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Soon, the other arrows struck her as well, not a single one were successfully dodged, with one even managing to get past her claws to strike her, but it was also shattered by her protective aura of Heavenly Energy.

Following the Absolute Delay was a flurry of three more Control or Debuff Skills, Curse of Darkness, Fetters of Wind and Touch of Darkness.

Although Zhou Weiqing's cultivation level was far lower than hers, she was under the effect of the Absolute Delay, and the three Control Skills managed to slow her down further as they all took effect.

The fifth arrow that followed was the one that got through her slowed claws, and was shattered by her protective Heavenly Energy aura. Yet, this was imbued with one of the most critical skills of Zhou Weiqing's, the one that had gotten him through so many tough fights - the Heavenly Lightning Shock.

Along with the ma.s.sive ensuing explosion came the powerful effect of the Heavenly Lightning Shock. Alas, once more, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member showed her terrifying power. Under the effects of the Absolute Delay and the three Control Skills, and the sheer power of the Heavenly Lightning Shock, her Consolidated Equipment should ordinarily have been disrupted and removed.

However, instead of that happening, she burst forth in full power at that time, with two strong rays of dark gold light bursting forth from her Consolidated Claws and Bracers. In the midst of the explosion of the Heavenly Lightning Shock, her Equipment shuddered and the light dimmed, but it actually held strong and was not disrupted! She had actually succeeded in forcibly resisting the Heavenly Lightning Shock Skill!

Zhou Weiqing, who was currently at the sidelines watching as he continued recovering his Heavenly Energy, couldn't help but shout in his heart: d.a.m.n!!

This lady is just too terrifying! Even after being affected by so many of my Skills, she can still resist the Heavenly Lightning Shock?! Ugh… that throws my plans off that she hasn't lost her Consolidated Equipment, my final blow of the Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon might not be sufficient to take her down after all.

Out of the seven arrows, five had already hit. Surprisingly, the last two did not strike her, instead hitting each other in midair.

Did Zhou Weiqing make a mistake? No, the answer was naturally no.

An almost miraculous sight occurred next; as the two arrows collided with each other, they each released a green light and silver light respectively. The two lights merged into one in midair, and that green-silver light flashed in midair, a small green-silver knife of light striking out towards the female ZhongTian Battle Team member.

Although she had actually managed to resist Zhou Weiqing's Heavenly Lightning Shock, the Control Skills were still in effect on her. At that point, she had just spent all her energy, making use of the inherent Skill within her Consolidated Claws to barely resist the Heavenly Lightning Shock, and was currently in a state of recovering and off balance.

This silver-green light was naturally Zhou Weiqing's strongest offensive skill before he had gotten the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning. It was the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, a Fusion Skill of the Silver Emperor Wing Slash and the Spatial Rend.

When she saw that strike, Little Witch, who had been ready to unleash her charged up skill in tandem with Zhou Weiqing's last blow for maximum effect, was actually so shocked that she missed a beat, slowing down and failing to strike at the same time.

Seven arrows in rapid succession, with such a chain of effects, with each arrow imbued with a Skill. More importantly, the last final blow was actually a Fusion Skill created with two arrows! What kind of amazing archery was that! This was also the first time she had witnessed Zhou Weiqing display such abilities.

*Clang* *Wenng*

The Silver Emperor Spatial Rend was still blocked by her claws as she set them in a crossed position in front of her defensively. Even so, not being in good condition herself, not only was her charge stopped in her tracks, her hands were knocked upwards as he broke through her guard.

Yet again, this young lady showed Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch that the considerable power she had already displayed was not her limit.

Under such an unfavourable situation, she made the best choice she could.

Another two Dark Gold Light sprung up abruptly from her body, one after the other. The first lasting for a second, before it was followed by the other.

This time, Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch couldn't help but have their expressions change once more.

It was actually another two pieces of G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment!

G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment were the absolute top tier of Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment, with each having extremely powerful capabilities worthy of turning the tide in battle. This female ZhongTian Battle Team member had actually suppressed Little Witch with just a pair of bracers and clawed gloves, and yet now she had actually released another two G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment. The Heaven's Expanse Palace was just too rich…

Originally, with Zhou Weiqing's Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon, he and Little Witch were at the absolute advantage; as long as Little Witch unleashed her charged-up Skill, they had been confident of winning.

Alas, who knew that their opponent had actually held these two powerful G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment in reserve, and with their respective G.o.d Protective Auras, she had saved herself from potential doom. Do not underestimate just this short time of merely two seconds, not only did it prevent her from losing there and then, it had also delayed the time so that most of Zhou Weiqing's Control Skills had run out, with only the Curse of Doom still in duration. More importantly, it had given her a short time to recover slightly.

In fact, she had actually made a minor judgement in error; or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Little Witch's minor error and delay had actually helped their team instead! Originally, she had judged that Little Witch would take action right after Zhou Weiqing's attack had landed. As such, she had released her Consolidated Equipment G.o.d Protective Auras right after she blocked Zhou Weiqing's Silver Emperor Spatial Rend, with the aim of blocking Little Witch's attack. Both their power levels were extremely close, and even though it was a powerful charged Skill, she knew that Little Witch should not be able to break her G.o.d Protective Auras so easily.

