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Finally Chapter 10.

Sorry it’s late (still gots bunch of homework xD)

It seems Kibito and Kurusu got surname in chinese ver but I’ll use the original name xD.

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Chapter 10: The Ones Worthy of The Name Bus.h.i.+

Now, the shogunate is flouris.h.i.+ng, governing the country, and holding enormous privilege on their hand.

And under the rule of the shogunate, every strongholds will have an influential family govern it, to maintain the operation and order of the strongholds, and even responsible for repelling Kabane invasion.

Aragane Station also has its own governor.

That is Yomokawa family.

The martial fight gathering is an unofficial martial arts compet.i.tion that's organized by Yomokawa family.

Why is it unofficial?

Because, the main purpose of this martial arts compet.i.tion is for Bus.h.i.+ in Aragane Station have means to vent.

Without any decisive measure against Kabane, the Bus.h.i.+ that stationed in Aragane Station, lived every day with the fear of getting killed by Kabane or getting infected and become Kabane.

Even Fang Li knows about it, so it's naturally impossible for the Yomokawa family that govern Aragane station to didn't know about it.

In such circ.u.mstances, if the Bus.h.i.+ continuously maintain their tension with a mind full of fear and nerve when they defend the city, then it will definitely lead to a greater problems.

For this reason, the head strategist of Yomokawa family give a suggestion and decided to hold a martial arts compet.i.tion for every ten days, so that the Bus.h.i.+ under their command will fight and they can vent appropriately

“there's this thing?”

From a pa.s.ser-by where the whole thing learned, Fang Li somewhat stunned.

(Any Suggestion ?: 從一個路人那裡得知了整件事情的經過)

After all, this isn't a thing that exist in the original work.

However, with a careful thought, under the threat where it's possible to die at any time, if there is no means to vent, it is possible that a problem will occur.

The original work did not mention it, does not mean that this thing didn't happen.

“It seems that the so – called foresight is only to a certain extent, it's sure enough that there is no way to understand all the details merely by looking at the screen.

When Fang Li lamented it, in the simple build stage, the two Bus.h.i.+ confrontation is in progress.

Looking at the confrontation of the two Bus.h.i.+ in the stage, Fang Li eyebrow raised up.

Because, Fang Li still tentatively recognize the two of them.

From the original work.


“Knock him down! Kurusu !"

“Kibito ! Do not lose to Kurusu !

“Hit hit!”

In the surroundings, each and every Bus.h.i.+ cheer like frenzy, on the stage, the hands of two Bus.h.i.+ were holding a long sword, watching each other and confront each other.

On the left is wearing a rigorous style of some blue and black Bus.h.i.+ clothes, the body of the Bus.h.i.+ is also carrying a serious temperament.

This Bus.h.i.+, is the one that the crowd cheer as — Kurusu.

On the right is wearing an orange plated cuira.s.s, he's much older and robust Bus.h.i.+.

This Bus.h.i.+,  is the one that the crowd cheer as — Kibito.

The two men were Bus.h.i.+ who served Aragane Station Yomokawa family, and was very active in the original work, and accompanied the protagonists across several plot of life and death crises.

Therefore, Fang Li recognize them.

“I did not expect that the one who's battling is them.”

Immideately, Fang Li look at Kurusu and Kibito.

At this moment, Kurusu and Kibito raise their sharp long sword knife tip to each other, eyes filled with seriousness and harshness, as if facing their life biggest rival, they ignore the cheer that come from the surroundings,their attention are completely concentrated in each other’s body.

The two people gave the impression that they were real Bus.h.i.+ compared to the Bus.h.i.+ who were in the frenzy and kept cheering, like a type of people that different from the other.

And this two Bus.h.i.+ which is different from the other , in the next moment, almost move at the same time.



Accompanied by the echo of the two orderly shout, Kurusu and Kibito step on the floor and rush to each other

Obviously it's just a simple step, the two of them are like an arrow that shooted from the bowstring, one step close the distance between them and make them meet in the center of the stage.


The sound of the sharp long sword cutting the air was heard and echoed.

The eyes of the two Bus.h.i.+ that meet in the center of the stage change from seriousness to sharpness, facing each other, suddenly they waved the weapons on their hand.

“Qiang —-!”

Sharp and clear sound of the steel strike was sounded, both long sword was heavily collided with each other.

It was also in this moment, Kurusu suddenly tilted the long swords on his hands, and it clashed with Kibito long sword, it keep close to Kibito blade, with a cross cut, it cut into Kibito neck.

Kibito look slightly changed, he quickly rushed back, in a short while their distance become a few metres away, he feel the danger and quickly dodge the danger of the ruthless slash.

But at the same time, Kurusu use force on his feet, directly toward the Kibito that's fleeing.

Kibito eyes suddenly opened, the speed of his long swords suddenly soared to the peak, facing Kurusu that leaped to him and slash him.

Seeing this, Kurusu face become cold, he didn't show any weakness and lift his weapon, and leaned his body.

The two Bus.h.i.+ go back and forth again and immediately push each other.

“Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang —-!”

In a split seconds, the endless sound of sword resounds in the surrounding.

Kurusu and Kibito with dizzying speed, constantly brandished their swords toward each other, the weapon repeatedly collided, that cause a spark one after another.



“They deserve to be called elite Bus.h.i.+ among us!”

Fierce swords attack, the Bus.h.i.+ in the audience continue to give their cheer.

Even the Fang Li eyes are seen bright, and he secretly nodded his head.

Whether it is Kurusu or Kibito, they are worthy of the name Bus.h.i.+.

That wonderful confrontation of the sword strike, even if it is against Kabane, it may capable to win?

At least, in terms of strength, Fang Li can't be compared to the two Bus.h.i.+ on the stage.

Moreover, Fang Li clearly know that the two Bus.h.i.+ on the stage are still lenient.

After all, the two are just testing, and didn't have any intention to fight a real fight.

“Even lenient can reach this level, truly powerful.”

When Fang Li lament about the thought that arise, the battle in the stage have changed.

“He ! ” Kurusu suddenly shout, the speed of his long sword suddenly increase by another grade, and at an alarming rate suddenly slash out.

" What…? ! " Kibito was shocked, before he can react, and the slash of the sharp long swords come.

“Clang —-!”

A loud and clear sound of the strike resounded, and one of the long sword fly in the air.

A soldiers who loves comfort is not worthy of the name



For those who aren't familiar with the term above

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