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Chapter 393 - Unteachable

Yun Yang frowned and said, "I thought I made it clear just now. This old man knows the solution, but I really don’t have the capacity to do it now."

Lan Wuxin asked, "Why is that so? Elder Yun’s cultivation base could rival those of the Four Seasons Tower. I think you’re no weaker than the Unrivaled Ling Xiaozui."

Yun Yang chuckled bitterly and said, "Then you’ve regarded me too highly. If my past cultivation base remains, perhaps I could still do battle with Ling Xiaozui long before I begin to show signs of defeat, but my current cultivation base… I might not even be ranked top ten in the formidable Four Seasons Tower."

Lan Wuxin continued questioning in earnest, "Is it because of your injury?"

Yun Yang sighed, "If this injury wasn't at its critical stage and needed another way to suppress it… I wouldn’t have been willing to come to this bustling secular world again and be plagued with worries. What you don’t want comes to you instead, what can one do about it?"

Lan Wuxin replied, "Just like what Elder Yun has said, as long as one still has a breath of life, there’s nothing that is incurable. There is always a way out. The Physician Genius Family Head Sun will arrive tomorrow. There is nothing that he can’t cure as yet."

Yun Yang snorted and said, "Then wouldn't it be simpler to ask him to treat the assassin instead?"

Lan Wuxin flushed. "Well, he’s yet to be able to alleviate the symptoms of a shattered soul…"

Yun Yang chuckled.

Lan Wuxin was flustered, but he did not feel humiliated in front of the old senior since the latter’s age was a good seven to eight times more than his own.

"May I ask about the nature of Elder Yun’s injury?" Lan Wuxin asked humbly.

"This injury of mine…" A flash of past events and vicissitudes played across Yun Yang’s eyes as he said, "After the great fight that year… I was left with this injury and can only live in secluded forest… I had to maintain my life with the air of vitality from the earth strata, plants, and mystical beasts. It’s been over three hundred years now…"

"In these three hundred years, I have to be reborn, using the bloodline of heritage, every sixty years. This was to allow me to return to my youth and age slowly. There is a huge limitation to this rebirth technique. Each use takes away the cultivation base of a superior practitioner… It’s been… five times now… which means that my current cultivation base is only less than a tenth of my former capability."

Yun Yang looked saddened, "As weakened as I am now, despite all the information or knowledge I can pass on to you..."

He sighed softly and said, "I really can’t manage it. I can only admit my helplessness."

Lan Wuxin looked disappointed at once. He had thought that Yun Yang’s behavior hid his request, making himself seem high and mighty so he could ask for something else in return, but he did not expect the truth; it was not the latter’s reluctance to help but it was that he could not do anything, despite his sincerest intentions!

Yun Yang said tiredly, "This method does not solely belong to me. A lot of other people know it as well, and the Four Seasons Tower must have someone who is well versed in this. They’d station some experts here, setting up something like this as well. As long as there is someone who hails from that age, he’ll know how to do it. It garners the same result, no matter who does it, so it doesn’t have to be me personally."

Lan Wuxin replied with a frown, "I see… Still, if they had a way, why would they wait until now? The intensity of the Four Seasons Tower in taking down the Nine Supremes is much higher than all four of us empires combined!"

Yun Yang answered kindly, "Silly, if they don’t have the skill, you still have me! Let them come and ask me. I can’t do it anymore, but I can still share the arcane arts with someone else!"

Lan Wuxin was then hit by a sudden realization. "Elder Yun is right. I had not thought about it at all."

The fact was that it had already occurred to Lan Wuxin earlier. It was because the arcane art of recovering deific consciousness was not something to be taught and passed down. If Yun Yang had not offered first, he would never be able to ask Yun Yang to teach the arcane arts to others!

Yun Yang said, "There is something else I must state first. The person from the Four Seasons Tower must have adequate cultivation base, at least an expert of sixth heaven and above. Only then can they execute it."

Looking at Lan Wuxin’s clueless face, it was obvious that he only knew of the peak realms. How could he know the world of difference between the ninth peak and ninth heaven? Yun Yang could not help chuckling, "Just tell what I said. They’ll understand."

On the same night, Lan Wuxin brought a Four Seasons Tower expert over for a lesson on how to recover a shattered soul.

Yun Yang explained it thoroughly but the expert’s brows were locked in a tight frown, a clear indication that he could not fathom anything as he asked, "A shattered soul is shattered, how can it be gathered? And recovered? If we follow this method, don’t we have to risk our lives as well? Might it not succeed?"

Yun Yang said angrily, "Bullsh*t! This is absolutely foolproof, how can your life be at risk? If lives were at stake, who would create this method? That's just nonsensical! Just do it, I will be behind you if anything happens!"

