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HSSB1013: The Exalts return

The Golden Court Mountain martial pract.i.tioners first fell silent after receiving the news of Broad Creed Mountain's upcoming opening ceremony before an uproar ensued.

"Could it be that Broad Creed Mountain wants to move their entire sect over to the Circ.u.mference Mountain Range in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory? It would be impossible for them to set up the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation here in the Royal Reed Sea."

Someone enquired, "Still, even establis.h.i.+ng the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, they still might not be able to resist the Heaven Emperor and Southern Exalt right?"

Someone beside him wondered aloud, "It is said that the Dim Radiant Emperor's Immortal Artifact fell into the hands of Broad Creed Mountain, this being something they have never denied. Could this be where the basis for their confidence lies?"

Everyone had heard rumours of the Immortal Artifact of legend that Broad Creed Mountain had obtained before, a relic of the Dim Radiant Emperor.

It was just that no one had ever seen it for real before.

During the battle of Broad Creed Mountain that year, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and the rest had joined forces and slain Guan Lide, Shen Lingzi, King Xuancheng and Daoist s.h.i.+, obtaining splendid battle results that bystanders would find difficult to believe.

Many had attributed this to the Immortal Artifact back then.

Still, after Yan Zhaoge had rampaged through the south and killed his way back to the southeast, shocking the world in those battles at Vast Spirit Mountain and Circ.u.mference Mountain, most people had begun appraising his strength seriously.

Along with that, they a.n.a.lysed Yan Di and other Broad Creed Mountain martial pract.i.tioners, growing increasingly vigilant as a result.

More and more details were unearthed, such as how Yan Di had slain King Xuanmu of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm right after having ascended to the World beyond Worlds back then.

With that, everyone had been stunned to discover that Yan Zhaoge was not Broad Creed Mountain's sole powerful figure.

In recent years, young martial pract.i.tioners of Broad Creed Mountain like Xu Fei, Xia Guang, Ying Longtu and Sikong Qing had similarly attained splendid battle results in walking the outside world.

Everyone had gradually gotten used to the strength of Broad Creed Mountain martial pract.i.tioners.

Thinking back again on that great battle at Broad Creed Mountain, many guessed that an Immortal Artifact had not played a part then.

Seeing as Yan Zhaoge rampaged from the south back to the southeast similarly without any trace of an Immortal Artifact, everyone began feeling restless once more.

Perhaps the news spread by the Radiant Light Sect back then had been fake?

The Radiant Light Sect was of the direct lineage of the Dim Radiant Sect. Still, their relations.h.i.+p with Broad Creed Mountain had been terrible back then as the possibility that they had deliberately tried to malign and harm them did exist for sure.

It was just that Broad Creed Mountain had never denied this. Therefore, to many, it was a mystery if they did possess an Immortal Artifact left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor.

Still, all of Golden Court Mountain knew that Yan Zhaoge had really gained a relic of the Dim Radiant Emperor in the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Therefore, they all thought of this now.

"It is not an Immortal Artifact. I heard it is only an embryonic Immortal Artifact," The Southeastern Swordsmistress shook her head now."

Hearing this, the others all frowned, "A long path has to be traversed for an embryonic Immortal Artifact to become an Immortal Artifact. That is something only True Immortals can forge in the first place. Even if ordinary people obtained one, they would still not be able to refine it completely, right?"

The Southeastern Swordsmistress slowly said, "Normally speaking, that is indeed the case."

She gazed towards the horizon in the direction of Broad Creed Mountain.

"Besides Broad Creed Mountain's upcoming official opening ceremony, the news also mentioned that the Yan father and son have both already ascended the Immortal Bridge."

Everyone else nodded with admiring whilst also rather complex expressions on their faces.

Everyone present had virtually personally witnessed Yan Zhaoge progressing up to this point from when he had first arrived in the Royal Reed Sea of the World beyond Worlds that year.

Within less than twenty years, he had already traversed a path that most people would be unable to complete throughout their entire lives.

Relative to the longevity at his current cultivation level, the time he had used was extremely short.

