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"The police are interrogating. There're no results as of yet."

"The Guans must definitely have something to blackmail her with. It will be hard for her to rat them out, but there is one thing I'm curious about. If they really wanted to frame me, it wouldn't be enough for me to just push her into the pond, unless..."

"A life for a life," said Lu Tingxiao with squinted eyes.

Ning Xi's gaze changed to one of discovery. "That's right! Unless I accidentally killed her under everyone's watchful eyes... Huh, they have really put in their all this time, actually buying someone's life to frame me! Even if I could save her and she didn't die, I'm sure he would do something on the hospital's end with the determination to frame me for murder!"

When she thought of this, Ning Xi continued, "I'm afraid that Guan Rui might kill Cao Lirong to stop her from exposing them..."

"The police has already delegated people to watch her 24 hours a day."

At the same, in the Lu family's car, after they were sure that the little bun could really speak normally, Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, and Lu Jingli were all very excited.

On the way to school, the three of them continued to think of ways to make Little Treasure speak, especially Lu Jingli.

Sadly, after leaving the hospital, Little Treasure clammed up when he was not before Ning Xi, making Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan anxious.

Lu Jingli was using all of his ideas to tease Little Treasure to speak. He imitated Ning Xi and held up a doll to ask, "Little Treasure! What's this?"

Little Treasure held his chin and looked out the window as if he had not heard him.

Lu Jingli held up a car fragrance bottle. "Little Treasure, what's this?"

Little Treasure still did not react at all.

Lu Jingli tried again by picking up his phone. "Little Treasure, do you know what this thing is?"

Little Treasure remained silent.

Lu Jingli pulled Yan Ruyi over. "What about this? Do you know what this is?"

At last, even Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan felt Lu Jingli was annoying. Yan Ruyi shouted, "Jingli, stop disturbing Little Treasure. He's just beginning to speak again, don't wear him out!"

Lu Chongshan echoed, "Your mother is right."

Lu Jingli was speechless. "Who can be tired from speaking!? Don't you two want to hear Little Treasure speak? Don't you?"

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan kept quiet. Of course, they did!

Thus, Lu Jingli did not give up and found an apple. "Little Treasure, what is this, what is this? Do you know? Do you?"

This time, Little Treasure finally moved his line of sight from outside the window to Lu Jingli's face, then under his uncle's incredibly excited gaze, he said word for word with a poker expression, "Second Uncle, are you an idiot?"

The three of them were all speechless.

A moment of silence later, Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan could not help but laugh out loud. Even the driver was having trouble holding back. The Little Master was too cute!

Yan Ruyi was loving his baby grandson more and more. "My Little Treasure is so smart!"

Lu Chongshan nodded. "It's the grandson of the Lu family. Of course, he's quick-witted!"

"Hey, hey, can you be like this? I'm still the son of the Lu family! This little punk just called me an idiot! Yet, you praise that he's quick-witted!" Lu Jingli protested in dissatisfaction.

Why was it that when the sister-in-law showed him an apple, he would obediently say "apple"!? He, on the other hand, had received such a heartbreaking answer! Where was the justice in this!?

Yan Ruyi shot him a look. "Little Treasure called you Second Uncle earlier. Aren't you satisfied? I haven't even heard him call me Grandmother till now!"

Lu Chongshan sighed, "He didn't call his grandfather either."

When Lu Jingli heard this, he immediately chuckled through his tears excitedly. "Right! He only called his mother. He didn't even call out for Brother! Hahaha...Little Treasure addressed his Second Uncle! The second one he addressed is his Second Uncle! Hahaha....I must go and brag to Brother!"

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