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「Mikoto, Oi, I said stop! Auu」

I cover the mic on my cellphone with my hand and yell at Mikoto.
Gripping my feet with both her hands tightly, Mikoto could only use her mouth.
But nevertheless, her suddenly putting it in her mouth was surprising.

「N…it's huge…n…」

Even normally, my d.i.c.k is huge.
The length and thickness didn't differ from when a normal j.a.panese man gets erect.
Mikoto talks with my d.i.c.k in her mouth.

「This, n…if it gets bigger…it'll be impossible…」
「I said stop! Why are you doing such a thing!」

But Mikoto didn't reply.
The heat inside her mouth crawled along my d.i.c.k.
I withdrew but the more I tried to escape the deeper Mikoto put it in her mouth.

「Sorry…it was my cat」

It can't be helped.
I can only try to quickly come up with some sort of excuse to s.h.i.+rota on the phone.

『Eh? Okutani has a cat?』

I don't.

『As for me, I like cats, our house has two of them』

Uh oh.
It seems the conversation will become long.


I ended up letting out a weird voice.
Mikoto licked the head of my d.i.c.k that became hard with her tongue.
Some cold sweat came out because it felt good.
When I was quickly being drowned in pleasure, a demon inside me whispered.
There was no angel there. I could only persist with my own power.

『What happened? Did the cat lick you?』

s.h.i.+rota gave a convenient interpretation.
Well, it's not like she was wrong.
Mikoto is like a cat.

「Th-that's right…Nn, idiot, stop」
『Is it a cute cat?』

It feels good.
Finally, my d.i.c.k started to get erect.
Mikoto noticed and her eyes opened wide.

「Sh-she's cute…」

Mikoto is cute.
I unintentionally rub Mikoto's head with the hand that wasn't holding my phone.
While holding my d.i.c.k that was in the process of getting bigger in her mouth, Mikoto cast her eyes down seeming embarra.s.sed.

『Hey, do you want to see my cat?』

s.h.i.+rota asked me that.
I can only answer simply.

「Ah, y-yeah…」

*Kuchun kuchun*.
Using an abundant amount of saliva, Mikoto licks around the glans.
I was attacked with a feeling like my body was lightly floating and my d.i.c.k just indulged in the pleasure.

『Then I'll send you a picture! I'll do it right now since I am in my room. Wait a bit』

Raising a happy voice, s.h.i.+rota hung up the phone.
Even though I wasn't putting in a great effort, she cut the line selfishly.
For the time being I am relieved.

The problem is Mikoto holding my d.i.c.k in her mouth.
It has gotten quite big and Mikoto also seems to reach her limits as to what she can fit in her mouth.
Her expression warps like she was in a bit of pain.

「It's fine already so take it out of your mouth」

However, my kindness was ignored.
Mikoto shook her head and looks at me with moist eyes.
And then she tries to say something.

「Nnnn…Nnnn, Nnnn」
「Don't talk in this situation! It's cute, geez!」

When I threw my cellphone on the desk, I make a mess out of Mikoto's head with both hands.
While swaying her head reluctantly, Mikoto wouldn't let go of my d.i.c.k.
She was pus.h.i.+ng her small tongue against my glans with all her effort, somehow trying to give me stimulus.

「Mikoto…feels good…」

As expected, it seems she reached her limit.
When she separates my d.i.c.k from her mouth, Mikoto glared at me.

「Hey! My jaw almost dislocated! What is this overly huge d.i.c.k!」
「But, it became bigger…」

Separating her hands from my feet, Mikoto touched my d.i.c.k that became bigger with her fingertip.
A stimulus ran through me like a tingle from receiving a slight electric shock.

「I-it moved…amazing…」

Mikoto, who was gazing at my d.i.c.k with great interest, had her lips s.h.i.+ne with saliva.


My eyes met with Mikoto's who was under the desk.
She really is like a cat. She is a cat who stares in wonder when her name is called.

