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When he had exhausted all possibilities, when his manifestation powers could no longer be used, he finally felt the sense of hopelessness that one faced when standing before an almighty force.

Yun Yang had never been one to give up easily, but when his life force had been extremely drained to the point where all signs of vitality were gradually disappearing and his deific consciousness could be released no more, where even his eyes were struggling to stay open… he could only sigh helplessly, no matter how unwilling and grudging he was about the whole matter!

Right now, Yun Yang had almost lost the ability to turn back into his human form and return to the ground to face Mr. Nian.

Although Emmie was still waving its tendrils anxiously in its s.p.a.ce, twisting around with all its might, and supplying an endless air of vitality, it was mostly in vain, of no benefit towards Yun Yang's current state; it could barely keep up with the speed at which his life was draining away.

Emmie could only shrink its tendrils while ensuring its maximum efficacy, ignoring its own exhaustion in order to aid Yun Yang to the best it could.

However, such a.s.sistance was only a stretched- out struggle that offered nothing to the bigger picture. As Yun Yang continued to be wounded incessantly, alongside the damage to his spirit, Emmie also continued to grow weaker.

Although Emmie was in a separate s.p.a.ce, Yun Yang's overall state was the foundation of its existence. Once Yun Yang ceased to exist, it would be ruined as well!

Yun Yang, who was lying underground, was being constantly injured physically and spiritually, and he eventually began to despair. Despite being in a precarious situation, he was still rather impressed by Mr. Nian above him.

The person's insistence and perseverance was something to be admired.

Still, Yun Yang had a strange thought that flickered through his mind.

Wasn't this Mr. Nian a little too free?

He was the head of the Four Seasons Tower! The one above the Five Venerable Lords, the Four Supreme Lords, multiple heaven realm cultivators and a superior to countless ace cultivators!

He was someone who had the earth-shattering ability to contend with the Unrivaled Expert Ling Xiaozui!

It was a high regard to him for such a person to target him personally!

Nonetheless, for a man of Mr. Nian's status to corner Yun Yang with this current tactic seemed to be self-deprecating besides being absolute overkill.

From Yun Yang's point of view, to appear like the other day and resolve the four Venerable Lords' crisis at once, severely damaging Old Mu then Lei Dongtian with a strike each, and leave like the wind after easily doing battle would only befit his ident.i.ty as the head of the world's top organization, the Four Seasons Tower.

To tackle a cultivator who was only a beginner in the heaven realm like him, Mr. Nian should have left when his attacked had failed to touch his target! To blurt vile words and provocations like a chatterbox did not reflect the grace and dominance of someone overlooking the world like Mr. Nian should have.

All in all, the Mr. Nian whom Yun Yang was facing now and what he had done greatly contradicted the image and impression that Mr. Nian had conjured up all this while. Somehow, it just didn't jive.

Oddly enough, Yun Yang found himself somewhat irritated by this.

Mr. Nian knew that it was futile, but still, he kept on chattering. How lonely could he be? Had he not talked to someone for eight hundred years?

In spite of it, his cultivation base was truly earth-shattering. There was no doubt about his impressive and almighty skills. He would be ranked first among all the experts Yun Yang had met in his life, without contest.

Just as Yun Yang was about to lose hope or perhaps at the subtle moment that he had already lost hope, he suddenly felt a faint ripple from the engulfing deific consciousness from above. It was as if… a strong presence had appeared here.

Who could it be? Would it be a foe or friend?

Yun Yang perked up.

Could it be that his life was not destined to end yet? Was there a chance for the circ.u.mstances to change?

Who had actually come, though?

Mr. Nian had not terminated the person at once, so it must be someone of significant status! Could it be… Ling Xiaozui? Jun Moyan? Perhaps Lei Dongtian had brought his men, to seek revenge?

Any one of these three people would represent a variable in this battle!

What disappointed Yun Yang was that the intersection of divine senses above was peaceful without a hint of hostility, highlighting the fact that there was no argument between both sides.

As Yun Yang's hope turned to disappointment and his thoughts trickled towards dark premonitions, he heard Mr. Nian's voice, "Why have you come?"

By listening to his tone, it seemed that the newcomer was someone that Mr. Nian was familiar with.

