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Chapter 12 (part 1)

Anna fell silent. To agree would be wrong, but to deny would also be wrong. Her silence affirmed the growing speculation in Tang Xin Lian's heart. 

"I just knew it. This person has such a huge appet.i.te, a crazily strong libido, and is also handsome and rich. How can he not be a Ca.s.sanova with a wandering heart?"

Anna's smile turned awkward. Strange. She had clearly been praising Boss. How was it that when her words reached the other party's ears, the meaning had become so drastically altered? 

Although it was true that Boss has had many women, she could not let the conversation go any further in this direction. Hence, she immediately attempted to reverse the flow of the conversation.

"That was all in the past. Now, in Boss's heart, there is only you, Miss Tang."

"When did he breakup with his previous girlfriend?" 

Anna fell silent again. Strictly speaking, they did not break up. Before Boss left for Taiwan, Lediya was still highly favoured. Even if he has a new love, he still has not spoken anything about breaking up with his previous lover. It should be said instead, that Boss has never once believed that he was dating any of those women.

"He hasn't broken up yet has he?" 


"G.o.d! So I am his mistress?!" 

"No, no, no, once Boss had you, he has not been in contact with any other women." Anna immediately cut in firmly, trying her best to salvage the situation. She dared not let the situation get any messier. If this Miss Tang started to fuss and make trouble and Boss knew- she could not stomach this heavy responsibility. 

However, it was already too late. Tang Xin Lian has already determined that Zhong Zhengdong is an irresponsible Ca.s.sanova. No matter how many praises Anna sung about him, she could not change Tang Xin Lian's opinion.

Anna is actually a very good flirt. But that was when dealing with men. Towards a naive, honest and stubborn Tang Xin Lian, she was really clueless on what to do. If the other party was a scheming python, Anna's mouth would naturally become slick and sly, a master of lying that would smack her opponent up and down, left and right. Yet, she had met this Tang Xin Lian who doesn't know how to plot or play. Somehow, infront of this woman, her own devious and cunning schemes could not be used at all.

"Stop trying to sing his praises. In my heart, I already know what sort of person he is." Tang Xin Lian said angrily. She kind-heartedly wanted to help Anna out, so that Anna would no longer have to wreck her brain to try and find ways to praise her boss. She would protect Anna. She would not let Zhong Zhengdong find out about their conversation.

Tang Xin Lian was too sincere and serious, Anna thought bitterly. Now, Anna could finally understand why her boss could not do anything about this woman. This woman is not like any of his other women. To deal with her, he could not use the same rules in this game. After all, she would not follow them. 

This women is very simple. Furthermore, she has her own principles. Anything that was not according to her standards she would reject and it wouldn't be easy to buy her over.

Originally, Anna had tried to find ways to reverse Boss's image. After all, Boss had entrusted her to look after the mother and son. However, an unexpected disaster fell upon them. This disaster further cemented Boss's reputation as a Casanova. This disaster was Lediya. 

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