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Chapter 100 To be confirmed! (1)

Using the Time Interrupt Skill right after the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning Skill was a master stroke. The final effect was that as soon as the Triple Attribute Venom was infused into Ao Le’s body, his own Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning Skill was disrupted before it could fully burst into effect. At the same time, Ao Le’s last ditch effort at retaliating with his Skills and Consolidated Equipment had also been stopped.

In this way, Zhou Weiqing’s full plan had come into effect, and he had made his escape without injury. The deadly venom was now injected in his opponent, sufficient to threaten his life without claiming it straight away. It was far from the strongest effect of the Skill, but perfect for what he needed currently; not taking his opponent’s life while ensuring his own escape.

In truth, since Zhou Weiqing also had the Time Attribute and Skills, when he first shot at Ao Le and Liu Yinan, he could already sense that they had been using the Time Attribute to subtly guide his arrows away. If he had truly wanted to hit them, he could just make use of the Time Interrupt Skill with his arrows, it would be able to disrupt their Slow Barrier and allow him to shoot them.

In this way, he would definitely be able to injure them, but to what degree Zhou Weiqing would not be able to fully control.

As such, he kept holding back, planning, thinking, waiting. He wanted them to underestimate him, at the same time he needed time to come up with a plan to deal with them.

Fighting in a head on fight would be foolish; not only did they outnumber him, but even if either of them were alone, Zhou Weiqing had no confidence in being able to take them easily. The only way would be to act weak, allow them to underestimate him, and bet it all in a single strike. Only with such an elaborate, meticulous plan would have the slightest chance of tricking them and defeating them.

Once again, Zhou Weiqing had proven himself capable to defeating a stronger opponent with his wits. In that short period of time, he had used everything in his a.r.s.enal, fully exploiting the advantage of having so many Attributes and Control Skills, unleas.h.i.+ng them all at the risk of being fully depleted of Heavenly Energy. It had indeed been a risky proposition, but his bet had paid off, as he had successfully wounded Ao Le while escaping unharmed. He already had the mental preparation in case his plan failed, at worst, he would be forced out of the Tournament, but he was confident that if his life was in any danger, Fat Cat would not stay silent.

Looking at her husband’s suffering look, Liu Yinan was fl.u.s.tered, quickly attempting to circulate her own Heavenly Energy into his body to help him. Alas, things did not improve as she thought, as the Heavenly Energy she infused only caused Ao Le more pain, his s.h.i.+vering growing more violent. This was also with the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning’s full power cut off at the start, otherwise Ao Le might have already lapsed into unconsciousness.

“You… what did you do to him?” Liu Yinan looked at Zhou Weiqing with a mix of fright and anger.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Nothing much, just a little venom. It isn’t that serious, but… well… let’s just say that even Senior Shangguan Longyin was unable to cure it. Do you remember our Fei Li Battle Team’s fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team? At the end, this was the Skill I used to defeat Shen Little Demon. She was dying from this very poison, but it was Senior Shangguan Longyin who made the guarantee to let them not take revenge on us, so I detoxified her. At that time, Senior Shangguan led the entire Dan Dun Battle Team to look for us in our Rest House… I believe you should remember that scene right?”

“Of course, you can choose to disbelief my words, but the venom will not wait for anyone, not even I can control that. If anything untoward happens to your husband… don’t blame me for not warning you. Sigh… a human only has one life… for him to be afflicted by this venom, even if you both leave the l.u.s.tre Spatial Realm, it will not vanish. In this world, besides myself, no one else can detoxify him from this venom.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Liu Yinan quickly recalled that day when the Dan Dun Battle Team had carried Shen Little Demon into the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, led by Shangguan Longyin. She vaguely remembered hearing something about Shen Little Demon being poisoned, but being from the Pa.s.sion Valley, they had not paid too much attention to it. After all, they had pride in their Time Attribute and Control, and did not think that they would actually be hit by Zhou Weiqing’s Skill. Alas, they had severely underestimated him, not expecting him to have the Time Attribute as well. Now that Ao Le was poisoned, as the saying goes, the more you care about someone, the less objective you will become when the person is question is in danger. How could Liu Yinan stay calm and collected in such a situation?