The Four Seasons Tower's man pondered upon this and scratched his head, saying, "May I ask Elder Yun that when the soul is in strands, this gathering method…"

Yun Yang heaved a long sigh. "Do I have to repeat this again?"

The expert flushed. "Please do."

Yun Yang dipped his finger into tea and drew on the table, saying, "Look, this is the shattered soul. It’s all over the place. Look now, as long as you deliver mystical Qi to gather the divine sense then forcefully comb them together, you will redefine the specific characteristics of the deific consciousness."

The expert nodded in confusion.

Yun Yang continued, "Everyone’s divine sense is different, as everyone will have different characteristics. I'm sure you know this, do you not?"

The expert nodded in agreement; he would be an idiot if he did not know this.

"Gather a strand of the deific consciousness according to the characteristics you’ve gotten, is not a difficult task, is it not?"

The expert’s eyes widened and he looked a little bleary.

Not difficult? How was this not difficult?

"Gather those of same characteristics into a single strand, understand?"

A nod.

"Then use this strand to snowball it – snowball, understand?"

His eyes grew wide and confused.

Yun Yang inhaled deeply like he wanted to lash out, but he suppressed it after a while and said, "Do this… like this… then like this… turn it over, gather the divine sense from everywhere. Then, this is a meditation charm… then… and then… got it?"

The Four Seasons Tower expert wore a bewildered look.

"Sorry…" Even he felt absolutely ashamed!

He obviously understood each word the other party had said, but he did not get it when he pieced everything together. This was embarrassing!

The other party had painstakingly taught him twice but to no avail; he simply did not understand. It was fine just listening but once he needed to act, he could not. It was really driving him wild.

Yun Yang looked like he was about to give up as he said, "The Four Seasons Tower should have a record of this ancient heritage. It’s not even been that long… why not go back and ask them? How can you not know a thing you have asked about?"

The expert was flustered and extremely abashed. "Please, Elder Yun, there really aren't any records."

"Alright, I’ll repeat myself once more."

Yun Yang sighed, beginning to explain again for lack of a better solution. This expert from the Four Seasons Tower then listened more attentively, ears perked up in full concentration.

Still, he did not understand.

Looking at Elder Yun drink his tea with a straight face, the expert felt very embarrassed, almost close to hanging himself. His gaze looked pleadingly at Yun Yang, hoping that he would repeat his words.

It was too f*cking hard…

"Alright… sigh…" Yun Yang heaved another long sigh, one that almost took away all his woes.

On another side, Lan Wuxin and the others looked at the expert with renewed gazes.

Are you a f*cking idiot? He’s taught you five times! Even my grandson, a three-year-old kid, will learn after being taught five times… You dare to make glassy perplexed eyes and ask to be taught again and again? How did you cultivate to become an expert with your intelligence?

Yun Yang looked like he was suppressing his anger, his chest heaving as he breathed hard to control his temper; he explained meticulously with utmost patience. Seeing that the fellow was still confused as ever, he finally exploded in rage, bellowing at the expert, "Has your f*cking brain been kicked by a donkey? Did they take it out right when you were f*cking born? Say, can there be someone more stupid than you in this world? Are you f*cking playing with me?"

He stood up and spat angrily, "Unteachable!"

Then, he stormed away, fuming.

The Four Seasons Tower expert was embarrassed and ashamed, angry, yet speechless. Wiping the spit that was splattered on his face, he wanted to choke the other person to death. The old bastard was so mean!

You forgot that cultivators rank themselves only by combat power. Even if you used to be amazing, you aren’t now. Your cultivation base is only at the beginner's level of heaven realm but you dare flaunt it in front of your father! Trust me when I say I would kill you without hesitation!

No matter how the expert fumed inwardly and even if his cultivation base was higher in comparison, he knew after all that the old man before him could very well be the God of Wine, Feng Xiange.

The only one in the entire Four Seasons Tower who had seen the latter was Mr. Nian.

Feng Xiange’s reputation did not stop at the martial world; it was mighty even in the entire human realm, more so than the Unrivaled Ling Xiaozui. How dare he actually offend him? Specifically, it was the expert himself who could not fathom the subtle crux of the bizarre arcane art; the former had already repeated the method five different times!

If the roles had been switched, he would have lost his patience a long time ago.

The responsibility was all on him, he was simply too stupid. It had been five times, what else did he want the old man to do? No matter how indignant the expert was, he could only swallow the shame, pressing his nose.

"Sigh…" Lan Wuxin heaved a long sigh as well. He really did not understand why the fellow could not get it. He himself had understood, so had the other person failed to do so? If he had such a cultivation base, he would have done it already…

Was this Four Seasons Tower expert an idiot? Perhaps he was reluctant to work!

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