Someone said, "Considering Yan Zhaoge's strength when he was a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, now that he has ascended the Immortal Bridge, if he were to set up the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation at Circ.u.mference Mountain, he might be able to protect himself from the Southern Exalt. Still, he would probably not be a match at all for the Heaven Emperor."

"The location indicated on the invitation we were given is Broad Creed Mountain, Spirit Inheritance Region, Royal Reed Sea," The Southeastern Swordmistress slowly said.

The martial pract.i.tioners of the southeast exchanged looks, "Without the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, with the Immortal Artifact still in its embryonic form, what is to be done?"

One of them eventually forced a smile, "When the Heaven Emperor returns, the Brocade Emperor should probably be back too? I wonder if the Brocade Emperor will intervene when the time comes."

Apart from the Southeastern Swordsmistress's group that was stationed at the border areas, Broad Creed Mountain naturally sent an invitation to Golden Court Mountain too.

While they did not know when the Southeastern Exalt would return to Golden Court Mountain, they naturally had to send an invitation out of courtesy.

The same went for Kunlun Mountain's Ingenious Flying Peak's Red Lotus Cliff.

The Brocade Emperor had still yet to return, with Fu Ting in secluded cultivation and unable to leave.

Still, having already received instructions from the Brocade Emperor previously, as Ingenious Flying Peak martial pract.i.tioners received the invitation, they immediately responded that they would be sending a representative to Broad Creed Mountain to observe the ceremony when the time came.

It was not limited to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as powers that usually had ties with Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain received invitations too.

Chief Liu Xiangtong of the central Jun Heaven Territory's Heavenly Hut Mountain's Jade Mountain Sect received an invitation too, for instance.

Instead, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di pondered over whether to send an invitation over to the Northern Exalt's lineage at Cloud Pavilion Mountain's Profound Remnant Locale in the northern Profound Heaven Territory.

The Northern Exalt's granddaughter Guan Yuluo was on great terms with Broad Creed Mountain's disciple Feng Yunsheng. Still, this was a personal friends.h.i.+p.

Her ident.i.ty was too unique as anything that she did would generally be understood by others as the intent of the Northern Exalt.

Meanwhile, the Northern Exalt was not in any conflict with the Heaven Emperor and the Southern Exalt.

If it was just Feng Yunsheng alone, he might protect her considering how she had saved his granddaughter's life before.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was not delusional enough to believe that this warranted him opposing the Heaven Emperor for the sake of helping him and Broad Creed Mountain.

In sending an invitation to Profound Remnant Locale, even if they just invited Guan Yuluo alone, it would still be unknown what would happen as it might still make things difficult for them.

Feng Yunsheng was not around too as Broad Creed Mountain ultimately still decided not to send Profound Remnant Locale an invitation.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did send over his personal letter, inviting Guan Yuluo to help investigate Feng Yunsheng's situation again in the north.

With that, the other party would not have to feel awkward over whether to come to Broad Creed Mountain.

Broad Creed Mountain did send an invitation over to the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory's Green Sky Mountain's Grave Thunder Palace.

As for whether the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu would accept and come, that really depended on he himself.

Besides all the guests invited by Broad Creed Mountain, the spirits of others surged as they received the news.

Countless youngsters and even famed solitary pract.i.tioners began looking forward to the day Broad Creed Mountain officially opened its doors.

Ever since Yan Zhaoge had shaken the world in the shocking battles at Vast Spirit Mountain and Circ.u.mference Mountain that year, countless people had been waiting for this day.

Meanwhile, Illusory Coming Peak that was far away at Kunlun Mountain in the central Jun Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory's Phoenix Ritual Mountain's Wutong Slope both naturally received the news as well.

Besides them, Nongli Mountain of the western Turtle Heaven Territory, Three Foot Mountain of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and countless powers of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory similarly got wind of this.

Many people ground their teeth in rage.

Those of Phoenix Ritual Mountain's Wutong Slope who had suffered most tragically at Yan Zhaoge's hands that year were riled the most intensely.

Just as fury was surging within their hearts, they sensed Phoenix Ritual Mountain where they were located suddenly shaking in its entirety.

A sea of flames obscured the sun in the northern skies as a phoenix flew over.

The spirits of the Wutong Slope martial pract.i.tioners collectively rose.

The Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had finally returned to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory!

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