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Chapter 392 - I Have the Solution But I’m Not Doing It!

Lan Wuxin looked impressed as he said, "Elder Yun has hit the bullseye indeed. The first and third points aren’t within our power and it can’t be helped. When there’s a will, there’s way; we have to try our best given the chance."

"As for Jun Moyan… Since Elder Yun knows him, you should know that his home country is also Ziyou! No matter how deep the bond, once it involves the life and death of an entire empire and its people, I believe Jun Moyan would not act recklessly just for a personal relation. The home country’s longevity will always remain a priority to Elder Yun and Jun Moyan!"

Lan Wuxin’s expression was nonchalant.

"As for the fourth point, Elder Yun’s evaluation is correct. This plan isn’t accomplished solely based on Ziyou’s individual effort. The countless gems required to set up the spiritual sealing formation were provided by others, but this plot has been long considered by this old man, Han Sanhe, Jiang Hanbing, and Tai Gujiang before it was finalized."

"Despite having its flaws, it was the best strategy we could come up with. We thought about it for a long time and really couldn't come up with anything better."

Yun Yang nodded and murmured inwardly, "Han Sanhe, Jing Hanbing, Tai Gujiang, Lan Wuxin!"

Han Sanhe was Dongxuan’s great marshal, the leader of practitioners; Jiang Hanbing was the Empire of Dayuan’s Grand Preceptor; Tai Gujiang was Empire of Tianci’s top military authority; as for Lan Wuxin, who stood before him, he was the Empire of Ziyou’s current chancellor, the head of all civil officials.

Yun Yang was hit with a realization then, his doubts cleared instantly.

He now knew why Han Sanhe would pick such a subtle moment to attack – perhaps the spies of the Four Seasons Tower’s conspiracy was part of the reason that this stratagem was the main reason Han Sanhe had deployed the army!

Han Sanhe’s army deployment could be said to be part of the plan that worked in concert with the trap here.

If the trap here had succeeded, Dongxuan’s military morale would be greatly boosted and be reflected in their attacking efficiency. If the trap here did not work out, it would still sap a substantial amount of Supreme Cloud’s energy; as long as he could not escape from this city and assist the eastern defense line, Han Sanhe’s side of the war would benefit greatly. Disregarding the intentional causes of disruptions, how many men in this world could be an opponent of Han Sanhe?

Perhaps the Empire of Yutang was destined to be defeated in this war, at least in these marshals’ hearts of the four empires. The empire would either lose its last guardian angel or half of its territory!

The only thing Yun Yang was confused with now was that it was definitely the Four Seasons Tower who could provide the materials for this spiritual sealing formation. In addition, only the Four Seasons Tower would know how to set this formation up. In spite of this, was the Four Seasons Tower not resentful of Han Sanhe? Could there be some reason that both sides had buried the hatchet?

Since the Four Seasons Tower had provided a substantial inventory and had gotten involved in such a massive plan, there might be top notch experts guarding this place.

According to what Yun Yang knew though, the four Venerable Lords were still at Tiantang City, guarding Lei Dongtian with the resolution to kill him, while a significant portion of manpower was sweeping over the martial world to subdue it. There was also another group of men who were guarding the School of Spring and Autumn and continue menacing it while another portion of them was ambushing the Concourse of the Underworld.

If they could still have the capacity to send a formidable line out here, the Four Seasons Tower’s capabilities must be great indeed in order to support such an all-rounded battle all over the continent!

Perhaps the Four Seasons Tower had never shown its last card. Perhaps the Five Venerable Lords, Four Seasons Supreme Lords, and Mr. Nian were only part of Four Seasons Tower’s strength and not it's entirety.

Yun Yang no longer wanted to dwell on this thought. If he did, he might actually lose his confidence to take on the Four Seasons Tower!

"Since you know the loopholes of the plan, solutions should be thought of to mitigate them. For instance, the information you all have on Supreme Cloud is too little; most of it is just inferences and guesses. What good could it do?" Yun Yang coldly pointed out.

Lan Wuxin shook his head. "Elder Yun, how can we not know that the more information we have about the enemy, the more we can grasp the entire situation? Infuriatingly, Supreme Cloud has been extremely cautious in his actions. Ever since he greeted the world with his presence, he’s never leaked his identity nor left any tracks. Even the information we obtained from the assassin this time is completely a coincidence! We’re truly helpless!"

Yun Yang chuckled. "Then go back to your only source. Even if the mystical Qi had crushed his dantian and soul, damaging his deific consciousness and caused the disconnection, not all hope is lost. As long as the assassin’s divine sense is recovered, you’ll be able to probe him again."

