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Chapter 180 Little Fatty vs Lion King! (3)

Indeed, Long s.h.i.+ya had almost gone crazy. He instantly recognized the Flame that Gu Site had released, taking on the form of a huge lion. It was the Personal Core Fire of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, the Earth Spirit Heart Flame! Let alone Zhou Weiqing with a mere six-Jeweled cultivation level, even a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse would evaporate from such an attack, an instant death indeed. It was no easy feat to summon the Earth Spirit Heart Flame, even for Gu Site. Not only was it a ma.s.sive drain, it would seriously damage his life force and vitality.

No matter what calculations and expectations Long s.h.i.+ya had, he had never imagined that Gu Site would actually break the rules of the compet.i.tion just like that, resuming his Heavenly Emperor Stage cultivation level and using his Personal Core Flame to destroy Zhou Weiqing.

When Gu Site had realised he had been tricked, the fury in his heart was burning to an unbelievable point. He had always had a hot temper, and with the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion blood burning hot within him, in his sheer rage he had lost control. Who was he? He was the King of the WanShou Empire, a n.o.ble Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse! To be forced to such a stage by a mere brat of six-Jewels, to even lose to such a person, how could he stand it?!

As the saying goes, 'Anger rises from the heart, and evil will then rise from the gall bladder'1 Gu Site instantly made the decision not to let Zhou Weiqing leave this place alive, even if he had to fall out with Long s.h.i.+ya. There were three powerhouses here on the side, including himself, and if the Entropic Nether Tiger was willing to help out, they might even be able to kill Long s.h.i.+ya as well. As such, he had flung caution to the wind and launched his attack. He had been confident that Xue AoTian would not sit back and watch Long s.h.i.+ya kill Gu Yingbing.

The Lion King's estimations had all been correct, but he had missed one point. That was… he was still stuck in the Absolute effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal, and he now had to withstand the crazed fury of Long s.h.i.+ya in that state.

*BOOM* A single hammer blow. The Lion King's body was sent flying by Long s.h.i.+ya like a cannonball shot from a cannon, smas.h.i.+ng savagely into the mountain. The next moment, a bout of light followed suit into the freshly opened hole. Gu Site had actually been smashed by the hammer right through the Heavenly Snow Mountain and back outside! This time, even if he did not die, he would definitely be severely injured.

"Show mercy!" At this point, the Tiger King Xue Aoying had no choice but to intervene. Although he did not like the Lion King, and did not get along well with him, he could not just sit back and watch the King of the WanShou Empire get slaughtered by the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor!

"Get lost." By now, Long s.h.i.+ya did not care about anything or anyone else. The brilliance behind his back forming his own figure, almost making it seem like own body had grown huger. The light around the octagon plum blossom Hammer brightened a hundredfold as it whistled brazenly towards the Tiger King.

Xue Aoying's expression changed. Although he was able to use his own Skills and Consolidated Equipment, he dared not take such a furious blow from Long s.h.i.+ya! Immediately, his body moved aside.

"Bro Long, calm down. Zhou Weiqing is not dead." At last, Xue Aoying appeared, using his own body to block the fresh new hole, a snow white long spear in his hands. Behind his own back, a similar glow of his own illusory figure flashed. With a flick of his spear, he blocked Long s.h.i.+ya's hammer, and the entire cavern seemed to groan slightly in the ma.s.sive impact. Originally, the exit which housed the large number of Heavenly Beasts had constant sounds of heavy breathing, but it was instantly silenced. After these Heavenly Beasts sensed the sheer aura and power of the two powerhouses clas.h.i.+ng, they did not even dare let any sense of their presence be felt.

In a direct clash of physical strength, even Xue AoTian would not dare to do so against Long s.h.i.+ya with his entire 'Hate Sky no Handle' Legendary Set. As such, he could only subtly parry the blow as best he could.

As soon as Long s.h.i.+ya heard Xue AoTian's words clearly, his anger diminished. Subconsciously, his head snapped to where his precious disciple had been.

The next moment, Long s.h.i.+ya was dumbfounded, staring dazedly as he stopped.

Zhou Weiqing had not been devoured by the  Earth Spirit Heart Flame like he had thought, and he was just standing right there. His entire set of Consolidated Equipment had all disappeared, but he seemed totally unharmed. The only embarra.s.sing thing was that he was now totally naked, standing right there in his birthday suit in a rather ridiculous sight that even Zhou Weiqing himself was stunned by. Luckily, his entire skin was still covered by the purple scales, so it still wasn't too obvious. The certain 'object' between his legs was swinging slightly, and if one looked closer they would be able to see it.

Long s.h.i.+ya almost slapped himself silly. Indeed, how could he have forgotten!

No matter how powerful that Earth Spirit Heart Flame was, how could it be of any effect to his disciple? After absorbing the Solidified Dragon Spirit, Zhou Weiqing was pretty much immune to fire.

The Earth Spirit Heart Flame was the Personal Core Fire of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions, and under the restriction of not being able to use his Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, this was the strongest attack that Gu Site could use. Alas for the poor Lion King, his attack was fully of the Fire Attribute. Although that terrifying attack has caused Zhou Weiqing's entire Legendary Set to dissipate, his body remained unharmed.

In a flash, Long s.h.i.+ya appeared beside Zhou Weiqing, examining his precious disciple up and down, even that 'certain object' got a glance. Only after he was certain that Zhou Weiqing was totally alright did he heave a sigh of relief.