Had another enemy appeared?

Yun Yang's despair grew stronger.

One Mr. Nian was already adequate to put him to death, but another one? The other party did not speak, but the ripple of divine sense widened faintly. Yun Yang guessed that the person was interacting with Mr. Nian through a coded voice relay.

It had to be true because Mr. Nian's voice vanished as well.

It looked like these two people were cautious men. Even though they were in such an isolated area, they had still chosen to communicate voicelessly.

Yun Yang was more curious about who the person was, to initiate such a reaction from Mr. Nian.

Although the person was showing signs of being an enemy, most probably a foe rather than a friend of Yun Yang, the current situation was already so bad anyway that it did not actually matter if there was an additional enemy. This was especially true when this person's presence would have no positive bearing on his current state of being.

Yun Yang forcefully calmed himself down, focusing the meager remnants of his deific consciousness and concentrating them to sense the ripple of divine energy in the air above; for a moment, his thoughts ran wild.

The reason Yun Yang had done so was that Mr. Nian had not unleashed any bit of his devastating power during the course of the conversation; it was the most relaxed moment he had enjoyed since he had been cornered.

Emmie promptly used the chance to deliver a jolt of the energy of vitality. With the rare opportunity, Yun Yang perked up as well and absorbed as much of it as he could to recover himself. Even if he dared not attempt an escape now, he could maximize his reserves to continue struggling against Mr. Nian after a period of rest.

With that gap for recovery, Yun Yang gingerly probed his own condition only to realize with a shock that he was like a desert that had been parched for a century. The endless life force gushed in like a tsunami but was absorbed immediately without any significant improvement in his condition.

This went on for about half the time needed to make tea. Only then did he feel himself revive slightly, but he was still extremely weak. The deific consciousness in the air was still rippling, a sign that both parties were still talking and the situation had yet to return to the point where Mr. Nian had his grip tight on Yun Yang.

Yun Yang wondered what the two of them were talking about for so long. He was growing curious about who the person was.

There were not many people in the world who could engage in such a conversation with Mr. Nian. Yun Yang had a sudden, odd sensation; the person who had suddenly appeared might only be significantly related to him, other than having an important status.

Suddenly, the ripples in the divine energy faded away, but the swoos.h.i.+ng sound increased in intensity. Yun Yang was acutely aware of this reality.

Was his doomsday finally at hand?

The newcomer's ability was very strong; despite not being on par with Mr. Nian, it came rather close. With such power at his disposal, it would be much easier for Mr. Nian to target him. Yun Yang had only managed to get a breather now, there was no way he could escape.

The antic.i.p.ated cutting sword air did not appear, instead, the swoos.h.i.+ng noises of flying objects were incessant. The both of them were obviously doing something at an incredible speed.

What could they possibly be doing?

There was only one answer and Yun Yang had finally figured it out, to his utter dismay – they were constructing a Spiritual Restraining Formation!

Yun Yang was utterly without hope now. He initially held on to the slimmest of possibilities, but at this stage, it was truly the last straw; his final destination had come after all!

Mr. Nian had kept watch here for a month and had not done so, but this person had come for only a quarter of an hour before efficiently setting up an inescapable trap.

It seemed that this course of action was triggered by this person's suggestion.

Oh, G.o.d!



"Is there any way to boost my life force instantaneously and escalate the growth of my cultivation base?" Yun Yang asked anxiously.

This was the only thing he could think of now; he knew that it was a ridiculous request, but he had still posed the question, hoping against hope that he would be pleasantly surprised.

It was truly his last hope!

He had hoped to wait for an intervention; it had not happened. Instead, he had merely waited in vain only for a strong opponent to arrive.

As such, even if Ling Xiaozui had come, there would not be much help to him. The only way out now was to seek life through death, clinging to faith despite the despair.

"A… ya… ya…"

Emmie was acting strangely; it did not rubbish the possibility but was oddly hesitant.

Yun Yang grew more anxious then, urging, "Is there or is there not? There really isn't any other way now. If I can't push my cultivation base up and escape, only death waits for me!"

"If I die, you'll die too! Why do you still hesitate?"

However, Emmie remained uncertain and did not answer his question immediately.

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