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Chapter 186 Shameless… with good intent? (3)

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head sheepishly and said: “Complete the acting package… Shangguan Xue’er might be cold on the outside, but she is warm on the inside. Just now, even when she was so angry, she did not strike any killing blow towards me. Master, you are right, she is really a good girl. Although I am lying to her now, I will definitely use my actions to pay her back in the future, treating her just as good as Bing’er and Fei’er. I will not let her down.”

Long s.h.i.+ya gave a cold humph and said: “There are many good girls in the entire world. Furthermore, if you are too much of a playboy, how can you concentrate on cultivating?! With such a talent like yours, are you going to waste it just like that? Let me tell you, I will never allow such a thing! You better keep yourself in check, you’re not allowed to go find other girls any longer, otherwise don’t blame your Master for teaching you a lesson.”

Zhou Weiqing quickly nodded his head repeatedly, grinning as he said: “Even if you asked me to find more girls, I wouldn’t dare! I already have four, if I add on anymore, I wouldn’t be able to handle anymore! A man’s vigor is limited after all, and he shouldn’t attempt to go past his own limit!”

“Bulls.h.i.+t, what four. It is five. Don’t forget that little girl that I agreed to when she helped you in the fusion of your Dragon-Tiger Transformation. That is the little girl from the Heavenly Demon Sect. Just this five. No more. Do you hear me?”

“Uhh…” Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but mutter inwardly: Master, you were the one to say not to add anymore, and you just added one yourself. Of course, he could not dismiss Little Witch. After all, she had become his Sacrifice that time, given him her most precious virtue, and he could not just abandon her like that.

Zhou Weiqing suddenly had an urge to cry to the skies – It is not this brother who is philandering, sometimes I am forced as well!

Of course, if he dared to shout it out, if Long s.h.i.+ya did not beat him until his teeth dropped out, he would not be the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor!

When Zhou Weiqing reappeared in the camp, it had already been mostly set up properly once again. Currently, he had changed into a fresh set of clothing, and nothing seemed amiss besides a pale complexion. This was not an act; after all he had lost quite a lot of blood, and even for his physique, it would take him some time to replenish that blood loss.

“Little Fatty, what happened to you? Why do you look so off colour?” Tian’er had waited so long for Zhou Weiqing to return, and she asked concernedly.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, held onto her hands and said: “Don’t worry, it is nothing. Alright, you go to our tent to wait for me first. It has been a long time since I have returned, and I will need to hold some meetings with the Peerless Battalion. To round up our thoughts and discuss about the future.”

Although Tian’er was still slightly curious, she nodded and returned to the tent. Even before Zhou Weiqing had ascended the Heavenly Snow Mountain, he had already captured Tian’er’s heart; but when she actually saw him up the Heavenly Snow Mountain fighting for her, he had totally conquered her heart and soul. Although Tian’er had a wild character, towards Zhou Weiqing she was mostly gentle and compliant.

Zhou Weiqing immediately sent an order for the upper echelons of the Peerless Battalion to gather for a meeting.

Before long, the group of officers who had laboured for half a day had gathered. Of course, that included Shangguan Xue’er, still disguised as Shangguan Fei’er.

All of them saw Zhou Weiqing’s pale face, but not many actually sympathized with him. Who asked him to two-time so obviously?

However, they were all quickly given a big surprise.

When Zhou Weiqing sat down at the front main seat, Shangguan Xue’er walked up, a bowl of hot soup in her hands which she placed down in front of him. Gently, she said: “I’ve made this for you, it will help enrich the blood. Drink it first, the weather is cold here.”

Everyone else stared with jaws agape, not believing their eyes. All of them had experienced Shangguan Fei’er’s temper for themselves, and they believed that seeing Zhou Weiqing bring a woman back, having her not blow up on the spot was already giving him a lot of face! How could she possibly still cook soup for him?! Could it be… it was poisoned? A laxative or something perhaps?

That still didn’t seem right! Looking at their Chief Instructor and her gentle affection eyes, how could it be poison? What was this magic?!

In an instant, the Drunken Rogue Luo Ke Di, who usually thought of himself as the greatest playboy, wanted to throw himself at Zhou Weiqing’s feet in admiration. He thought to himself that when the meeting was over, he would have to consult Zhou Weiqing to see how he had done it!

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, taking the bowl of soup honestly, not even seizing the chance to touch her hands. Gently, he said: “Thank you.” Drinking a mouthful of soup, he found it delicious, and a jet of warm energy flowed into his body, giving him a comfortable feeling. l

Shangguan Xue’er blushed slightly, and she retreated to the side with her head down slightly. Seeing Zhou Weiqing ‘come back to life’, her heart was filled with joy, so much so that she was not even angry about him bringing back Tian’er.

Just like that Zhou Weiqing had told Long s.h.i.+ya, if he had not acted previously, there was no possible way that they could have resolved the issue today. Yet somehow, he had successfully pa.s.sed through that ordeal, and the irreconcilable issues had been reconciled.

Zhou Weiqing turned to the others and saw the disbelief in their eyes, and he couldn’t help but reveal a hint of smugness.

“Master Hua Feng, these few weeks it’s been a great trouble for you. I still do not know what our Peerless Battalion have accomplished during this border wars, and the state of the Northwest Army currently.”

