laughed and said, “I’m called Cha Lu.”

Cha Lu!

One with the surname Cha...

Su Hao’s heart felt alarmed. Now he finally knew why this man ran over here like a madman. Because just now, he killed Cha Ting! Looking at both of them, there was a hint of resemblance, this person in front was only slightly bulkier than Cha Ting. If he didn’t guess it wrong, the relations.h.i.+p between them should be...

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