“What do you want?” She said angrily.

Zhou Weiqing laughed out, saying: “I do not want anything much… originally, I only had good intentions, offering to work together with you two. Alas, you all choose not to accept my good intentions, and chose to be enemies with me instead… so how can you blame me? I do not have many demands, just for you two to retreat from the l.u.s.tre Spatial Realm now, from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. I will then draw out the venom from Bro Ao Le. How does that sound?”

The love and marital relation between Liu Yinan and Ao Le was very deep, and she did not even hesitate a second before nodding in agreement, saying: “Alright, you detoxify him now. Once I am sure he is okay, we will activate the l.u.s.tre Gem and retreat from the Tournament.”

Zhou Weiqing waggled a finger at her, saying: “No, no. Miss Liu, I am sorry… as I am in the weaker side now, that will not do. Here’s how I will detoxify him if you agree. I will first remove the majority of Bro Ao Le’s venom, alleviating his condition, and you both can retreat from the l.u.s.tre Spatial Realm. I guarantee that after that, as long as Bro Ao Le circulates his Heavenly Energy to protect himself, he will be fine for more than a month. Once the Heavenly Jewel Tournament is over, I will then fully detoxify all the remaining venom.”

Liu Yinan said angrily: “Nonsense, how can I possibly believe you?! What if you refuse to help Ao Le after the Tournament?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her helplessly, saying: “Big Sis, think about that for a moment please? I have no enmity or hate towards you two, why would I possibly kill him? All I am doing is for the sake of the Tournament, once you two are out, I have no possible clash with you. Do you think that offending the Pa.s.sion Valley is something fun for me to do? Or that I am that stupid as to go back on my word for no gain? Of course, if you do not agree with my suggestion, then I will have no choice but to die together with Bro Ao Le. My mere little life… being able to exchange it for Bro Ao Le’s life, I guess it is worth my while.”

As he ended his pa.s.sionate speech, he gave the look of an indifferent, scoundrelly look, causing Liu Yinan to be angered into a frosty look, yet she could not do anything about it. In terms of power and fighting, these disciples of the Great Saint Lands were definitely at the top of their game, but in terms of intelligence and emotional quotients, how could they possibly compare to this little Scoundrel Zhou Weiqing, who had lived and learned with the G.o.d Eye Scoundrel Mu En for so long?

A complicated look appeared in Liu Yinan’s eyes, as she was clearly struggling. To be forced out of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament like that, no matter her or Ao Le would not be happy. After all, even amongst the Pa.s.sion Valley disciples of their generation, there was much compet.i.tion. Being eliminated from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament after less than a day, it would definitely affect their standings in the Pa.s.sion Valley.

Zhou Weiqing did not rush her, waiting patiently and calmly at the side. At the same time, he gave a sigh on purpose, saying: “Haiz, there are so many Heavenly Beasts in this l.u.s.tre Spatial Realm… if you can’t decide fast and a Heavenly Beast comes around, if we aren’t able to block it in time and Bro Ao Le takes another injury, please don’t blame me alright….”

As he said that, he waved his right hand. A flash of light, and he summoned out one of the Icy Soul Heavenly Beasts from his Spatial Ring.

The two baby Icy Soul Heavenly Bears he had brought back so long ago were now all big and grown up, already at the Middle Level Zun Stage, comparable to an ordinary Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Of course, they still had some distance from a Five-Jeweled Master, but being a Dual Attribute Heavenly Beast, they were definitely pretty powerful. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique had been helping him recover at maximum speed, and even if Liu Yinan decided to abandon Ao Le and attack him, with the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s help, he would be able to delay her enough for him to recover. Facing a Five-Jeweled Liu Yinan, having completed all his Skill Storing, Zhou Weiqing was confident of taking a fight.

