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I won’t ask.
… After that, I who has somehow managed to return to my room thought about what Otousama and Keith were talking about.

… Somehow, it was a very dangerous story, wasn’t it… my and Celsior’s lives, seize those fellows, danger.

I don’t know who those fellows are in the first place… what do I do?


As expected, I don’t have the courage to ask those two…

I wonder if Rish.e.l.l knows about something?
But, he would only get worried if he didn’t know anything.

… I wonder how should I deal with this?

I let out a sigh again.

“Olgsama, Rish.e.l.l-sama came to visit you.”

Keith turned up after knocking on the door.

Recalling that talk, my face became stiff.

“… Yes.”

Keith was puzzled about my vigorless face, but he didn’t say anything.

“… Good morning.”


There are still servants around, so Rish.e.l.l was in the honorifics mode.

Dante was standing next to Rish.e.l.l with a nonchalant face as usual.

“… Now then, I have come to get you to see the faces of those who wanted to kill you and falsely charged you, but… are you all right?”

“What is? I am fine.”

To be honest, with Keith and Otousama’s conversation, I have no time to feel all right.

Right now, we will be going to hear Sherina, Albert, and Serena’s sides of the story.

Normally, a different person would be selected for the cross-examination, but Rish.e.l.l said “I will do it” with Demon Lord smile on full throttle.

… No one was able to object, they knew they would be dissed black and blue if they did.

Well, he needs to acquire experiences as the Crown Prince, so His Majesty gave his permission.

“… You are strong as always, I thought you would be a little more nervous.”

“That’s not true.”

I have been thinking about that thing from yesterday, so… I had no time for that.

This was supposed to be Celsior’s duty, but he doesn’t seem to be going today.

Otousama and Okaasama left to the neighboring fief on the account of Otousama’s work, so he has to stay at home in case something happened.

“Celsior wanted to go too, he was talking about hitting Sherina and Albert at least once.”

I don’t think it would end with hitting them once though.

Wouldn’t he do at least ten shots for one person?

“Is that so… please tell him that I did it in his stead when you return.”

“Even though we haven’t left the house yet!?”

He’s quite in the mood.
I sent a verbal message to let Celsior know that I will be leaving.

“He plans to do it… no, he will definitely do it.”

“Scary, scary.”

Dante shrugged his shoulders.

… Stop him if you find it scary…

“… Well then, shall we leave?”


Rish.e.l.l said so and we boarded the carriage.

The vibration from the shaking carriage transmitted to me from the seat.

I don’t like going by carriage because it shakes so much… well, most of the transport is like this in this world, so I can only endure.

However, as expected of the royal family.
This carriage has less vibration than other carriages.

Well, ‘less’ is the main point.

“… Olga, did something happen?”

There were only Rish.e.l.l, Dante and I in the carriage, so Rish.e.l.l returned to speaking casually.

I feel much calmer when he’s like this…

I have apparently worried Rish.e.l.l since I haven’t spoken a word since leaving the house.

“… Not in particular.”

“… Really? You don’t seem well though.”

… How sharp, as expected of you.

However, I don’t know whether it would be all right to ask this… if not, I might needlessly cause Rish.e.l.l and others to worry.

“N~ I really am fine.”

“… That’s good then, but make sure to tell me if anything happens, alright?”


I answered with a smile, but Rish.e.l.l and Dante’s face showed suspicion.

… How rude, to find a person’s smiling face suspicious.

Don’t you find it rude towards a girl?

“… What is it?”

When I asked with a slightly displeased voice, the two simultaneously answered “It’s nothing” with their smiles cramping.

As expected of friends. Incredible.

Using that as an excuse, we spent time with silly talk until we reached the castle.

“… We have arrived, it’s huge as ever.”

I haven’t come to the castle since the disengagement with the stupid prince, but the gigantic gate and aloof-looking roofs were as usual.

Fairytale much.

“You think so? … Ahh, let’s go this way.”

It seems that Rish.e.l.l didn’t think much of it since he lives here.

Currently, we were going towards the exclusive use parlor for criminals.

Originally, it was apparently a room for criminals to meet with their families.

… We are definitely not related though.
I absolutely wouldn’t even want to.

Well, Rish.e.l.l just seized the investigation role of another person this time.

… It probably won’t end up with an ordinary interrogation.

Imagining the reckless remarks that would be flying in the parlor with a distant look, I walked behind Rish.e.l.l and Dante.

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