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HSSB133: You are so innocent, while I am so full of schemes


Yan Zhaoge’s completely sincere expression, instead caused those of Infinite Boundless Mountain great pain.

Getting the Heavenly Thunder Hall to voluntarily let out some Thunderbolt Soul Jade would be harder than ascending into the heavens.

Unless one took a Sacred Artifact to exchange, in which case the Heavenly Thunder Hall would be more than happy to do so.

But the problem was-would Infinite Boundless Mountain really be willing to do so?

Perhaps they should just ally with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall and decimate Broad Creed Mountain together, then s.n.a.t.c.h Broad Creed Mountain’s supreme treasure as compensation for the Heavenly Thunder Hall?

Then, the Heavenly Thunder Hall would have one Martial Saint and one Sacred Artifact, and the Sacred Sun Clan would also have the same, as well as an Extreme Yin Crown on top of that.

If Broad Creed Mountain was destroyed, although they would have obtained Thunderbolt Soul Jade, for an Infinite Boundless Mountain with only a single Sacred Artifact guarding them, how far would they be away from destruction?

Shan s.h.i.+weng and the others stared at one another, feeling a bit of a headache coming on.

“This is nothing but a threat!” Elder Zuo hatefully sent over a sound transmission, “A junior who can only play little tricks!”

Shan s.h.i.+weng said coldly, “If the person whom you referred had not brought upon us such a huge disaster, our clan would also not have been pushed to this extent.”

Elder Zuo snorted, “Even if there had not been Zhao Hao, that fellow surnamed Yan would also definitely have thought of another plan-his understanding of Giant Spirit Magnet.i.te veins far exceeds ours!”

Saying till here, Elder Zuo paused slightly, also feeling embarra.s.sed.

Then, he continued, “This pit was specifically dug for us to jump into, ending with forcing our clan to lose our advantages of freedom and initiative, having to choose one side of two!”

The Magnet.i.te Elder said, “But now, we cannot but acquiesce.”

A hint of viciousness flashed through Elder Zuo’s gaze, “Not necessarily!”

“Since we have been forced to choose sides, we might as well stand on the side of the Sacred Sun Clan; it beats being threatened by this mere junior of Broad Creed Mountain!”

“In exchange for our clan’s full a.s.sistance, we can get the Sacred Clan to pa.s.s the Extreme Yin Crown to the Heavenly Thunder Hall, with the Heavenly Thunder Hall supplying us with Thunderbolt Soul Jade, enabling us to restore our Giant Spirit Magnet.i.te vein.”

“Whoever gains the most in destroying Broad Creed Mountain will all depend on each side’s own abilities.”

“With the Sacred Sun Clan’s position having risen a step further, Turbid Wave Pavilion probably wouldn’t be able to sit still. While Turbid Wave Pavilion does not care about outside matters, it shouldn’t be happy to see the Sacred Sun Clan really lording over the Eight Extremities World.”

Elder Zuo said in a deep tone, “At that time, we can form an alliance with Turbid Wave Pavilion and Jade Sea City, re-establis.h.i.+ng a balance with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall once more.”

Shan s.h.i.+weng sighed, “Your thoughts are too idealised; do not be let astray by a moment of anger.”

“The precondition for your so-called re-establis.h.i.+ng a balance with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall with three allied powers is that both sides’ abilities will not greatly change from how they are now. However, if Huang Guanglie leaves seclusion successfully, he will most likely have improved a step further. If Chief had then still yet to step into the Martial Saint realm, it would be too hard for us to withstand him.”

“Whether we get friendly with Broad Creed Mountain or the Sacred Sun Clan, the final, intended result should always be the rise of our Infinite Boundless Mountain.”

Shan s.h.i.+weng looked at Elder Zuo, “I have to admit that with the strength of the Sacred Sun Clan now, joining hands with Broad Creed Mountain in containing them would be the best course of action for us. After all, without the lips, the teeth will also perish in winter; neither of them can do without the other.”

“If we a.s.sist the Sacred Sun Clan, it would most likely create a situation where they end up sweeping through and taking over the entire world.”

“Everything is to be done with our clan in mind; now isn’t the time to be holding grudges like a child.”

Elder Zuo and the Magnet.i.te Elder both fell into a deep silence.

They also understood this reasoning, but having been played with in this way by that junior Yan Zhaoge, it had really caused them much frustration.

Shan s.h.i.+weng shook his head, “Moreover, joining hands with Broad Creed Mountain in resisting the Sacred Sun Clan has long since been decided upon by our clan; the only difference is to what extent we join hands and to what extent we resist.”

“As I see it now, sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight whilst waiting for an opportunity to move is no longer a viable option; we have no choice but to really make a move now.”

