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Chapter 437: Desperation to Win

“Dong Dong Dong!”

The ten half step Martial Monarchs did not even make a move. They merely continued to walk forward. The Demonic Beasts returned to their cage once again.

The remaining people knew that they no longer had a chance. They had extremely dispirited expressions on their faces.

They all left using a different exit with ashen faces. This was no longer a stage belonging to them.

Gau Yangyu withdrew his gaze. He looked at the crowd and smiled, “This has exceeded my expectations. Unexpectedly, more than a hundred people have pa.s.sed. In the past, our Rank A wrestling ring had never had such a pa.s.s rate before.

“We will officially start the fights in two hours. The fights will follow the house rules, and all of you can obtain prizes as well. Someone will come and tell you about this later. For now, go and register your iron medallion numbers.”

A manservant from the wrestling ring led the crowd to an underground room and started registering everyone.

At the same time, someone roughly explained the prize system of the wrestling rings. Every victory obtained would gain them three hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

It may not look like much but if they could obtain consecutive victories, the rewards would increase.

For two consecutive victories, they would receive six hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones; for the third consecutive victory, it was nine hundred; the fourth was 1,200; the fifth was 1,500.

This required an individual to keep winning. If they could obtain a hundred consecutive victories, the prize would be astronomical.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising that the wrestling ring could make many cultivators go wild for it. With the incentive of such big prizes, there would be no lack of intense battles.

Initially, everyone did not feel moved by the prize. However, after they heard about the rule of consecutive victories, they all got excited.

The prize was not a small sum, and no sect or power would keep giving out Medial Grade Spirit Stones without limit.

However, Xiao Chen felt that it was not that simple. If a cultivator with many consecutive victories appeared, the wrestling ring would probably end up losing a lot.

After that, that person continued, “Ha! Ha! Don’t think that it is so simple. So far, the record is sixty consecutive victory. Furthermore, that has not been achieved for more than a hundred years already.”

The registration did not take much time. Since the fights would only begin after two hours, the crowd started to close their eyes and rest, recovering to their peak state.


In a tall tower at the wrestling ring, Gao Yangyu held a stack of partic.i.p.ants’ information, handing them out to the surrounding old men.

“Look for a few people with some special characteristics. Just say that these people have a chance of breaking the record of sixty consecutive victories. Within three days, I want the bets for these people to reach fifty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

The few old men seemed like they were placed in a difficult spot. They said, “City Lord Gao, will people believe such news?”

Gao Yangyu laughed loudly and said, “Please look at the information first before you say anything—these are the peak geniuses of the various nations. This is the first round of the Ancient Desolate Tower. Spread these news as well. I estimate we can also charge double for the tickets.”

After Gao Yangyu spoke, he continued onto a somewhat depressing piece of news as he sighed, “Unfortunately, I have only received the notice a week ago. Furthermore, I was not allowed to leak the news ahead of time. Otherwise, the amount of Spirit Stones we would have earned this time would have been enough for us to use for ten years.”

After that, an old man excitedly brought a stack of information over. He said, “City Lord, how about this person. White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen. He had once defeated all the geniuses of the n.o.ble clans in the Great Qin Nation by himself. He even defeated the outer disciples of the Holy Land.

“Not too long ago, he managed to s.n.a.t.c.h away a peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core from under the noses of ten-odd half-step Martial Monarchs. These are all good selling points. If we packaged them slightly, he could become our trump card.”

Gao Yangyu took the information and tossed it on the table without even looking at it. He said coldly, “Don’t bother with this brat. No one is allow to spread a word about him. Don’t ask me why.”

The old men exchanged surprised looks; they did not understand what was going on.


After two hours, everyone had completely recovered. They had properly stretched out and warmed themselves up in the fight earlier. Now, they were truly back to their peak state.

Gao Yangyu did not appear again. Instead, an old men in grey robes brought the group back to the spectator stands.

The old men said as he led them, “There will only be ten matches on the first day, consider it as a warm up. After that, in the next five days, there will be eighteen matches per day.You will going up one by one according to your number.”

Xiao Chen looked at his iron medallion. The number fifteen was engraved on it. It was either a high nor a low number.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Right after they walked out of the tunnel, the sound of drumming excited their hearts. The rhythmical beats resounded across the arena like thunder .

No one knew what this drum was made of. Its sound was loud and resonant. When the crowd heard it, they became excited; their fighting spirit surged and their heartbeat quickened.

Xiao Chen looked up and discovered that the drum sounds came from the four towers surrounding the wrestling ring.

The beating of these drums stirred up the atmosphere and the crowd became restless and excited.

“This is the peak quality Heavenly Tone War Drums. I heard that it is made of Rank 10 thousand-year-old flood dragon’s skin and tendons. When one hears the sound of the drums, they would be able to bring out a sharp fighting spirit and explode forth with a strong combat prowess.