Seeing the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear that Zhou Weiqing had brought out giving her a low warning roar, the last vestiges of hope for Liu Yinan were dashed. She had originally been considering if she could capture Zhou Weiqing, forcing him to cure Ao Le, but it was clear now that she had no chance.

Discharging an angry, pent up breath, Liu Yinan said angrily: “The mountains stand but the rivers run. Next time, we will not let you go so easily. I agree to your terms, help Ao Le remove the poison now.”

As she said that, she helped Ao Le to sit down, then in order to prove she would not launch any sneak attack on Zhou Weiqing, she stepped back slowly to a safe distance.

Zhou Weiqing was not afraid that she would renege on her agreement. Someone so afraid of death like him would have many survival tools at his disposal, not to mention Fat Cat in his bosom and the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear Da Huang beside him.

Walking next to Ao Le, seeing the complicated expression of mixed regret, anger and pain on his face, Zhou Weiqing grinned, saying: “Bro Ao Le, I will only attack those who attack me… Sigh… We could have had a good time cooperating with each other… Why did you have to do that?”

As he said that, he placed both palms on Ao Le’s shoulders. Activating his Devour Skill, he began draining Ao Le’s Heavenly Energy to replenish his depleted supplies.

What could be faster recovery than directly draining and replenis.h.i.+ng one’s Heavenly Energy from another person? Needless to say, even the considerable recovery rate of his Immortal Deity Technique paled in comparison. There was no rush to draw out the venom, which was a very easy task for Zhou Weiqing; it would be best that he recovered totally first. After all, Ao Le was a disciple of the Pa.s.sion Valley, and his Heavenly Energy was relatively pure. Furthermore, with the Time Attribute, it was quite compatible to Zhou Weiqing, and he was enjoying the easy Devouring indeed. It might not have the same effect as the Darkness and Demonic Attribute Energy, but it was close.

Very soon, Zhou Weiqing had fully recovered all of his Expended Heavenly Energy, but he decided it would be a waste of such a rare opportunity if he did not continue Devouring more.

As he Devoured the husband’s Heavenly Energy, this little rascal still turned to comfort Liu Yinan, telling her that it would take some time to help him draw out the poison.

Zhou Weiqing continued until he could no longer continue Devouring Heavenly Energy, the bloated feeling signifying he had reached his limit. Only then did he subtly move his right foot near Ao Le’s back, drawing out a large portion of the Triple Attribute Venom, only leaving a trace in his system. At this point, some colour finally returned to Ao Le’s pale face.

Sighing, Ao Le let loose the breath he had been holding, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a complicated look on his face. Finally, he nodded and said: “Bro Zhou, your teachings today, Ao Le will always remember it.” 

Zhou Weiqing helped him stand up, clapping him on the shoulder like they were best friends, saying: “I hope that we can work together in the future Bro Ao Le, I have never thought of being enemies with you from the BaoPo Battle Team.”

Ao Le gave a cold smile as he said: “Perhaps. We shall see. I will be waiting for Bro Zhou outside. Yinan, let’s go.” As he said that, he activated his l.u.s.tre Gem, and in a gold flash, he vanished instantly. Beside him, Liu Yinan also did the same, following suit a split second later.

Moments later, Shangguan Longyin’s voice traveled out from the l.u.s.tre Gem. “BaoPo Battle Team members Ao Le and Liu Yinan have been eliminated.”

Hearing those words, Zhou Weiqing did not know what the others were thinking, but he at least knew that he was in a really good mood. To take out two disciples from the Pa.s.sion Valley by himself, he couldn’t help but feel proud of himself.

Fat Cat wriggled out from Zhou Weiqing’s embrace, taking her usual position on his shoulder, a strange gleam in her eyes as she looked at him.

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