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Chapter 19

On Sunday, Suhyuk's parents were heading for Kim Hyunwoo's house. They were holding several packages in their hands, which were none other than side dishes and gifts they prepared for Mr.Kim. They wanted to repay his full support of their son, which was simply too much for what their son had done. They felt that it was their duty to meet him face to face and express their grat.i.tude. Suhyuk tried to stop his parents but could not break down their stubbornness. They arrived at his house. 

Woof! Woof!

"What kind of breed is that big dog?" 

The door opened and Kim Hyunwoo appeared. 

He heard from Suhyuk already that he would visit him with his parents. 

Greeting them with a bright smile, he said, "I am sorry that I gave you the trouble of coming to my house. I should have visited you first." 

Suhyuk's mother waved her hand, saying, "No, not at all."

She wrapped Kim Hyunwoo's hands with both her hands and said,

"Thank you so much for the hospitality you have shown for my son. I will never forget this favor of yours for all my life. I will repay you with all my life."

His father didn't stay quiet, either, "Thank you." 

He bent his back deeply toward Kim. Kim Hyunwoo hastily raised him up, saying, 

"Please stop it, sir. It's nothing compared to what Suhyuk had done for us. By the way, what is all the food you brought here? I wish you had just come here without anything like this." 

"How couldn't we repay the benefactor? We brought some side dishes, along with Kimchi. Just hope you like it." 

"Oh, I like Kimchi very much. By the way, have you eaten? I've prepared some food since you were coming."

Suhyuk's family went inside the house after Kim Hyunwoo's warm reception, and the foods on the dining table were full of all sorts of delicacies. They could understand what it meant when people say 'the table literally groans with food'. 


Kim Hyunwoo's mother ran to Suhyuk.

Kim Myunghee, with a gentle smile, looked at her with pity. 

"Is this the woman you talked about?"

When Suhyuk nodded, Kim Myunghee held her hands tightly, and said,

"h.e.l.lo Madame, you have a very good looking son." 

At that moment, she, who fixed her eyes on Suhyuk, looked at Kim Hyunwoo. She was smiling warmly. Did she come back to her senses? It was not the case. 

"Doctor, there are so many delicious dishes here! Let's go and eat."

Then she dragged Suhyuk to the table. Their lunch continued for a long time. 

Suhyuk's parents stayed at Kim Hyunwoo's house for a little longer, and expressed their grat.i.tude for another hour before going back home. A day was pa.s.sing by just like that. 


Suhyuk was very busy preparing for his school transfer. His parents tried to make a big fuss by hanging a placard in the neighborhood about his transfer, but Suhyuk stopped them in the end. 

His parents made money by working hard, such as cleaning buildings and doing manual work. From now on, he would never let them spend money on him. He would not let them buy his new uniform for Jaemyung HS. 

He ordered his school uniform alongside Dongsu with the money he got from Mr. Kim Hyunwoo, and Suhyuk divided his hourly pay evenly into half and gave it to Dongsu. He did his bit by acting as a monk anyway. 

"Suhyuk, this isn't a dream? How can I go to Jaemyung HS?"

Dongsu in school uniform, looked at himself in the mirror. It was not easy for him to believe that he would go to a prestigious school; given his track record of causing troubles and fighting with someone.

"You mom is happy you are going to Jaemyung HS, right?" Suhyuk asked. 

Dongsu shook his head, saying, "My mother went around the neighborhood to spread a rumor about my transfer."

Nonetheless, Dongsu's facial expression could not be brighter when he was conjuring her up in his head. And then they finally transferred to Jaemyung High School.


Suhyuk was staring at the gate of Jaemyung HS with Dongsu. 

"It's in a different cla.s.s!"

Suhyuk nodded his head at his words. Even the main gate was different from that of an ordinary high school. Aside from its antique atmosphere, security personnel were in charge of traffic control. In addition, they seemed to be responsible for protecting the students. 

"Let's go inside." 

No sooner did Suhyuk say that than both of them stepped into prestigious Jaemyung HS. 

From that moment everything happened to them quickly. After being a.s.signed a cla.s.s, they said h.e.l.lo to the cla.s.smates, who showed wariness in their eyes while looking at Suhyuk and Dongsu. 

'Where did these guys see their better days to be able to come here, and was it with their outstanding grades or money?'

Thinking over the two factors, they were staring at Suhyuk and Dongsu.

Suhyuk and Dongsu took their seats in the back. 

They felt a cold attention from the cla.s.smates on and off during the cla.s.s. 

At least one of them should approach them to say h.e.l.lo, but that did not happen. 

They just looked at them as if they were observing their behavior. 

Dongsu went face to face with each one of them without avoiding their eyes. 

His glittering eye suggested that he would smash anyone that bothers him.

"Did you come to fight?"

Dongsu scratched his head at Suhyuk's words. He thought Suhyuk was right. 

"Let's go to eat."

They headed for the school cafeteria, and there they could not help but make a blank face. It was like a buffet restaurant. 

At first glance, the number of side dishes were over 10.

"This is my favorite."

Dongsu began to scoop rice first.

"Enough, I ate well."

Dongsu, who got out of the cafeteria, rubbed his belly. The taste was excellent. On the other hand, Suhyuk had no words while holding his gaze forward. 

"What's wrong?"

Dongsu's gaze moved along Suhyuk's.

Three people were walking straight towards them. A guy touching horn-rimmed gla.s.sses, another guy smiling, and the third guy very handsome. Out of the three, one was Kim Donghyuk, who opened his mouth first, laughing as if it was fun,

"And who the h.e.l.l is this? Aren't you Lee Suhyuk? Why are you wearing our school uniform?"

Suhyuk opened his mouth in a calm manner, and actually he wondered which school they went to, and now realized that it was a prestigious school right for their level. 

"It's been a while" said Suhyuk.

The guy touching his slowly peeked back and forth over his body and opened his mouth again, "This is not a place you can afford to come to..." 

"This is not the place a third-rate person like you can come hanging around. What did you do to come to our school?"

Suhyuk's eyes fell down coldly. 

At the moment, Dongsu moved towards them with a cynical laugh, "What the heck did you say son of b.i.t.c.h?

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