The outstanding talents here were all very knowledgeable. They knew that a thousand-year-old flood dragon was as strong as a peak Martial Sage. Furthermore, these beasts could adapt well to any environment and were difficult to find.

The grey-robed old man smiled faintly, “These are not the Heavenly Tone War Drums but the Superior Grade Golden Caudron War Drums. They have the same function as the Heavenly Tone War Drums but their effects are much weaker. You lot are not qualified for us to bring out the Heavenly Tone War Drums yet—only the matches in the Rank S wrestling ring are.”

The tempo of the drumming sped up. The old man did not explain any further—he simply said, “Who is number 1? Go up quickly.”

A young man in the crowd took a deep breath and leaped out of the spectator stands. The drumming immediately stopped.

The young man cupped his hands and shouted to the crowd, “I am Yun Ping of the Great Chu nation’s Brilliant Amethyst Sect!”

Tens of thousands of cultivators gazed down from the towering spectator stands. Countless Perceptions were directed at Yun Ping.

Some people withdrew their perception and shook their heads. Some seemed interested but decided not to fight in the end.


Not long later, a bald cultivator, with a sword on his back, leaped down from the southern spectator stands. When he landed, he did not make any sound.

Clearly, this cultivator had a very good grasp of his strength. Xiao Chen sensed that this bald cultivator was a Superior Grade Martial King. However, his aura was very dense and deep.

This person probably cultivated a Superior Grade Earth Rank Cultivation Technique. He seemed quite strong.

The two cupped their hands and exchanged greetings. Then, they immediately started to fight. At this point of time, the drum suddenly started to rumble in a low tone.

After that, its rhythm changed according to the situation of the fight. Thus, it managed to grasp the heartstrings of the crowd and made the tens of thousands of cultivators feel extremely excited.

The drum sound seemed to form a strange connection between the crowd and the fight—like they were part of the fight itself.

The fight continued for fifteen minutes. Yun Ping managed to win against the bald cultivator relatively easily. There was nothing really special about this fight.

After the bald cultivator lost, he walked over towards Xiao Chen’s side in a miserable manner. Then, he handed over 150 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to the grey-robed old man.

The grey-robed old man explained, “The challenger has to pay half the Spirit Stones his opponent wins. However, if he had won, he would have been able to gain three hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

The matches continued. Yun Ping managed to gain nine consecutive wins. His reward had already reached 2,700 Medial Grade Spirit Stones, which was a rather large amount.

If Yun Ping won another match, he would have ended the day perfectly. At the same time, he would be able to gain three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

After the ninth match ended, another silhouette impatiently jumped into the wrestling ring. This person did not control his strength at all.

When that person landed, the ground trembled, causing a large cloud of dust to fly up. It looked very ostentatious.

The last challenger hand a sword at his waist and a sinister look on his face. He smiled as he said, “Yun Ping, right? Your three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones are mine. Remember my name, Xiao Yang!”

Yun Ping mocked, “Do you think that it is possible?”


The drums rang out. The two started to fight intensively. The clas.h.i.+ng weapons created countless sparks in the air.

Xia Xiyan said softly, “This Yun Ping’s consecutive wins are probably going to come to an end.

The battle had just begun; yet, Xia Xiyan made such an conclusion so quickly. Xiao Chen asked suspiciously, “How so?”

Xia Xiyan smiled gently and explained, “I have come to Wrestling City a few times before. This Xiao Yang is quite famous here. He loves to make his move when his opponent had just gained nine consecutive victories, causing them to lose. Others gave him the nickname of Ten Win Terminator.”

“Ten Win Terminator?” Unexpectedly, this person had such a nickname. Xiao Chen laughed hoa.r.s.ely, “Without having some strength, it would be difficult to obtain such a nickname.”

Xia Xiyan nodded and said, “He had been a Superior Grade Martial King for a long time. His comprension of Sword Techniques is no lesser than that of any ordinary genius. However, his trump card is the very odd state he had comprehended. It seems similar to the Lamenting Valley’s state. It can affect the emotions of others.”

A state that affects the emotions of others? This was the first time Xiao Chen heard of such a thing. He could not help but feel very interested, so he paid close attention to the battlefield.

While the two spoke, the people in the wrestling ring had already exchanged several dozen moves. Yun Ping could tell that his opponent was strong. He also knew that he had exhausted a lot of his Essence after fighting nine consecutive battles.

He could not afford to drag out the match, so all his moves were killing moves. He wanted to end the battle early.

However, Xiao Yang was very relaxed. He looked like a monkey, moving around randomly. He opted against clas.h.i.+ng head-on with Yun Ping, but rather for exhausting his spirit and patience.

Yun Ping tried to catch his opponent and force him into a head-on battle several times already. However, Xiao Yang managed to nimbly escape.

Xiao Chen was pondering over Xiao Yang’s Movement Technique. He thought to himself, What an exquisite Movement Technique. It seems like he is able to sense his opponent’s attacks from any part of his body. However, it is useless against my Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. In front of absolute speed, no amount of tricks will work.

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