「Come on out, it's narrow there, right?」

When I stood up, the chair s.h.i.+fted.
On all fours, the jersey-clad Mikoto came out from under the desk.
And then she stood on her knees. Of course, my son was waiting in front of her.


Slightly squinting, Mikoto glares at me.
Since I made her head dishevelled, Mikoto's short black hair was in a mess.
Her face was bright red all the way up to her neck. Since she was under the desk, she was slightly sweaty.

「Grab it…」
「Grab it and lick the tip」
「What are you saying, are you an idiot?!」

Really, what am I saying?
When I thought that, my cell phone informed me that it received a mail.
I recovered myself in one go.

「That's right, I'm an idiot…」

Extending my hand, I grab my cell phone laying on top of the desk.
It is probably a mail from s.h.i.+rota.

「Sorry…I forgot」

Mikoto stared at me seeming displeased.
As one would expect, she seems mad at what I said.
In order to escape from that look from Mikoto, I looked at the mail.

>This is our cuties♪

After those words, a picture was attached.
It was a picture of a chubby black cat and a thin light brown cat sleeping together in the bed.
She should have taken it in her room.
s.h.i.+rota's suntanned arm that she was brus.h.i.+ng the cat with was also included.

「AAAAA! Geez!」

A voice came out. It was Mikoto's voice.
I tried looking at her quickly.
Mikoto puffed up her cheeks and glared at me.
She was quite mad.
But speaking of that, Mikoto forcibly putting my p.e.n.i.s in her mouth was bad of her.

「It's fine if I do this, right?」

With a angry face, Mikoto gripped the shaft of my d.i.c.k.

「It's fine so shut up! Just be quiet!」

After shouting, Mikoto gripped my d.i.c.k and started licking the tip.
With a flicker she focused licking my urethra.
A feeling resembling chills wrapped around my waist.
Even though she looked mad, her tongue movements were brilliantly done to the utmost of her effort.
I will remember this strange arousal to her contradictory actions.

「Nchu…N, Na, N」
「Aa, Mikoto, stroke it」
「Eh? What? Stroke it?」

My tone was blunt but Mikoto's eyes that locked with mine had delight show through.

「Like this…I want you to move your hand」

I explained how to satisfy my d.i.c.k using my cell phone.
Although she lowered her eyebrows, Mikoto starts stroking my d.i.c.k just as she was told.
Mikoto is stroking my d.i.c.k that was wet with her own saliva that she dripped on it.
It was an extremely lascivious scene.

「Lick it」

It felt good.
Mikoto's hands are small.
She couldn't completely grasps my erect d.i.c.k with them.
However, the uneven stimulus made me even more aroused.

「Chu, N, N, N」

With her tongue coming a bit out of her mouth, Mikoto licked the head.
The stimulus was so strong I end up pulling back a bit.
This is my childhood friend who until recently I didn't see as a member of the opposite s.e.x.
That Mikoto is now licking and stroking my d.i.c.k.
My sense of panic raised in my head.

「Ah…Goood…it feels so good」
「N, N, Chu, N, Chu」

Even though she is just moving her tongue, she should be getting tired.
Mikoto is also moving her head together with it.

It was at that time.
The phone I held in my hand rang.
Since I still hadn't replied, it was probably a call from s.h.i.+rota.

>That's right! Can we go to your house tomorrow?
>If we do that then I can see your cat
>That's right, let's go with that(‘ω’)ノ

I ended up unintentionally looking at the mail.
When I did so, Mikoto quickened the speed of her hand at the sudden opportunity.
And then, she put all of the glans in her mouth.


My knees gave way to the sudden stimulation and I sat down on the floor.
My phone fell from my hand.


Mikoto came closer to my d.i.c.k on all fours.
When she grasped my shaft like she was glued to something, she started stroking again.
I could only sit there and accept Mikoto's actions.

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