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Chapter 440 - I'll Still Hit You Even If You're From The Sima Family!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

The servant-looking man measured Qin Feng from his top to his toes. Qin Feng's strange wolf mask prevented the servant from seeing his real appearance, so the servant-looking man could not certain was Qin Feng someone of a higher cla.s.s than him from his outfit.

"Are you stupid? Not only is the smithy in Martial Artist Town of Jindu owned by the Sima family, every smithy in Martial Artist Town of every branch belongs to the Sima family. Let me put it in a more simpler way: it is a time-honored chain of blacksmith's shops that covers the whole nation and owned by the Sima family. Did I make it clear enough for you now?"

The servant-looking man purposely bloated the great history of the blacksmith's shops hoping to dwarf Qin Feng's spirit. He wanted to shoo Qin Feng away without making much of a scene.

Qin Feng scoffed, "This means that the Sima family across China should be branches of the Sima family in Jindu, right?"

Qin Feng's sarcastic remark did not reach the servant-looking man. He was heaved with joy and stared at Qin Feng, "Hmph, so you're not that ignorant after all. In China, as long as the family carries the name Sima, they are considered as the forces under the Sima family of Jindu. So, do you know how powerful the Sima family is and how meaningful this smithy is now brat?"

The Sima family was one of the four largest familial clans of Jindu.

Immensely powerful with a wide and well-established network, the Sima family was a strong force that could not be ignored or provoked in Jindu.

The servant-looking man had gained some spirit after he explained the full history of the Sima family. His gaze once again fell on Liu Jie who was staring at him with his tightly clenched fist and yelled, "f.u.c.k you! Stop staring at me, you disgusting, fat pig! Do you believe that I'll hit you?!"

Shaking his head, Qin Feng cut Liu Jie short and smiled, "I don't believe that."

"Ha! You don't believe me? Then, I'll prove it to you!"


The servant-looking man had just finished talking and a crisp slapping sound echoed.

The sound didn't come from the man slapping Liu Jie. The sound came from Qin Feng slapping the servant-looking man.

Qin Feng had slapped the servant with 150 kg strength, and he almost beheaded the servant. Half of the servant's face swelled up like an inflating ball.

"f.u.c.k! You've really done it this time!! I swear I'll kill you!"

The servant-looking man was dazed for a good ten minutes before he found his senses. He never expected that Qin Feng would really slap him. Yelling and roaring, he threw himself at Qin Feng.

As Qin Feng was about to slap him again, the man dressed in the white Tang costume who remained silent throughout the fight finally opened his mouth.

"Stand down, w.a.n.g Er!"

w.a.n.g Er was the servant-looking man's name. He hastily stopped his attack as soon as the man ordered him.

"Prince Yang," w.a.n.g Er cried to Prince Yang while holding a heavy-hearted expression, "This brat is hindering our shop's daily operation. You must do justice to me!"

Sima Yang totally ignored w.a.n.g Er and glued his gaze to Qin Feng. He studied Qin Feng meticulously with his dark and sharp eyes, seemingly wanting to see through to the face behind Qin Feng's wolf mask.

"What is the reason you hit my servant here?" Sima Yang disappeared and reappeared in front of Qin Feng. He wore a white Tang costume, had a handsome face, a pair of brooding eyes, and an imposing manner. He resembled Sima Tu.

"Isn't it obvious? Why did you ask a stupid question like that? Are you stupid?" Qin Feng berated Sima Yang indifferently.

Three months ago, loads of martial artists from every corner of China made their way into Acropolis City to pursue Qin Feng. Qin Feng had lost count of how many martial artists he had engaged in one night. This incident was caused by Sima Tu, Qin Ye, and Li Shao Jie. They were the one who spread the news of Qin Feng possessing numerous pieces of high-grade spiritual equipment and skill books to the Martial World and caused the martial artists to launch a crusade against Qin Feng to get his spiritual equipment. Following this, Qin Feng developed a vendetta against the Sima and Li families. He would never sit idly since the smithy was the Sima family's properties and their servant, w.a.n.g Er, had insulted Liu Jie.

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