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Chapter 438: Ten Consecutive Victories

“It's time to end this!”

Suddenly, Xiao Yang, who had been constantly dodging, came to a halt. The look in his eyes became very sharp as he thrust his sword forward.

The sword hummed, leaving behind a long trail of fiery-red light in the air. The trail was an extremely thick fire-attributed Essence.

However, Yun Ping did not panic. Instead, he laughed and said, “You are seeking your own death. I have been waiting for you for very long already. You are the one that will be losing!”

“Cha! Cha!”

Just as Yun Ping was about to execute his powerful killing move, he suddenly became fl.u.s.tered and his heart filled with fear. When he tried looking into his opponent’s eyes, he felt even more horrified.

There was no reason for his horror, so Yun Ping’s mental state became very chaotic. Originally, he could have executed his killing attack in three moves. However now, he was not able to execute it even after a long time.

Compared to the confused Yun Ping, Xiao Yang’s aura became even more dense.

Xiao Yang used his sword to send his opponent’s weapon flying. Then, the sword with surging fire-attributed Essence exploded out towards Yun Ping’s chest.


A b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared on Yun Ping’s chest. Blood dripped out from Yun Ping’s mouth as he fell to the ground. A cold sword appeared next to his neck.

Yun Ping felt shocked; he could not accept such an end.

However, Xiao Yang laughed and said, “I told you that your consecutive wins will come to an end. Come again tomorrow and pray that you won't run into me again.”

Xiao Yang sheathed his sword and walked over to the grey-robed old man. He received three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones from the old man. Before he left, he unconsciously glanced at Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen met that gaze, he felt that it was somewhat strange—it felt very hostile.

Xia Xiyan thought something was awry and asked, “This person seemed to be targeting you. Did you offend him before, in the past?”

Xiao Chen said, “I’m not sure? However, I am not afraid. I now understand what is going on with his state already.”

Aside from Xiao Yang’s odd state, the fellow’s strength was actually not much better than Yun Ping’s. However, this happened to be the last fight for Yun Ping today.

He felt anxious and wanted to finish his opponent in one move, but he ended up getting led by the nose by his opponent.

Eventually, when Yun Ping became extremely frustrated, his opponent suddenly made his move. Then, he got struck by the unexpected attack, so his loss was not undeserved.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The drums continued to resound. The battles of number 1 to 14 proceeded on quickly.

There were a few outstanding fights in the following battles. Most of the partic.i.p.ants who came out won at least half their fights. However, no one achieved ten consecutive victories.

If they did not lose somewhere in the middle, they would be defeated in the final fight, when their mental state wavered.

“Who is number 15? Go up quickly!”

Finally, it was Xiao Chen’s turn. He pushed off the ground gently and firmly landed onto the wrestling ring.

“Xiao Chen of the Great Qin Nation, please provide me with your guidance!” Xiao Chen cupped his hands respectfully and greeted the surrounding spectators.


The moment Xiao Chen spoke, someone quickly descended onto the wrestling ring. When he landed, the ground trembled—it was very ostentatious.

It was the Ten Win Terminator, Xiao Yang, who had defeated Yun Ping earlier.

Xiao Yang measured up Xiao Chen with his eyes. He noticed that Xiao Chen did not carry a weapon but wore a pair of black gloves instead. His lips curled up into a faint smile and he said, “Bare handed? That’s fine too, I have not fought someone like that for a long time already. I, Xiao Yang, will end you today.”

“Strange, why did Xiao Yang go down already? It is very rare for him to make his move on the first match.”

“It has been many years since Xiao Yang made his move on the first match. How rare!”

“Indeed, why did he do this? Three hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones probably cannot move him either!”

“This fellow has probably offended Xiao Yang. He is going to be in for a bad time. He will receive a big blow to his morale after being defeated in the first round.”

The cultivators who frequently came to Wrestling City to spectate were all very familiar with Xiao Yang. They could not understand why he rushed down on the first fight.

On the top floor, in a tower behind the wrestling ring, Gao Yangyu stared blankly at the distant Xiao Chen. He muttered, “Brat, don’t blame me for being vicious. If you need to blame someone, blame the fact that you’ve embarra.s.sed Li Xiuzhu. That old fellow is famous for being very narrow minded.”

An old man at the side could not help but say, “City Lord Gao, are we really going to make this brat lose for all one hundred matches?”

Gao Yangyu shrugged and said, “Li Xiuzhu gave the instructions, what do you expect me to do? Don’t forget, he is the one in charge of collecting taxes for the Heavenly Extermination Union.

“It would have been fine if he had offended someone else. Too bad this brat is unlucky. Just do as I say.”

The old man nodded lightly, but he shook his head in his heart, smiling bitterly. Losing a hundred matches—that would be an unprecedented occurrence that will probably never happen again.

After such a humiliation, the youth’s mind would probably be crippled for life. This Li Xiuzhu was too vicious. He actually thought of such a devious plan…

Looking at Xiao Yang’s sinister expression, Xiao Chen’s heart did not waver. After entering the wrestling ring, no matter who his opponent was or why he was there, he could only be one thing to Xiao Chen—an enemy. There was no need to think about anything; he just needed to knock him out.

“Sorry, given my status, it is somewhat unfair to make a move on you. However, someone asked me to help with this, so don’t blame me.”