Hua Feng said: “To our Peerless Battalion, the state is extremely good.” He then described to Zhou Weiqing all that had happened during the war, how the Peerless Battalion had helped save the day for the Northwest Army, and the status they had gained as a result.

Hearing his account, Zhou Weiqing kept nodding all the way. The current development had already far surpa.s.sed all his previous expectations and plans, and it was without question that the current Peerless Battalion had been forged into a formidable fighting force.

At last, Hua Feng summarised: “At this current moment, our Peerless Battalion has already official gone through the baptism of war. Besides close combat experience, which has been relatively lesser, they are now very experienced in all other forms of combat. As for the the Northwest Army, or even the ZhongTian Army Headquarters, they wish for us to change formations to become a Legion, even offering to supplement with elite troops to form a Peerless Legion, to become the strongest Legion in the northern borders to face the WanShou Empire in the future. Battalion Commander, this decision is up to you.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly but he shook his head and said: “That is not possible. If we truly become a Peerless Legion, then we would not be able to leave this place. How could we leave the ZhongTian Empire in the future then, or break away from their control?”

“As you all know, originally I chose the Ruffian Battalion to begin my development was for very simple reasons. Firstly, ruffian soldiers would be more easily enticed by money and other benefits. Secondly, to be able to become ruffian soldiers, they must have some degree of strength, power or other abilities. As long as I could bring them together as a proper team, their combat prowess would be something to be reckoned with. Perhaps more importantly, these ruffian soldiers have already gone through h.e.l.l and back, faced with possible death all the time, and they would cherish their lives even more, knowing to treasure a last possible chance. Also, the fact that they were exiled to the Ruffian Battalion meant that they did not have any other backgrounds or connections. On the surface, they might be a bunch of useless ruffians, but the truth is they are the purest unit in the army, at least in my eyes. That was the reason why I chose the Ruffian Battalion.”

“However, if our Peerless Battalion turns into the Peerless Legion, then the first problem we face is how will be leave in the future? An entire Legion sounds very powerful, very tempting, but those new elites, how could they not have their own background and old leaders? More importantly, they would have families in the ZhongTian Empire. At this point, I will not hide anything from anyone, though most of you should know this already. I am from the Heavenly Bow Empire, and my homeland has been destroyed by the Kalise Empire and Bai Da Empire. The reason I set up the Peerless Battalion was to eventually return to my homeland, to chase off the invaders. You all will be my future officers of merit who restored the homeland. As such, I would ignore all the suggestions of the ZhongTian Empire.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, those who already knew about this were impa.s.sive, but most of the newer Main Company Leaders were surprised. Leaving the ZhongTian Empire? However, just like what Zhou Weiqing had said, most of these ruffian soldiers did not have any connections or kin in the ZhongTian Empire, and thus after a short period of surprise, they were able to accept it with no problems.

Zhou Weiqing said solemnly: “In the near future, we will be continuing our training and integration of our entire Battalion, as well as completely outfitting all our troops. Once this is done, we will leave for the Heavenly Bow Empire.”

One of the Main Company Leaders couldn’t help but ask: “Battalion Commander, it is fine on our end, but will the Northwest Army actually let us leave?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “I have my own ways regarding this matter, so you all do not need to worry about it. Also, in this period of time, we do not need to worry that the WanShou Empire will launch any attack. Alright, Bro Lin, what is the current status of outfitting our troops currently?”

Lin TianAo stepped forward. It had been a few months since they had seen each other, and he looked even more stable and composed now, clearly his cultivation level had also improved.

Previously, when Long s.h.i.+ya was in the camp and had nothing to do, he would give some pointers to these Peerless Battalion officers. Amongst them, the one that Long s.h.i.+ya placed most importance on was actually Lin TianAo, giving him several tips on his a.s.sembly s.h.i.+eld Set, how to control and wield it in battle, and Lin TianAo had definitely benefited greatly from it.

“Currently, the outfitting of our Heavenly Bow Unit is already at the later stages. Of our five thousand archer troops, all of them are already geared fully in the t.i.tanium mail. Those that sustained any damage in the war are currently being repaired, otherwise that is considered completed. We have also recruited around a hundred blacksmiths into our Peerless Battalion to join our logistics team, fully focused on repairs and crafting any spare equipment we need.”

“As for the Gold Crow and Berserker Tribes, for their Heavy Cavalry equipment the first batch of five hundred sets have already arrived. Although the equipment is extremely expensive, it is truly worth it. The remaining one thousand five hundred sets should arrive within the next half year, even including the armour for their mounts. Currently, their two Main Companies of a thousand soldiers each already have their own Unicorn Heavenly Beast steeds, even their own reserve troops have their own Unicorn Heavenly Beasts. In fact, Battalion Commander, you are back just in the right time. I needed to ask you if we are going to gear their reserve troops as well?”

Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing said: “Of course, we must gear them as well. These are all to protect our lives on the battlefield. Every chance that increases our troops survival on the battlefield, we do not need to save money on that. Bro Lin, this matter I shall leave it to you. I don’t care how you increase the order amount, but within half a year, I don’t just want to see that one thousand five hundred sets, but three thousand five hundred sets. By that time, we will be leaving, so I want everything to be settled by then. What about our Consolidated Equipment?”

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