After a few moments, the Magnet.i.te Elder let out a bitter smile, “The Thunderbolt Mountain of the Heavenly Thunder Hall that produces Thunderbolt Soul Jade is actually rather close to us.”

Thunderbolt Soul Jade being of utmost importance to the Heavenly Thunder Hall, they defended it well from enemy invasions lest the vein there be damaged.

Still, if someone did so, a huge enmity would inevitably result.

Therefore, the other Sacred Grounds wouldn’t do such a thing lightly.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s defensive preparations were mostly targeted at Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City, its guard against Infinite Boundless Mountain’s side being comparatively lower.

Shan s.h.i.+weng spoke, “Report back to the clan, and invite the Chief to make the final decision.”

Although Infinite Boundless Mountain had previously predicted for various possible scenarios that they might face, directly starting a war with the Heavenly Thunder Hall had not been amongst them.

If no other outside powers interfered as they made a move on the Thunderbolt Soul Jade, the intensity of this war would definitely not be any lower than that which had just transpired between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

Even a full-out war erupting from this conflict was something that was not impossible.

Such a major matter was naturally no longer something that the trio led by Shan s.h.i.+weng could decide on.

At the same time, this also concerned Infinite Boundless Mountain joining in a tripart.i.te alliance with Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City for good, the three powers joining hands in resisting the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

If they really decided to make a move on the Thunderbolt Soul Jade vein, with Jade Sea City sending its troops to weigh down on the Thunder Domain from the other side, the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also not dare to move recklessly, thereby aiding in their advance and retreat.

This was also in line with the general policy Infinite Boundless Mountain had originally thought up, just that they would now have to enter the battlefield without armour.

“Kid, nice one,” Fu Enshu’s expression had turned from cloudy to sunny, as she now smiled at Yan Zhaoge, “Whether it was by accident and chance or you had planned for all of this beforehand, this hand, was played beautifully.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It would also not have been possible without your presence here.”

It’s also fortunate that you are not of Infinite Boundless Mountain; otherwise, with your stubborn temper, if you came up in a fit of anger, it would so totally not have worked.

This latter part of his sentence, Yan Zhaoge naturally didn’t say out loud.

“Other than that, I also have to thank you,” Yan Zhaoge looked at Zhao Hao through the corner of his eye, “You are indeed a good person ah.”

If not for Zhao Hao having stuck a hand in, Infinite Boundless Mountain probably wouldn’t have accepted it so easy.

On the surface, after all, what had happened was that Zhao Hao had rendered all other paths for restoring the Giant Spirit Magnet.i.te vein other than that of the Thunder Element Revival Art unusable, forcing Infinite Boundless Mountain to only have this sole path to choose from.

And this caused Shan s.h.i.+weng and the others to feel even more depressed and helpless.

After Yan Zhaoge performed an initial demonstration of the Thunder Element Revival Art, its extraordinary effects were proven.

However, this also presented them with that expected problem. In the process of restoring the Giant Spirit Magnet.i.te vein through the Thunder Element Revival Art, a ceaseless supply of Thunderbolt Soul Jade would be required.

Although this still awaited their clan’s final decision, whatever that decision was, the situation now was that if they wanted to restore the vein, they just had to depend on Yan Zhaoge.

Thus, Shan s.h.i.+weng and the others could only pinch their noses and thank Fu Enshu and Yan Zhaoge for their help.

Due to their positions, Shan s.h.i.+weng’s trio could not just lower their heads towards Yan Zhaoge, as they all gave their thanks to Fu Enshu instead.

Whereas the other Infinite Boundless Mountain martial pract.i.tioners all had to go thank Yan Zhaoge instead.

The faces of Ji Hanru and the others were either deathly ashen or swelled red to the point that it seemed like they had received some crazy infusion of blood.

At this point, the beatings they had received earlier on the mountainside could only be considered as having all been for naught. They could only clench their teeth until it shattered and force all that blood down.

In comparison to Ji Hanru, Hou Xiang nearly forgot how he was supposed to breath, directly fainting.

To him, fainting was perhaps for the best.

Zhao Hao stood where he was, not moving an inch, his entire person resembling a statue.

Glancing at him, Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “You are so innocent, while I am so full of schemes; I’m so sorry for that.”

Not long after, without any prior warning, experts of Infinite Boundless Mountain suddenly launched an a.s.sault on the Thunder Domain’s Thunderbolt Mountain, stealing a large amount of Thunderbolt Soul Jade.

At the same time, many peak experts of the Water Domain’s Jade Sea City weighed down on the border of the Thunder and Water Domains, pressuring the Heavenly Thunder Hall into relative inaction.

Broad Creed Mountain stood between Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, preventing the Sacred Sun Clan from making a move.

The Eight Extremities World which had only just quietened down not long ago once again rose with howling gales and surging clouds.

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