"Since that assassin is the late Supreme Blood’s father, he must know Supreme Cloud rather well as well. Behaving in such a manner that almost resulted in death, does it not reflect that he must know a lot about Supreme Cloud’s secret? As long as you obtain all that he knows, it’s not impossible to grasp an understanding of Supreme Cloud or even know his real identity. You’ll then only need to search for Supreme Cloud by following the clues and take him out of the picture. It’d be settled once and for all and you don’t even have to be worried about getting the wrong person nor killing the innocent. It seems that you’d save time too. Isn’t this killing three birds with one stone?" Yun Yang asked calmly.

Lan Wuxin pondered upon the idea, "It would be wonderful If Elder’s solution could work. Sadly, the damage his deific consciousness has suffered was said to be incurable, even by a deity. Otherwise, why would we make such a huge effort?"

Yun Yang chuckled and said, "That is a reasonable observation, but not entirely correct."

Lan Wuxin’s eyes shone as he said, "Does Elder Yun know of a way to reassemble a damaged divine sense?"

Yun Yang murmured loftily, "As long as a person is alive and still draws breath, his soul remains! What injury in this world is incurable? Only a fatuous doctor would say that something was incurable and nothing can be done! As long as one remains alive in this world, there is no such thing as absolute helplessness! Take this old man’s injury, for example. It is already much more severe than destroyed deific consciousness, but I still manage to survive until now!"

Lan Wuxin exclaimed in delight, "If Elder Yun is willing to help, that would be great!"

Yun Yang rolled his eyes and said, "Since when did this old man say I would help?"

Lan Wuxin was stunned.

You went on for so long until I almost grew suspicious, and now you're saying you won't help?

Do you take me for a fool?

Yun Yang snorted and said, "This old man scorns at partaking in such a secular affair. I only pointed out your mistakes and gave you a reminder. Do you still expect me to offer help in person?"

Lan Wuxin had been involved in politics for so many years; he considered his state of mind stable and deep like an ocean, but the plot twist now still made him awkward. He could only feel his face burn with embarrassment.

He forced a chuckle and said, "I’ve thought too much then. It’s already Ziyou’s greatest joy for Elder Yun to be present here."

In his mind, though, he was not as jovial. "These old fellows who have lived for donkey years are certainly temperamental!"

"He was discussing the loopholes so seriously with your father and has even given constructive criticism and solutions, but towards the end, he changed direction so erratically and ignored everything we talked about. What a sly fox!"

Yun Yang pondered and heaved a sigh, finally, saying, "This old man knows that Chancellor Lan is burdened with troubles and I’ve acted rather inconsiderately. It’s not that I don’t want to help but I truly am not able to!"

Seeing that the conversation had taken a turn again, Lan Wuxin could not help the thumping in his heart and asked, "Does Elder Yun face any... difficulties?"

Yun Yang kept silent.

Lan Wuxin then said earnestly, "Honestly, the two loopholes that Elder Yun mentioned just now really can’t be helped. If Supreme Cloud was caught and killed, everything will be fine. However, if he has indeed escaped like the two loopholes, or maybe he doesn’t come at all… the Empire of Ziyou will face the most frightening and extreme act of revenge by a ghastly presence!"

"The spiritual sealing formation can be set up, but it can’t be maintained. Once the formation is removed, the Empire of Ziyou will be helpless against Supreme Cloud. As long as Supreme Cloud remains obscure and executes his numerous powers to torment the Empire of Ziyou, it’ll be an indescribable and immeasurable disaster to the people of this nation… The earth that shatters, the dragon-like surge of tidal waves, the reckless blow of flames, hysterical wind, cloud, thunder, and lightning… everything would cause a calamity!"

"Elder Yun hasn’t seen it yourself, but the damage that the Nine Supremes’ natural attribute powers can deal is incredibly… petrifying."

"Previously, the competition among the empires was limited to war on the battlefield. It isn’t a set up as tasteless as this, so the Nine Supremes didn’t attack the empires and cities as relentlessly as their best attributes would have allowed them too. However, if Supreme Cloud doesn’t die, only destructive revenge and disasters will come; as unrelenting as the tides, with endless consequences."

"After all, despite such actions being executed for the greater good and the nation’s longevity, it is still a completely ignominious act at its core. If Supreme Cloud didn’t die, an eye for an eye is guaranteed in his revenge. The backlash will be far-reaching."

Lan Wuxin uttered each word with clear diction, "If Elder Yun could solve this tricky problem, you’d be the living Buddha to the Empire of Ziyou’s billions of people and families!"

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