Alas, her judgement had been awry. Who could have expected that Little Witch had been so surprised about Zhou Weiqing's final attack that she had slowed her attack for a split second. That had resulted her in being able to witness the start of the G.o.d Protective Auras. As such, she continued holding back her attack for a better time.

This time, a dark gold armored shoulder pauldrons extended from her shoulders, with its beautiful overhanging protrusions, forming a beautiful pattern. The shoulder pauldrons extended from the shoulder all the way down the back, covering most of her back, and a pair of hue gold wings spread out from the back, with the outer side of the wings being a dark gold colour, filled with lines of tattoos, and its underside a pure brilliant gold, the contrasting forming an astonish beauty.

A six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master having four G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, looking to be part of a Legendary Set. That in itself was a huge statement. This young lady was definitely one of the young powerhouses that the Heaven's Expanse Palace had spent much time, effort and resources in developing!

Furthermore, her four G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment were very different from other Consolidated Equipments. It was not just the fact that they were part of a Legendary Set, but more so that her Physical Jewels were mutated duo Jewels. As such, each piece of Consolidated Equipment was a lot larger… and correspondingly more powerful as well. This was a ma.s.sive advantage to her indeed, allowing her to cover a much greater surface area.

Generally speaking, if a Heavenly Jewel Master wanted an entire set of armour to cover his whole body, it would require at least ten pieces before being able to do so. However, from the look of her, it would probably only require eight pieces to complete cover her, and that was considering the pair of terrifying claws and the huge wings on her back!

In the instant that the Consolidated Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura disappeared, Little Witch finally launched her attack.

A deep blue light, as if crossing the ages, floating towards her opponent, brus.h.i.+ng against her as if a light kiss from a lover, yet also seeming like the rain that had been swept along by the winds, soft, gentle, but incessant and pervasive.

The female ZhongTian Battle Team member had a very serious look on her face. The two seconds of recovery had bought her time, and also allowed the effects of the Absolute Delay and other Control Skills to vanish, but the Curse of Doom was still in effect, and she did not have the time to dispel it. Furthermore, she was still off balance, and Little Witch was using her full power in the Demonic Change State. As such, she could only react hastily.

As the blue light struck the interlocked claws… this time, there was no violent clash or explosions, just a soft buzzing sound.

Little Witch stood still, her body swaying slightly from the impact. The blue light surrounding her vanished, along with the tattoos. After unleas.h.i.+ng this blow, she was unable to continue maintaining the Demonic Change State.

At the same time, a grey-blue light flashed in the female ZhongTian Battle Team member's eyes. She staggered back seven steps, but it was not as simple as that. Each step she took back, her body seemed to sway a little, as if she was flowing along in a strong current. In this way, with each step, she was able to neutralise the power of Little Witch's attack, bit by bit. As such, seven steps later, she was finally able to stand upright. Even so, she couldn't help but cry out, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The strange thing was that as soon as the mouthful of blood was spat out, it warped into a blue-grey light, and vanished into the air. At the same time, the blue-grey in her eyes also slowly dissipated.

Panting sounds issued out from both Little Witch and her opponent. In this strike, Little Witch had depleted a large amount of Heavenly Energy, and similarly her opponent. At the same time, even though this female ZhongTian Battle Team member had made use of her four G.o.d Tier Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment to withstand the flurry of attacks, she had still finally been injured.

The entire fight had not been long, but both sides were already exhausted. Even with Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch working today with all their might, they had only gained the advantage on this female ZhongTian Battle Team member, and had not defeated her totally!

Little Witch smiled faintly, saying: "If you had just one more G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, then we would have lost by now. Unfortunately, you just have the four. If I have not guessed wrongly, this Legendary Set should be specially designed and crafted for you by the G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters of the Heaven's Expanse Palace right?"

Her meaning was extremely clear. That earlier strike of hers had used up a large portion of her Heavenly Energy. If the female ZhongTian Battle Team member had another G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, just the Consolidating Equipment G.o.d Protective Aura would have allowed her to block it, instead of being forced to take the blow, and thus would have undoubtedly give her the upper hand.

There was a complicated look in the female ZhongTian Battle Team member. All this while, she had never harboured the thought that she might lose, as she had utmost confidence in her own power and abilities. In the Heaven's Expanse Palace, even Zhan LingTian who was at a higher cultivation level than her could not take her down easily. Yet… at this current moment, she was feeling the fatigue of fighting the two.

It wasn't exactly because of Little Witch in front of her, but more because of the hidden archer behind - Zhou Weiqing, or rather the combination of the two. With Little Witch there, even if she wanted to attack Zhou Weiqing, it was rather out of the question. Yet, with Zhou Weiqing at the side, she was highly restricted, having to constantly be on the lookout for his supporting attacks. Currently, she had already used all four of her G.o.d Tier Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment, but at the same time it was also a huge drain on her Heavenly Energy.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing slowly walked out from his cover behind the trees. After Devouring Heavenly Energy from Da Huang and Er Huang, he had recovered his Heavenly Energy back to his maximum. Of course, that was not his own Heavenly Energy, and he had to use it very soon, or a.s.similate it as his own; otherwise it would be lost. However, no matter what, with the help of his Devour Skill once more, he had regained his fighting capabilities.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member's reaction was immense, as she stared at him in shock, exclaiming: "What? It's actually you?!"

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: "Heh, Little Witch and I are teammates, how could it not be me? Didn't you say my arrows weren't up to speed? How is it? How does my Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon feel?"

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