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At 10 o'clock in the evening.

Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala successfully came to an end!

Backstage, Zhang Ye, who had just left the stage, joined up with Yao Jiancai and Dong Shanshan. The two of them were the first to finish the performance, but Zhang Ye followed closely behind them.

"Little Zhang!" Yao Jiancai was very excited as he waved to him from afar and said, "Over here!"

Zhang Ye was fiddling with his clothes as he gave a wry smile and said, "That really made me break out into a cold sweat!"

Yao Jiancai laughed heartily, "Yeah, who would have thought that we could actually make it through our performance!"

"And it was done perfectly too!" Dong Shanshan smiled and added, "I had such a kick acting in this skit today. I've only just realized that acting in a skit can be that interesting!"

Zhang Ye said with bewilderment, "You're addicted to acting now?"

Yao Jiancai immediately said, "We can't do it like this anymore in the future! I was so worried!"

Zhang Ye replied, "In the future? If anyone asks me to do something like this again in the future, I definitely won't agree to it!"

Having consumed so much of their brainpower and been so nervous, when the three of them left the stage, they felt rather drained and tired! Zhang Ye was badly hoping that he could just find a corner and sit there to rest!

As the three of them were talking, some figures appeared all of a sudden and walked toward them.

10 people.

20 people.

30 people.

50 people.

Among the crowd were Hu Fei, Hou Ge, Hou Di, Xiao Lu, Dafei, some old colleagues, and leaders who had worked with him in the past. The executive director of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala, Chang Xiaoliang, a deputy station head, and four of the a.s.sistant directors of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala were also here. As for the other people, they were all from Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala program team, some of them from the makeup team, some from the logistics team, and some from the props team.

Zhang Ye, Yao Jiancai, and Dong Shanshan were stunned.

When the group of people walked up to them, no one said a word.

Suddenly, one of them started to raise their hands, then two people raised their hands and applause broke out without any warning!

Chang Xiaoliang was clapping!

The station head was clapping!

Hu Fei was clapping!

Everyone gave their most enthusiastic applause to the three of them with all their strength!

Xiao Lu was so excited that she shed a tear. "Teacher Zhang! Teacher Yao! Teacher Shanshan! The three of you are really awesome!"

"The skit was really wonderful!"

"Thank you!"

"Teacher Zhang, thank you!"

"Teacher Shanshan, your acting was really good!"

"You guys are fantastic!"


There was a continuous wave of applause!

The eyes of the staff of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala were filled with expressions of grat.i.tude!

The trio looked at each other before Zhang Ye said, "You are too polite, too polite. It wasn't just because of the three of us that we could make it in time this time, but because of the collective efforts of everyone!"

A female a.s.sistant director clapped as she smiled and said, "If you were not here, no matter how much effort we put in, it would still be useless! This is not a matter of having more people!"

Chang Xiaoliang went forward and grabbed Zhang Ye's hands. "Teacher Zhang, you did great!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I'm just doing my part."

Hu Fei found Dong Shanshan and told her, "Shanshan, well done!"

Dong Shanshan smirked and said, "Brother Hu, I didn't disgrace Do You Remember's program team, right?"

Hou Ge immediately said, "You've done us proud instead!"

"You were amazing!" Dafei gave her a thumbs up!

That deputy station head went forward to grab Yao Jiancai's hands. "Teacher Yao, thank you!"

Yao Jiancai said, "There's no need to be so polite."

But no matter what Zhang Ye and company said, everyone still did not intend to stop and continued to express their grat.i.tude. Almost the entire program team staff had gathered here to wait and thank them after the gala was over, because this favor was huge!

Thanking them?

This was no longer just a matter of simply saying thank you!

For Dong Shanshan's case, it was easier to justify as she was a host of Beijing Television after all and was also a member of the Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala program team. When such a serious and unexpected situation happened to the Spring Festival Gala, it would be considered her duty to help turn things around. However, it was not the case for Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai. They had finished their performance earlier to great reception. During the time of their performance, they had swept away all the compet.i.tion from the other Spring Festival Galas and given a great boost to Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala. But after the incident happened, Chang Xiaoliang and the others came begging to them for help. Yet they promptly bit the bullet and promised to stand in for the skit. With just an hour, they had written the script for the skit, rehea.r.s.ed and memorized the lines of the script, and gave instructions for the preparations of the props at the last minute. For all of that, how could a simple word of thanks be enough to express their grat.i.tude for them? This was basically a favor that could never be returned!

Suddenly, Chang Xiaoliang received a call. "h.e.l.lo? Teacher Qu? Yes…yes…Little Zhang? He's right beside me….OK….I will hand the phone to him."

Zhang Ye looked over to him.

Chang Xiaoliang handed him the cell phone and said, "It's Teacher Qu."

Zhang Ye quickly answered: "Teacher Qu."

On the other end, Qu Haiying's voice sounded noticeably better as he said: "I watched the skit just now. Teacher Zhang, thank you so much. Please give my thanks to Teacher Yao and Dong Shanshan as well."

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "I didn't disgrace you, did I?"

Qu Haiying also laughed. "Your skit was better than mine! Actually, my worries were relieved just three minutes into your skit. I can now get surgery feeling at ease."

Zhang Ye was taken aback. "Surgery? Is it serious?"

"It's a small interventional surgery called a heart stent procedure. It's nothing much," Qu Haiying said cheerfully.

Zhang Ye immediately said: "Then I wish you a speedy recovery. I'll go to the hospital and visit you some other day."

Qu Haiying said, "Alright, let's work together on a skit if there's an opportunity in the future!"

Zhang Ye agreed: "Sure, that would be my honor!"

This was the first time that Zhang Ye went onstage for a skit. He wouldn't know if he didn't act in one, but the moment he acted in one, he found it truly frightening! It really wasn't easy to act in a skit, so he had even more respect these senior skit actors now.

After hanging up, Zhang Ye smiled and conveyed the message. "Old Yao, Shanshan. Teacher Qu wanted me to thank you on his behalf."

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, "It's enough to just thank you alone."

Yao Jiancai added, "Everything in the skit was planned by you alone. The two of us did not actually help much at all."

Today's skit was taken from one of Central TV's past Spring Festival Galas in Zhang Ye's previous world where the Mahua FunAge Production performed the skit. It was t.i.tled "Playing It Up" and starred Shen Teng and Ma Li as the main actors of the skit. Actually, this was not considered the best work of the Mahua FunAge Production and also not one of the best skits on Central TV's Spring Festival Gala. It was definitely rather enjoyable to watch yet couldn't really be considered a cla.s.sic. However, the reason that Zhang Ye chose this performance was purely because of its suitability. "Playing It Up" might not be the most cla.s.sic skit but it was definitely the most suitable for today's stage, more so than any of the other cla.s.sic skits from his previous world! So when he thought of this performance, he did not hesitate and instantly used it![1.]

It was obvious it was very good just based on the reactions from the audience!

It had done than better than expected!

This event also made Zhang Ye understand a principle that many lesser works from his previous world might not end up becoming lesser works in this world. Under the appropriate circ.u.mstances, they could become this world's cla.s.sics! Just like today's skit, "Playing It Up"! This skit that wasn't very popular in his previous world had actually been acted to an incredible level by the trio of Zhang Ye, Yao Jiancai, and Dong Shanshan! Even Zhang Ye could see while he was on the stage that many of the audience members were laughing so hard that they might've fainted at any moment!

Of course, if there were some who nearly fainted from laughing, then there would also be others who nearly fainted with anger.

For example—the national table tennis team!

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