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Ch. 46 How to Fall in Love with the Villain (HLV)

Evolution of The Puppy Seme XV


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  “Bartimaeus: "A small piece of advice," I said "it isn't wise to be rude to someone bigger than you, especially when they've just trapped you under a boulder." Imp: "You can stick your advice up...." "This brief pause replaces a short, censored episode, characterized by bad language and some sadly necessary violence. When we pick up the story again, everything is as before, except that I am perspiring slightly and the contrite imp is the model of cooperation." Bartimaeus: "I'll ask again: who is Rupert Deveraeux?" Imp: "He's the British Prime Minister, oh Most Bounteous and Merciful one.”

-- The Amulent of Samarkand, Jonathan Stroud


It took more than 20 minutes for Dong Haoyang to return with his materials.

In the more than 20 minutes, Professor Zhang felt like he was sitting on needles, and his expression was very anxious, as if he were the student waiting to be interviewed by the teacher, not the other way around. The a.s.sistant beside him didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Don't worry too much about it, Professor. The student won't be long. And from what teacher Dong said, that Duan Jingzhe student really admires you. It won't do for him to see you so anxious now, right?" asked the a.s.sistant.

Upon hearing that, Professor Zhang indeed felt that his behavior was a little lacking, and he took two deep breaths and calmed himself down. What his a.s.sistant had said was true: he couldn't be disrespectful in front of this child and must show his usual reliable strength.

When Dong Haoyang came in, he was just in time to see Professor Zhang take a deep breath. His eyes sparkled with an inside joke. But it was only visible for a moment, then hidden beneath a strict demeanor.

"Professor, my lazy student has arrived."

Professor Zhang heard the word "lazy" and his wrinkled face became stiff and awkward.

Dong Haoyang pushed a blank Duan Jingzhe into the room.

"This is Professor Zhang, which you have always admired," said Dong Haoyang, patting Duan Jingzhe on the shoulder.

Duan Jingzhe heard the words and was confused. Who was Professor Zhang?

Dong Haoyang didn't seem to see Duan Jingzhe's confusion. He looked toward Professor Zhang and explained apologetically, "My student is a little introverted, and not very good at dealing with people."

Professor Zhang had seen this long-awaited student coming in and was nervous. He had on a serious face when he heard Dong Haoyang's words. He immediately threw aside his solemnity.

And replaced it with a face of excitement and love.

Duan Jingzhe looked at the strange old man with the contorted face, and his face was blank as Dong Haoyang pushed the back of his head to make him bow.

"What a good boy you are," Professor Zhang said emotionally.

Next, to him, the a.s.sistant covered his face, unable to bear to look at them directly. Professor, didn't you see that the child was forced to bow? If you were your usual self, you'd be so angry, how come your standards are so low today?

"My boy, your name is Duan Jingzhe, right?" Professor Zhang strongly suppressed the urge to stand up and pull him into a hug. "When you were being interviewed the last time, there was a little problem, and that's why you received such a low mark."

Instead of a "low mark," it had actually been "zero," and Professor Zhang's face felt like it was on fire because of the lie.

Duan Jingzhe said blankly, "ah."

Dong Haoyang patted Duan Jingzhe's head, making the question "who you are" slide right down his throat.

"Please, say h.e.l.lo to Professor Zhang. Professor Zhang is a mecha master. It's not easy for him to make the time to visit, and I'm sure he usually has no time to talk, so you better use your time wisely. You might not get to see him again. Don't you admire Professor Zhang most?"

At the end of the Dong Haoyang's speech, Duan Jingzhe's eyes lit up.

In that whole speech, there were only two words he had heard clearly.

"Mecha master."

Almost immediately, Duan Jingzhe's att.i.tude changed like the world turning upside down. Before where his eyes had been blank and vacant, they were now burning with excitement.

Professor Zhang saw the child and his eyes gleaned with admiration and adoration, while he felt more guilty than ever.

After a pause, Professor Zhang took out the mecha parts he had with him.

"Come over and look at this, boy. Did you make this?"

Duan Jingzhe saw the mecha parts and was filled with great joy.

Professor Zhang naturally recognized the emotion and felt more approving of Duan Jingzhe.

Duan Jingzhe looked it over a few times and nodded. "I did make it."

He had used a unique method in the installation of these armor components that he had seen in no other components, so it was easy to recognize it was his.

In his heart, Professor Zhang, who had already been expecting this, felt a sudden burst of joy, and a brilliant light broke out in his eyes.

He reached out and took Duan Jingzhe's hand. He was so overcome with emotion that his hands trembled as he held Duang Jingzhe's.

Duan Jingzhe retreated a step back, and then remembered the strange old man's ident.i.ty, and stopped his movements.

- Mecha Master

- Maybe he could also learn some tricks from this teacher.

"Child! I've been looking for you for a long time! You are a genius! " With every word of Professor Zhang said, his hands grasped Duang Jingzhe's hands a little tighter.

