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The Cost of Power

"Really, you always surprise me~"

The god spoke to me with trash in one hand

Holding by her hair but…… that, won't her hair come out?

Since she's a god, she'll be fine?

"I'll properly send him back to his original place, so you can rest easy? ……only, before you cancel the magic, you have to explain it to everyone, understand~?"

This guy, seems to be angry

With a shady looking smile, his slow way of speaking did not change, but I could feel the anger from his whole body

"I am alive"

"So, I mean, losing your counterpart wouldn't be good, you know? Just how much of a burden it is, you seem to understand, but…….the surroundings don't know, right~?"

At god's words, eyes full of unrest looked up at me from below [ie. Rune]

……from the surroundings too

"…..Shin? What does he mean?"

He asked me with a shaky voice

Not understanding the meaning, everyone's probably the same

No one spoke, they were waiting for my words

"That sword, I exchanged its power to this world. However, that sword was my demon sword, my counterpart. Losing it means I have to handle the burden. So…… I'll probably need to sleep for a while"

From the surroundings the shocked eyes directed towards me, I'm already used to it

Is it something to be that shocked about?

…… it

"A while, means… long?"

"A—…..about 500 years?"

"——— – -!!?"

Calculated simply, when I say the the number of years calculated, everyone's eyes go wide

So much that won't their eyeballs fall out

"Seriously~ it's because you did too much~"

"Annoying. Silence, you"

"*shikushiku* (crying) it's the rebellious age, this child"

It's probably fine to ignore the idiot shedding crocodile tears

"I promised you all. That 'I would do my best not to die.' So, I needed to draw out the power to be able to oppose the god I knew was coming. I followed [the promise] to you all. However on the condition of not dying, there was no other way than to do it like this. It's not like I will die. After I get up, it will be unchanging like usual…..though the surroundings will probably be changed quite a bit"

Beastmen and humans, the guys here now, everyone will probably die

Since the elves have a lifespan of about 300 years when I wake up, they will all be dead too, is it

Just the spirits or so, is it

However, since their lifespan is about 500 years, it may be impossible for even Haju

Since I haven't absolved Rune's perpetual youth, it will be just Rune, is it

The spirit kids being born now may be there or so probably

"Even though it would have been fine to have left it to me~"

"By the flow of events, whether you came or not it would have been the same"

This guy appearing or not appearing, either way has nothing to do with me

"If you coming was reliable, I probably wouldn't have come to this point —by which I mean, it's your fault"

No, since I wanted to hit that woman, I probably still would have done it

Even if I had to do it by force

"Eeh-!? My fault? My fault you say?"

The god showed exaggeratedly surprised behaviour

As I thought annoying

That woman…..while grabbing her hair again he dragged her along

This god, has no right to say things like I'm cruel, doesn't he?

The surrounding guys, too, are nervous of this god

"…..Well, it can't be helped I guess~ you all, this child, loan him for a bit? Well even if I say so, anyhow as this child sleeps, it'll just be the consciousness you know~ [being loaned] Iiit's fine~! Since I'll be sure to make it so he can get up sooner than what this child said~"

At the god's words, everyone directed eyes of doubt to him

Even Rune, while not hiding is trying to hide behind my back

With all his strength shook his head

"…….. you don't have any faith in me huh~ even though I'm like this I am a god"

The god again shed crocodile tears

I'm already over it

"How many years can you shorten it?"

"*shikishiku* [crying]……. — – you, hey! Don't hit! It's prohibited!!"

I tried to hit the idiot continuing to shed crocodile tears, but he avoided again

"I don't have the free time to play along with your cheap drama. Quickly tell me"

He won't quickly say what I want to hear

The current situation is quite tough on me

The surrounding guys not seeming to notice noticing is a relief

Since these guys are quick to worry

"Hah……you, have a quick temper, same as ever huh…… that's right isn't it, i guess I can shorten it by about 200 years?"

"Uwah, useless"

I let out such without thinking

Certainly it does reduce it by nearly half though

"How cruel! Even so I am doing my best you know!?"