After Xiao Yang spoke, he watched Xiao Chen closely, waiting for his reaction. He wanted to see the calm young man’s expression change.

However, he was bound to be disappointed. From the very start, Xiao Chen’s mental state did not fluctuate at all. His expression remained incredibly calm, like he did not care about his opponent at all.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “There is no need for you to apologize. You do not qualify to apologize to me like this either.”

“Ha ha! Interesting!” Xiao Yang’s lips curled up slightly and he said, “I want to see what kind of ability you have to say such bold words.”

“Dong! Dong, dong! Dong, dong, dong!”

The drums that had been silent for a long time finally rang out once again, making everyone feel excited.

Now that Xiao Chen was in the wrestling ring, he could feel the might of the Golden Cauldron War Drums. The sound of the drums rang beside his head, and his blood started to surge.

Xiao Chen’s momentum began to rise naturally and continuously, as if he was in an ancient battlefield. He felt impa.s.sioned and wanted to give his all in this fight.

However, if Xiao Chen did that, he would fall for the wrestling ring’s tricks. The purpose of the Golden Cauldron War Drums was to make the cultivators put in their all in every match, using their full power without realizing it.

This would result in the cultivators exhausting their strength for no good reason in every match. After a few matches, their Essence would be overly exhausted and they would not be able to continue their streak of victories.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense turned into an ancient bell in his sea of consciousness. It rang with a long drawn out chime, thoroughly calming him down thoroughly.

“Hu chi!”

Even after observing for a long time, Xiao Yang still could not find Xiao Chen’s weak point. He gently stepped forward and drew his sword; he had no choice but to make the first move.

Xiao Chen did not retreat and stepped forward to welcome him. He punched, sending out some pure energy to welcome Xiao Yang’s sword.

“Bang! Bang!”

The fist wind and the sword Qi clashed unendingly, exploding in the air. Xiao Yang moved past the shock waves generated by the explosions and lounged towards Xiao Chen’s face.

Xiao Chen tilted his head a little and dodged the sword. As the sword slid past his face, he used his right fingers to flick the sword heavily.


A huge amount force came from his fingers, travelling down the sword and making it tremble.

Xiao Yang felt like the sword was trying to break out of his hands. He could not help but follow the direction his sword was moving in.

What a strong force! Xiao Yang clearly did not expect Xiao Chen to be so strong—he did not seem like an Inferior Grade Martial King.

As Xiao Yang had been caught off guard, he was at a disadvantage. However, panic did not appear on his face.

Xiao Chen calculated the timing of Xiao Yang’s landing. He shouted a warcry at the top of his lungs, and clenching his right hand into a fist, he punched.

Xiao Yang, however, maintained his relaxed expression, he did not seem overly astonished. He executed the strange Movement Technique again, and he sensed the direction of Xiao Chen’s attack the moment he moved.

He then pushed off the ground and quickly retreated in the opposite direction.

His Movement Technique seemed to be able to predict the future. When he fought with Yun Ping, he made his opponent unable to unleash killing moves several times.

Now, Xiao Yang used this Movement Technique on Xiao Chen, dodging his attacks in advance.

Xiao Chen stopped and stored up some power in his fist. He looked at the retreating Xiao Yang and smiled, “You think you can run?”

“Blood Flame Shoes, activate!”


Xiao Chen’s speed instantly increased to Mach 3.5. Just at Xiao Yang managed to regain his footing, an intense fist wind flew towards him, accompanied by the roars of a tiger and a dragon.


Xiao Yang was startled. He executed his strange Movement Technique. Once again, he perfectly predicted Xiao Chen’s direction of attack. Then, he quickly dodged in the opposite direction.

However, Xiao Chen stopped and changed his direction, sending another attack again.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Punches rained down from both of Xiao Chen’s fists amidst roars of tigers and dragons. The torrent of fist winds continuously pushed Xiao Yang back.

Xiao Yang was executing the strange Movement Technique to its peak. However, no matter what he did, he could not shake off Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s sharp fist wind followed up after every step he took.

Xiao Yang’s sword danced around and a fiery light flashed. Although he managed to parry part of the energy coming from the fist wind, its remnants ruthlessly struck his body.

As the damage continued to acc.u.mulate, they could no longer be belittled.

When the crowd in the spectator stand saw this scene, a look of astonishment flashed in their eyes. They had not expected this.

The scene they expected, where Xiao Yang easily killed his opponent, had not occured. Instead, a nameless brat was suppressing the Ten Win Terminator.


Xiao Yang finally understood his Movement Technique was useless before Xiao Chen.

Thus, his sword lit up with a fiery light and clashed with Xiao Chen’s fist wind.

When Xiao Yang struck, he took the strength of Xiao Chen’s fist wind into account; if Xiao Chen decided to take it head-on, he had complete confidence that he could make Xiao Chen suffer a big loss.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “You should be the one scramming!”

His purple Qi whirlpool spun quickly. Surging Essence travelled via his broadened meridians and poured into his right fist.


In that instant Xiao Chen’s Essence and Vital Qi merged, and an intense fist wind exploded forth from his hand. The fist wind ripped through the air, creating small tornados.

Xiao Chen’s punch instantly reached 350,000 kilograms of force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sudden increase in force far exceeded Xiao Yang’s expectations. Xiao Chen scattered the fiery-red Essence on his sword, making his move collapse.

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