The a.s.sistant saw the child's face tighten with pain, though he still didn't try to say anything to get Professor Zhang to let go, and immediately felt his approval of the child increase.

"Professor, you should lighten your grasp, don't hurt his arms."

Professor Zhang heard him, and rather regretfully released Duan Jingzhe's hands. Then he said, "At that time, it was this teacher's fault that you didn't get it. I didn't seek to understand the situation when I refused to interview you. That was my negligence. I will issue an apology in front of the whole school to make it up to you."

"Professor!" The a.s.sistant was shocked.

If he does that in front of the whole school, it will be a blot that will never be wiped out in Professor Zhang's teaching career. "You -"

The a.s.sistant had not finished speaking when he was stared down by Professor Zhang's stern eyes. His words immediately dived back down into his stomach.

"I don't expect you to forgive this teacher," Professor Zhang laughed. "After all, this had a very big and harmful impact on you."

"But your qualification is outstanding, and I hope you can get the best education," Professor Zhang said with feeling. "Although I am not the best mecha master in the federation, I absolutely am the oldest teacher at Mulis Academy and have the most teaching experience."

Professor Zhang hesitated for a moment, and then finally said, "You could be my disciple."

And then stared at Duan Jingzhe with antic.i.p.ation and nervousness.

Duan Jingzhe might as well have had "BLANK" written on his forehead. He was obviously confused by the situation.

When Professor Zhang could not resist the urge to say something in the silence, someone else suddenly spoke.

"Professor, are you robbing me of my student?" Dong Haoyang said in a quiet voice.

When Professor Zhang heard this, he realized how forward and unconventional his offer was with a red face. He struggled with himself in his heart. On one side, he had his own moral etiquette, and on the other, his own future inheritance.

"Uh, Teacher Dong," Professor Zhang decided to test his luck. He toughened his skin and said, "I'm really sorry about this, but I really like this student. Could you find it in your heart to let me borrow him?"

Dong Haoyang did not speak yet, but Duan Jingzhe replied immediately.

"I'm not going to change my teacher."

Duan Jingzhe was very angry. Although he did not like the old man, his nervous expression had made Duan Jingzhe sympathize with him just a little. He also did admire him a little. But who would have known that this strange old man wanted him to change teachers!

It's too much...

Duan Jingzhe furrowed his face. He couldn't find the right word.

The angry complaint was stuck in his heart. He didn't even know how to say it, so Duan Jingzhe became angrier.

He looked as stubborn as a rock.

After listening to what he said, Professor Zhang noticed Duan Jingzhe's expression and immediately knew the child was angry.

How could he not understand what the child was angry about? In a moment his heart filled with fondness and grief, and he grew fonder of Duan Jingzhe as he looked at him.

The child obviously does not want to become his disciple despite his high qualifications as a teacher and despite the child's wors.h.i.+p of him. Moreover, the child, due to his misunderstanding, didn't feel resentment toward him when he wasn't admitted but became hostile when Professor Zhang tried to influence his teacher.

Such an excellent character, how could Professor Zhang not respect him!

After speaking, Duan Jingzhe stood behind Dong Haoyang and looked at Professor Zhang with eyes full of anger.

Professor Zhang looked at the situation anxiously, and couldn't find any way to salvage the situation. He was just about to risk his face to say a few words when Dong Haoyang interrupted him.

"Professor Zhang, I have to teach a cla.s.s soon, so I won't detain you any longer." Dong Haoyang's tone was extremely cold.

Professor Zhang was so embarra.s.sed that he could only leave the office, taking his a.s.sistant as well.

When the office door closed, Dong Haoyang's depressed, lonely look went away, and his expression relaxed, the peach blossom eye narrowed romantically.

His mouth slightly curved, he patted Duan Jingzhe on the head, his eyes wandering, and said, with a trace of appreciation, "You did pretty well."

Duan Jingzhe was confused by Dong Haoyang, but when he turned around, Dong Haoyang had already begun to teach him about mecha producing, so he quickly dismissed the feeling.

Well, even if Dong Haoyang hadn't started teaching him the lesson, he wouldn't have thought about it further.

Duan Jingzhe was very decisive about putting all the thoughts that he didn't want to think about in the back of his mind. Anyway, even if he knew what it meant, it wouldn't matter much. Duan Jingzhe emotionlessly a.s.signed an explanation to his own behavior. Then, his eyes positively radiating light, he happily continued to listen to the lecture.


After Professor Zhang Dong Haoyang's office, he felt a mult.i.tude of emotions welling up inside his heart, but in general, he felt very joyful. Although this time he had thoroughly lost face, he had found a student qualified both morally and intellectually, which was definitely worth it.

"Professor?" The a.s.sistant asked worriedly. Today the Professor had lost face, and to top it off his prized student now hated him.

He didn't understand how the Professor could not be upset.

"Let's go!" He didn't know what Professor Zhang was thinking, but he suddenly took a big step and started walking quickly.

"What's the matter?"

"To call a meeting of teachers and students of the academy. I want to apologize publicly!"

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