However, despite the fact that Zhou Weiqing was fine, that did not mean the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor's rage was a.s.suaged. He spun around abruptly, turning his gaze to Xue AoTian. His eyes were cold, but he did not say anything. Pulling Zhou Weiqing's hands, he said solemnly: "Let's go, Little Fatty."

"Bro Long, wait a minute. I will give you a reckoning on this matter." Even for Xue AoTian, seeing Long s.h.i.+ya like this caused him some anxiety. He knew that if he allowed Long s.h.i.+ya to leave like this, there would be severe repercussions. In fact, let alone Long s.h.i.+ya, currently Xue AoTian's heart was filled with rage. He had never imagined that the Lion King Gu Site would actually disregard his own pride and status to do something so shameless as to attack Zhou Weiqing with full power. If Zhou Weiqing truly died, Long s.h.i.+ya aside, Xue AoTian would not let Gu Site go so easily.

"Aoying, go bring the Lion King back here." Xue AoTian said gravely. His expression was already extremely ugly.

Long s.h.i.+ya took a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. After all, this was still the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and they still had not achieved their original goal in coming here.

Zhou Weiqing said softly: "Master, I am fine."

Long s.h.i.+ya glared at him and said exasperatedly: "Just because you gained a slight advantage, you thought you could press it? Did you forget who your opponent was?!"

Zhou Weiqing gave a helpless look. He had also been given a huge fright, not having expected that the Lion King would actually go all out on him. In that instant, there had been zero chance for him to dodge the blow. Although Long s.h.i.+ya did not spell it out, Zhou Weiqing knew that his Master was reminding him that if Gu Site had not used a Fire Attribute attack, perhaps he would be dead now.

However, was that really the truth of the matter? At that moment, Zhou Weiqing did not try to explain himself to Long s.h.i.+ya; after all, his Master was not wrong to lecture him. In truth, when he had sensed the Lion King's attack, in the last split second Zhou Weiqing had managed to react and release a Skill. With that unique Skill, even if the Lion King was not using a Fire Attribute attack, Zhou Weiqing still had some confidence that he could at least survive it, if barely.

Before long, the Tiger King had brought the Lion King back.

Gu Site's current look was truly miserable and desolate. His right hand hung limp at his side, looking like the bones within had been totally shattered. Even if he could keep the arm, it was not going to be a simple matter to heal it.

At the same time, his chest area had clearly sunk in, and his face was ashen. Blood seeped out of all his seven orifices, and his eyes were clearly dim. From just one look, it was clear that Gu Site was severely injured.

Long s.h.i.+ya had previously thought that he had killed Zhou Weiqing, and in his rage, he had struck out with all his might, supported by his entire 'Hate Sky no Handle' LEgendary Set. The Lion King had originally been weaker than Long s.h.i.+ya, let alone without any of his Consolidated Equipment. Being able to stay alive was already a testament to how powerful his body and cultivation was.

Seeing the Lion King once more, Long s.h.i.+ya's eyes were filled with a violent killing intent. Raising the hammer in his hands, he said coldly: "Gu Site, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We are now mortal enemies, I swear I will kill you. You don't want your face anymore? You even dare bully a mere junior. Just you wait, this old man will ensure that your entire Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe is wiped out."

"Bro Long, please calm down. Allow me to handle this matter." Xue AoTian's face was stern as he spoke.

Gu Site did not react to either of their words, instead staring dazedly at Zhou Weiqing. He could not believe that Zhou Weiqing was still alive, even unharmed, after taking a head-on blow of his  Earth Spirit Heart Flame. Yet, there he was standing there, wearing his clothes!

How could this be!? Why is this happening? Zhou Weiqing had given him just too many shocks today. Was that brat really six-Jewels? Gu Site's heart was filled with questions.

Gu Yingbing remained uninjured, as Xue AoTian had received the blow that Long s.h.i.+ya had struck at him. He quickly rushed to his father's side, and rays of healing Divine energy shone upon his father's body. However, his head remained bowed down, and he did not dare look at Zhou Weiqing, as his face was filled with shame. He was still young, not as experienced and vicious as his father. Having such a thing happen had diminished his strong fighting spirit.

Xue AoTian looked at the Lion King coldly and gave a cold humph. "You have thrown away the face of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. There is no longer any need to continue with the compet.i.tion. You can go now, and tell all the guests that the wedding is cancelled."

"Ahh?" Only then did Gu Site react, his face darkening as he said: "Mountain Lord, I admit that I have made a grave mistake. We have indeed lost this second test, but… isn't there still a third test?"

Xue AoTian said coldly: "You still have the face to mention a third test? What is your status, your power? Have you gone stupid being the King of the WanShou Empire? How old is Zhou Weiqing? What did I tell you previously? I said. You can get lost now. Yingbing will no longer inherit my Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position. Yingbing, you escort your father back. In a month, I want to hear that you have a.s.sumed his position as King of the WanShou Empire. Otherwise, don't blame me for taking care of it myself."

Enforcing his will strictly and swiftly. That was truly the way to describe Xue AoTian. In a matter of moments, he had already made his choice and judgement. He did not even give Gu Yingbing a third chance. Not because of Long s.h.i.+ya's threats, but because of his own face, and the honour and dignity of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

A clumsy literal translation! Basically it means that when one is enraged, he can do anything/people can do sudden rash things in a fit of anger, things they would not do otherwise with a clear mind ↩

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