"I can't see the sincerity"

"As I thought you are a cruel child~ (cry)…… and, well, saying it at this point should be fine huh, I'll return you back to your original world k~"

The god returned his normal expression without crocodile tears and held his hand out to Yoichi, and in an instant he disappeared

"You also, won't you undo the magic already"

He called out to me this time

Before that, there is something else to say

"Rune, after I sleep, take me to the room. Wait until I wake up. For Rau and Alba and the others, when I wake up I probably already won't be able to meet them. So, Rau if you want, it's fine to marry. Since my right to bind her has disappeared. If the partner think well of Rau, the divine protection is made so that it won't work from the start"

If it's not like that, the guys in the surroundings should also end up damaged

It's important that only guys that have been subordinated are allowed in the surroundings, but even on subordinated guys, they understood that the divine protection wouldn't work if they have no malicious thoughts

Rau shed tears and looked up at me

Speaking of, I haven't seen Rau's beast form

A regrettable thing

Seeing it even once up to now would have been fine

(The regret I think of right away, is this, huh….)

Well, saying it's like me then it's like me, huh

My magic power stopped overflowing

I made a wound with my sword skill, but now the blood that had become a symbol, seeming it would perhaps reverse it, returned

(I won't become anemic I guess)

Well, as I'm perpetually young and undying, something like anemia won't happen, huh

— even if blood comes out

When the blood had completely returned, the wound healed just like that

However, simultaneously I become unable to stand



My body leans over like it will cover Rune

The body temperature of Rune who supports my body in a panic, even in my sinking consciousness I can feel it

However, that also soon disappears

—Rune side—


Shin's strength leaves him while he's leaning against me

Even if I call out all I can hear from Shin is just a sleeper's breathing

(Will he sleep for 500 years like this?)

Such a thing— don't want!

Certainly, we said that we didn't want Shin to die

We wished for him to live for us

We desired to be together

If he just sleeps, he completely fulfills those conditions

It's better than Shin dying


To spend the whole time sleeping like this

I thought it was fine even if he's sleeping, I want to stay by his side

Even now I think that

—However, just this time is too long

500 years, the likelihood of everyone here now even being alive is low

I know that even a spirit's lifespan is 500 years

According to what Shin said, for beastmen and humans it's absolutely too much

Since they can only live 100 years

Everyone else was crying, too

Since Shin, is an irreplaceable existence for us

The ones that can go into Shin's room without prior permission, currently are just me and Rau and Haju

In other words, if I take him to his room like this, for everyone, even the chance of meeting disappears

Shin said himself to take him to his room after he sleeps


Although I understand in my head, my body won't go along with it

I can't even move one step

Only my tears flow, with me just in confusion…..

"Hah…….really this child, I don't dislike his self-sacrifice for the child he is interested in"

The voice of the man Shin called a god came

The god that made Shin this world's demon god

Although he appears to be human, his skin was glowing and his atmosphere was also overwhelming

Above all, he avoided Shin's attack

I can understand that only a god could do such a thing

Shin who fought with the goddess was quite scary though

"He used that magic in order to protect you all, huh….. As expected of this child I have my eye on, huh"

Although he was smiling it was somehow scary

When I held Shin close in order to protect him that god looked at me

"Is this child really that important to you? ….in that case, would you like to fall asleep along with this child?"


That means……what exactly?

"I thought to give this child a debt to me. I mean, after all, this child doesn't listen to me at all. Shall I stop everyone's time so that it only starts to move after this child awakens~? It means there will be no wait period you know? Moreover, it means you can be next to this child after he's awake again~"

Hearing that, everyone nodded

If Shin sleeps like he said he would, the the next time Shin is up the only one still here would be just me

Rau and Dea and Rona and Haju, everyone would be dead

However if I can be together with Shin, although I don't understand the meaning of time stopping, I end up nodding

Since I'll also have to wait 500 years

I can look at his sleeping face, but waiting that much is lonely

"With this, this child has given consent… you all agree? Since I think with a small error time will start to move"

I don't get what he's saying, but as long as not everyone is gone so Shin won't be lonely, I think that's enough

Rune side end

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