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Chapter 45

Since pulling out one yellow immortal bean seedling, Ye Xiaochen had been paying close attention to the situation of other three yellow immortal bean seedlings.

Because of his timely disposal, none of the other three seedlings showed signs of abnormality, even the one which had shown slight symptoms had started to recover.

However, Ye Xiaochen still found several carrot seedlings which were near the yellow immortal bean were suffering from a different degree of malnutrition.

Ye Xiaochen knew it was unavoidable.Fortunately, it didn’t spread much.Besides, the carrot had strong adaptability and endurance, they wouldn’t wilt easily.

This time’s lesson, Ye Xiaochen kept in his mind.

He can’t repeat it again.


This morning, Ye Xiaochen woke up early.

Recently he had been feeling good, and his sleep quality was also great.Although he only slept for five-six hours, he always felt refreshed after waking up.

It was still dark.

After brus.h.i.+ng, he ate a cuc.u.mber and went to towards the farm.

Suddenly, he stopped in the soybean field.

Corn and soybean also were growing on the farm, probably it would be some acres.Originally, Ye Xiaochen didn’t want to plant it, but his mother said it would be wasteful to keep the land empty.

“Who has eaten this soybean plant?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at soybean leaves and observed that it had been eaten by something.

He looked around the soybean seedling and found a lot of black, granular feces.

It was feces of rabbit’s.

“Strange, isn’t surrounding there is a fence, how can a wild rabbit come in?”

Ye Xiaochen was puzzled.

The farm was located in a mountain pa.s.s and was surrounded by mountains.The ecological recovery was very fast, so there were more wild animals.

Rabbits, pheasants, badgers, etc were very common.Sometimes even wild boar could be seen in the surrounding forest.

Villagers often complain about their crops getting damaged by the wild animals.

Ye Xiaochen’s farm was surrounded by a barbed wire fence, so he was not afraid of that.

But now, there was a trail of a wild rabbit, which indicates that there was a hole in the fence.If he doesn’t find and block it, then other animals would also enter in his farm.

“This two dead dogs didn’t even show a movement when the wild rabbit came.”

Ye Xiaochen did not have any words for this two dogs.

Because of living in the country, he had little experience in catching wild rabbits and pheasants, and his father also was very experienced in this field.

Ye Xiaochen learned these things when he was a child.

He began to search the path through which wild rabbit entered.

The ground was little damp because of the rain and some traces of the wild rabbit could be seen.

Following the trace, he reached into the barbed wire fence.



There was a pile of thatched gra.s.s, which was hiding the narrow path made by the rabbit.There was a hole under the ground of the barbed wire fence.Next, to it, some fresh soil was dug out.

There were even some rabbit feces next to the pile of soil.

Ye Xiaochen squatted down and was surprised when he looked at the gap under the barbed wire.

This was obviously a wild rabbit.

“ is bold enough to dig into my farm.”

Ye Xiaochen had a smile on his face, he had not eaten rabbit meat for a long time.

He quickly ran back to his home and took few old steel wire clips.

It was not the first time that Ye Xiaochen used steel wire clips to catch the rabbit.He put one clip on the pile of new soil under the barbed wire.

The reason, he didn’t fix the hole was to p

revent the rabbit from running away.

He just needs to wait for the rabbit to come.

Though the rabbits were timid and cautious, if the rabbit came for the first time then it would also come the second time.

It would mostly take a maximum of two or three days for the rabbit to come.

After finis.h.i.+ng the trap, he went on to check the whole farm barbed wire fence.He found that there was more than one place where it had been damaged.

Apparently, his farm was getting targeted by some wild animals.

For two days, he didn’t even see a trace of wild rabbit, but Ye Xiaochen was not discouraged.He had put the trap, now he just needs to keep patience.


Ye Xiaochen drove the truck towards Sheep city.

Recently, there had been heavy rains in the city.Although today’s the weather had cleared up, there was still some low lying areas which were full of water.

The Sheep city was doing well, but several other prefectures in the southern province were seriously affected.

Nowadays, there was heavy rainfall everywhere in the country, especially in north and river provinces.

Just after Ye Xiaochen delivered good, he got a call from Fang yuan.

After the last contact, they occasionally chat with each other.

“Xiaochen, I am ready to go to your farm and enjoy, am I welcomed?”

The sound of Fang Yuan came out from the phone.

“Of course, you are welcomed.Currently, where are you?”

Ye Xiaochen was little surprised

“At home, it has been raining for days.Today the weather is fine.So, I thought to go out and relax.I am also bringing a friend with me.”

Fangyuan said.

“Friend?Is it a man or woman?”

Ye Xiaochen smiling asked.

“Girl, it’s a blind date.The family forced me to take her to some place for enjoyment.”

Fang Yuan said.

“It seems you are progressing very quickly.”



Ye Xiaochen laughed and continued “It seems that we will be having wedding feast soon.”

Generally, in the blind date, the marriage process is very quick, minimum it would be ten to fifteen days and maximum it would be two or three months.

“ Yes, it is almost.”

Fang Yuan said.He had accepted the fact into his heart.

“I’m in the city right now…”

After talking with Fang Yuan, Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone.

Half an hour later.

On a highway outside of the city, Ye Xiaochen was waiting for a car.

A white SUV came.

When Ye Xiaochen saw Fangyuan’s girlfriend, he had only one thought, they were really a good match.

Fangyuan’s girlfriend name is Huang Qiqi.Although the body size was not equal to Fang Yuan, she was around 170 kg.

Huang Qiqi’s skin was white, and she did not look not ugly.As a whole she looked pretty good, if she becomes thin, perhaps she could be considered a beautiful woman.

Unfortunately, obesity ruined a beautiful woman!

After the initial contact, Ye Xiaochen had a new impression of Huang Qiqi, this fat girl was very generous and straightforward, she was not like general girls who were melodramatic.

“Fang Yuan, keep up with my vehicle.”

“Rest a.s.sure, I will absolutely not lose.”

Fang Yuans’ car followed Ye Xiaochen’s vehicle.

Soon, the two-vehicles drove out of the city and headed for Jingxian.



“Wow, it is very big, Ye Xiaochen you’re doing a very good job.Do you know what is my biggest dream?” it is to have a house, facing mountains and surrounded by spring flowers.”

Fang Yuan with his girlfriend followed Ye Xiaochen and reached his farm.

The landscape in this area was pretty good.

Huang Qiqi likes to take photos, she took out the camera and took an uncountable number of shots.

Fangyuan was yelling at her.

Ye Xiaochen felt that they were a pretty good match.

“Let’s go and see the rabbit trap.”

He suddenly remembered that today he had not gone to see the rabbit.After these two listened, they became curious and followed him.

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